Fiancé guesses *weirdest* female products!

Fiancé guesses *weirdest* female products!

WE’RE ENGAGED! We filmed this prior to the proposal, but there will be a proposal video coming soon. 🙂

Haley Pham →

Ryan Trahan →

comment “spock is cute” if you’re reading this 🙂

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49 Responses

  1. The Traphamily says:

    hey traphamily! WE’RE ENGAGED!!! we filmed this video a few days prior to the proposal, but the proposal video is in the works and coming soon 🙂 love yall

  2. Nina Mungcal says:

    Ryan: “Ohhh so it’s almost like a shovel!”
    Haley: “Yeahh it’s like a shovel” (just goes with it)

  3. Owen Wiebe says:

    no one:

    no one ever:

    Ryan: today I’m going to be guessing lady parts.😏😏

  4. ryan dock says:

    When you know that they are getting married but they don’t yet

  5. Charli Holland says:

    “They look like vanilla fruit snacks” -Ryan Trahan 2020

  6. Ashley Higginson says:

    No one:
    *thinks literally everything is a vibrator*

  7. i fell over says:

    “This would be in like my grandma’s… my grandma’s closet” -Ryan Trahan about nipple tassels

  8. m a L says:

    going from “ft ryan trahan” to “with my boyfriend” to “fiance” – my heart.

  9. Tashi C says:

    “guessing lady parts”
    talks about tampon applicator “it’s almost like a shovel”
    – ryan trahan 2020

  10. Kiko LaVanie says:

    at the end they were talking about didlidos not gonna actually say it doe

    • Fiona Padalino says:

      Kiko LaVanie I thought they said a flesh light Oml imma get literally attacked by my school if someone sees this comment

  11. Zarina Parmanova says:

    My brain just can’t accept that they got engaged. This is crazy!

  12. Kris Daily says:

    No one:
    Literally not a single person:
    Ryan: BrEaStS

  13. Mia Kim says:

    ryan: OH so it’s like a shovel
    haley: ….yeah sure, like a shovel

  14. Stumped says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised that they are getting engaged, as a youtuber I notice a lot of these online relationships are forced. This one actually seems genuine

  15. 1k subscriber challenge without any videos says:


    The traphamily: making everyone’s quarantine better

  16. Keelin Erin says:

    Ryan “this is the nEw GeNerAtIoN of tampon”

  17. Yarden Alfassi says:

    Ryan on literally every single product: “iS ThIS a viBrAtOr?”

  18. Brooke Godbold says:

    Ryan: “I’m catching onto your tactics Haley Pham”

    He wanted to say Pham one more time before he changed her name

  19. Normajean Penrod says:

    Haley: shows a picture
    Ryan: ArE ThoSe WeLchEs fRuiT sNacKs

  20. Connor F says:

    Can’t wait for the comments, “Who’s here after they got married.”

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