FHRITP: Reporter confronts men who bombarded her with vulgarity

FHRITP: Reporter confronts men who bombarded her with vulgarity

Watch as CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt confronts men who bombarded her with vulgarity at Sunday’s TFC game. See the full FHRITP story here: http://www.citynews.ca/2015/05/11/shauna-hunt-confronts-men-who-bombarded-her-with-vulgarity/?show_id=127513

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20 Responses

  1. Tea George says:

    F..king cowards..they wouldn’t do this to a male reporters as they will get
    their heads kicked in. Idiots would do anything now to get on TV or

  2. Devin Kaiser says:

    Breaking news story at a soccer game we go live to Shuana being a bitch.

  3. 99knight says:

    she got wet!

  4. TheAirheaded1 says:

    She could of slapped that lil kid in the yellow shirt and knocked his ass

  5. Random Human says:

    This is why I hate people. Freaking idiots. 

  6. needmoredan says:

    Pretty typical that people would turn this “vulgar” phase, into sexual
    harassment. It happened to a few women reporters, now it’s apparently a way
    of targeting women. Even though it happened to male reporters as well.
    Proving that it’s not gender specific (at least towards the reporter) it’s
    just a stupid vulgar phrase. Yet, in the western world, if something
    happens to a women, which is specific to her gender, it’s automatically
    sexist. Vise versa, it’s not sexist because “reverse sexism doesn’t exist.”
    Pft Feminists logic.

  7. Roxas Katsura says:

    Have fun you just ruined your entire life.

  8. Scramblieggs says:

    Next time he’ll know to keep his sexist remarks where they belong… on the

  9. Matthew Flood says:

    The woman had the right idea until she brought feminazism into it.

  10. HerpDerpMapleSerp ' says:

    Before watched this, I expected this to be some video of a girl giving a
    big old feminist speech to the men, but after watching this, I really
    wanted to beat the shit out of those assholes. Hope their bosses see this
    and fire them from wherever they work.

  11. KingswayMovies says:

    Why is this news CityTV presstitutes – go back and sit in your cubicle and
    pull the news off the corporate zionist propaganda wire.
    At least when Moses Znaimer was around we had real NEWS!

  12. Kaitlyn Bernal says:

    what a whiny cunt. 

  13. Doorhenge says:

    Of course it’s disrespectful … that’s why it was funny!

  14. IndiaRockLovers says:

    He had the balls to even defend it.

  15. Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu says:


  16. soadboy66 says:

    Guy in yellow is fucking hilarious

  17. JamesJon1187 says:


  18. nebunas says:

    Honestly the whole “f*ck her in the P*ssy” joke just shows how stupid and
    immature society has gotten over the past few decades. Grow the hell up
    people. Swearing is entertaining when you are a child. It’s all about
    swearing and sex jokes now, barely any intelligent humour any more..

  19. suvariboy says:

    I blame it on our ex-mayor, Rob Ford. This is the way he behaved all the
    time. After a while, they obviously became to believe that this is okay. 

  20. awesome EPL says:

    If you pretend to be good person , you can say they are wrong people . But
    , for me seriously, I don’t care what people say or act in the society ,
    because I just care myself and my family . So for me , strangers are always