Festival Outfit Styling for COACHELLA 2018! (Beauty Trippin)

Festival Outfit Styling for COACHELLA 2018! (Beauty Trippin)

Beauty Trippin is BACK and this week, we’re at Show Me Your Mumu for a Coachella fashion makeover (gotta look good for Beyonce, y’all).

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It’s festival season once again and you know what that means… CLEVVERCHELLA 2018!!

Mumu’s boho-inspired style was MADE for Coachella – and their professional stylists have tons of outfit ideas & tips for anyone who wants to rock the desert chic look and make this year’s fashion trends their own! (If you’re Joslyn, that may or may not mean pink gel shoes and even a brand new HAT to torture Lily with…)

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Special thanks to SHOW ME YOUR MUMU!!
►► https://www.showmeyourmumu.com/

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38 Responses

  1. Dianne Klaire Baja says:

    The four of you together in beauty trippin is ♥️

  2. Daniel Churchill says:

    Meghan is back and I can already feel the hate comments coming. Lol

    • Hufflepuff lover says:

      she the best

    • Kerri Beaton says:

      Cosmetologeek I do wish Drew was in on this with all of them… I prefer content with her included, lol. But, love Clevver period ☺️❤️

    • Chellie Boo says:

      Faeza Khan
      I had made a post on a video from a month or so ago that she was on and I said something along the lines of “Everyone’s all excited that Megans back and I’m just over here like.. Wheres Joslyn? Lol no offense but Megan just isnt my cup of tea. She NEVER wants to try anything cause she always has an excuse and she just comes off stuck up. She tries wayyy too hard to be like Jos &+ Lily.”
      I forgot what else I said but it wasn’t anything super mean and she commented on it lol
      She said something about haters. I was going to comment back but honestly its not even worth it lol
      She was obviously effected by my comment because I checked and she didnt comment on any other comments. Not even the ones that were saying they liked her haha
      I honestly think shes jealous of Lily &+ Joslyn. Cause everyone loves them. And Megan was like the original girl. Then lily sat in for her when megan started going to acting gigs. And that’s where. lily got popular and added to the show. Cause lily was suppose to be behind the scene. But her and joslyn just kicked it off and made the show what it is. Plus everyone else. They all make this whole channel.
      But megan is just blah.
      In my opinion.
      Sorry for the rant lol

    • Kerri Beaton says:

      Chellie Boo Wow, I didn’t know any of that! You’re an expert, seriously!
      Thanks for the info… I love Joslyn & Lily together, I haven’t seen many Meagan episodes, but the fact she only commented on your comment was admittedly shady… and not fair, IMHO, from what you’ve said!
      Is there a reason she’s back?? Did I miss something?!
      And I ADORE Lily!! Her series “Dude View” is AMAZING! Can’t wait for it to come back! Jos is just sunshine! ♥️☀️

    • Thomas Healy says:

      Daniel Churchill poor meg

  3. Luana says:

    12:05 Joslyn has finally fulfilled her mission, she finally made Lily love the hat

  4. Annzalisa says:

    I kinda wish you would put the actual price or round it so we can know if we want to try
    I feel like a $ doesn’t actually explain the price just tells us something we should be expecting.

    • Kat B says:

      Part of the point of working with these companies is to return to favor by sending traffic to their websites and creating potential buyers. People are unaware of the exact pricing so they have to go to the website thus creating more traffic.

    • Annzalisa says:

      Kat B
      Okay, but still, it would be nice for them to just put an estimation. Then if people are still interested they can go to the website and check the exact amount.

    • Celesti says:

      Annzalisa an average jumpsuit/dress costs ~150$ on the website

    • Kat B says:

      Annzalisa They are doing what benefits them. (That’s not a bad thing every company has that mindset) It’s a good tactic. Putting the price out there on the video could prevent people from checking out the website.

    • Annzalisa says:

      Thank you.

  5. Lucia Bashe says:

    BEST SQUAD EVER 😂😍😘 LOVE YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😃 ❤️💖❤️❤️❤️💖❤️❤️💗❤️💗❤️💖❤️💖

  6. Hannah Parsons says:

    I want Erin’s figure like omgg

  7. Gabrielle Wasicuna says:

    My goal is to go to coachella at least once in my life JUST to wear the weirdest and cutest clothes and not care

  8. Mercedes Saldana says:

    Erin’s body is to die forrrr!

  9. wAt says:


  10. Chess Static says:

    Meghan and Erin’s outfits were right up my alley 😍

  11. wAt says:

    Lilli: *sees the hat*


  12. Deedee Charles says:

    Ern had the best choices imo. All looked good thoooooo

  13. lucyk310 says:

    People take coachella so seriously 😂 what happened to just going to a music festival and not a sweaty fashion show

    • shanayah says:

      Haha so true. Its because social media happened lol

    • Sophia Mae says:

      lucyk310 Go to Bonnaroo or some other festival if you want something more down to earth. Bonnaroo you’re camping for days on a dirt farm in TN. It’s not as plastic and fake and showy as Coachella. Everyone’s running around dirty as fuck in Teva sandals with dreads. It’s great. Lol

  14. Nicole Marie says:

    the four of you are a power team!

  15. Melinda Moyer says:

    Here I was trying to guess the emojis like, “OH I GET IT COW-CHELLA” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. Victoria Ybarra says:

    The last outfit that Erin wore, was to die for 😍❤️

  17. Kaat_Havv says:

    Erin has a banggin body!

  18. Story time ASMR says:

    I’m SCREAMING!!! I love this show 😭

  19. Tiffany Smith says:

    The 3rd outfit on everyone looked great!

  20. Lindsay Murray says:

    Omggg the squad is all back together yess lovee 😍 can’t wait to see all the artsy IG pics from Coachella 😂🙌🏼

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