Ferret jump fail

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20 Responses

  1. dana94a says:

    BEST thing I’ve ever seen 

  2. Terry Barker says:


  3. Mitchell Rossman says:

    He basically had it.

  4. Marek Riha says:

    Ferret on the video after” fail jump” was absolutely fine. No worries

  5. Richard Richardson IV The Third says:

    Average Redditor here , one thing about being a Redditer means that in 2
    weeks from now I will most likely see this video on my Facebook page and 4
    months from now it will be on 9Gag,

    The Redditers curse, 

  6. Igor Kurchatov says:

    san andreas soundtrack

  7. HoneyBooBooChile says:

    Lol GTA San Andreas. SFUR w/ Hans Overlander

  8. Frostisko says:

    Prej – “Co udělala?” 😀 takovej mindfuck, když sem to našel na anglické

  9. 不安亭情緒 says:


  10. Dan McDermott says:

    *”A” for effort!*

  11. Jonathan Miller says:

    Too funny…

  12. 0sheldm says:

    Awolnation ferret, do it internet

  13. laurie bunting says:

    bless! have 7 ferrets myself, they get up to mischief like this all the
    time- ferret would not have injured itself from that fall, they’re
    resilient little buggers… but some are distinctly better at jumping than
    others lol doesn’t stop them trying!!

  14. mathew says:

    I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…

  15. Stinky Turd says:

    Why would anyone want to license this? 

  16. lii Kuchiki says:


  17. Piorun says:

    San Andreas in background (i mean soundtrack) :)

  18. Jean PTX says:

    You sick fucker. You knew it would fell, why didn’t you stop it? He could
    fall and break its teeth.

    As a priest of God, I’ll pray for you die. 

  19. Krisztian Geiger says:

    GTA SA in the background?

  20. Филипп Колесников says: