Fernando Tatís Jr peeks at the sign before hitting a homer, a breakdown

Fernando Tatís Jr peeks at the sign before hitting a homer, a breakdown

#dodgers #padres #MLB

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46 Responses

  1. Rhabby V says:

    I don’t even watch baseball, but I watch Jomboy

    • ANTHONY VANCE says:

      @J kins I wouldn’t want to understand baseball. I would rather either watch paint dry or hockey instead of learning the basics of baseball and then watching a televised game

    • Connor Saxton says:


    • ANTHONY VANCE says:

      @Dudemanofdude A opinion can’t be wrong, unless it’s like a opinion saying “The Earth is flat”, But in this situation it’s a opinion so it can’t be wrong. So please stfu and stop getting ass hurt by everybody saying the game sucks, and when was a fact stated by like the smartest person in the world saying that “it’s a fact that baseball is good”? Didn’t happen right? Ok then stfu

    • Dudemanofdude says:

      @ANTHONY VANCE you are nitpicking and biased, I win bye bye

    • flash67 says:


  2. crimsonking440 says:

    Last year: I’m sorry I hit a grand slam

    This year: I’d like to apologize to absolutely fuckin nobody

    • Daniel says:

      @Kelly Über Alles Diggah, was laberst du? Tatis liefert doch ab, nur fielding im Moment kacke.

    • Kelly Über Alles says:

      @Daniel dont speak german man

    • Daniel says:

      @Kelly Über Alles Dann hab du nichts deutsches in deinem Namen.

    • Dragon Gaming and more says:

      @Kelly Über Alles yeah but when you count in how tatis acts off the field and how he’s making baseball better. They both make there team the same amount of money for there teams. There is no chance the Padres will trade him for a long time

    • Kelly Über Alles says:

      @Dragon Gaming and more Theoretically if he fell of and proved to be not worth the hype, would you really want to keep that contract?

  3. Taylor Comstock says:

    I’m a big fan of Tucker Barnhart’s theory that if you can steal a catcher’s signs, they’re not doing their job right

  4. A Total Dork says:

    The Astros are watching this like, _”wait, we could have just looked down and got the signs legally?”_

    • 27 sports says:

      That’s funny

    • AngryTwxGaming says:

      @Richard Head every team steals signs. That’s a fact, but the Astros used technology to steal signs. There’s a difference. It’s no different than hitting a homerun because you’re strong vs because you’re roided up. Or throwing fast, high spin rates because you’re good, or because you’re using an illegal substance. You see what I mean?

      Money has nothing to do with it. The Astros were caught cheating in a year they won the ws iirc. That brings into question the legitimacy of the world series that year.

    • AngryTwxGaming says:

      @JoshuaTheJosh_KnutCase found the idiot, I mean Astros fan. It’s not that yu darvish choked. That’s 1 even. The entire SEASON is questionable due to the cheating. Did the Astros even deserve to be in the playoffs? You can’t be sure now because they resorted to and we’re caught cheating that’s the point. They don’t deserve that title as they cheated the entire season. The integrity of their play is and always will be in question for that season and any season up to the point they were caught. Fact.

      That goes for any team caught cheating in a season where they either won or atleast made the playoffs.


      @Richard Head LOL good one

    • AngryTwxGaming says:

      @iin_spire “you got 1 ring. Should have 2 but only have 1 so stop being salty that we cheated” yall are fucking seriously handicapped

  5. Cody says:

    I just wish Tatis had gone for the strut as hard as he did covering his eye. He was pretty subtle with it .

  6. superQuizzie says:

    Maybe secretbase will make a beef history on these two eventually. It seems like this is the origin story right here.

    • vbn1234567 says:

      Won’t happen. Bauer tweeted encouraging his celebration

    • El Bootywarrior says:

      It started in spring training Bauer was doing the one eye closed thing but aside from that the Padres dodgers rivalry is always there too

    • LurKing says:

      @vbn1234567 that means nothing

    • Richard Graham says:

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    • Idli Amin says:

      SBNation/Secret Base should do a multi-part Beef History called “Trevor Bauer vs. The World,” covering his beefs vs. Tatís, Cole, Syndergaard, MLB in general, himself (cutting his hand on a drone, throwing the ball over the CF wall), etc. They can Photoshop his head on to Michael Cera’s as Scott Pilgrim.

  7. Zachary Fett says:

    “Broadcasts, do this.”
    Man, it’s so simple, it would absolutely make these at bats more immersive!

  8. Cattibingo says:

    “I’m going to flash our top secret signs 1 foot behind your back, no peeking though”

  9. Steelix Onix says:

    Tatis called him Son
    Hijo = Son

    Someone should also inform Jomboy that padre means father as well 😂

  10. hitATK says:

    I love this energy from players. Enough trash talk to be entertaining, but without getting too emotional like they’re trying to date the same girl in high school

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