FIFA 23 | Official Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

FIFA 23 | Official Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

The EA SPORTS FIFA development team take you inside FIFA 23 Career Mode to show you new features coming to player and manager career:

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Player Career Personality
2:15 – Playable Highlights
2:56 – New Menu
3:37 – Dynamic Moments
4:36 – Transfer Analysis
5:22 – AI Tactics
5:58 – Authentic Managers

FIFA 23 releases September 30, 2022 with HyperMotion2 Technology, women’s club football, both men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, cross-play features, and more:

Pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21 to get a FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero item, as well as up to three days early access:

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34 Responses

  1. game blaster32 says:

    Man I really hope that it won’t disappoint us

    • Jordan Lopez says:

      It is

    • Sakthivel Prakash says:

      @Julian Tsenkov it does every year

    • Tomas Jasulevicius says:

      Man, if you expect something unreal that EA will create, it is not possible. FIFA 22 has improved a lot since FIFA 21, so the 23 serie will be better than 22. True, there were really bad series released and sometimes the older ones were even better than the newer ones. But it can’t be good game for everyone.
      It’s very fashionable to criticize the EA company, but in the end, a record number of copies are still bought.
      So there are only two options, either you play this game and not complaining that something is wrong, or you just don’t buy it and don’t play it.
      Nowadays people are too much spoiled and they always like to criticize something whether it is a game or something else.

    • Alessandro Belli says:

      It already did , already did

    • Daniel Bonzoe says:

      Fingers crossed here cuz I’m fired up for 23💥💥💥💯💯

  2. Benjamin Guzman says:

    Other changes not mentioned in the video:
    -Pre season games will be closer to the first competitive games and only the winner will win the prize money.
    -The save file limit is now 17. All save files from tournaments and both CM modes will be in the same place.
    -Transfer rating are only determined by how close you are to a club’s minimum selling price.
    -Transfer negotiation tension will be a meter telling you how close a manager or player is to storming off.
    -Create a club has customizable 3rd kits and GK kits.
    -You can edit every detail of every player when you load your created club.
    -The toggle between wage and transfer budget has been removed. (Your funds would remain unchanged, but financial information such as wages will be presented visually differently)
    -Personality points can be acquired in a Journey like decision system.
    -There will be an option with the playable highlights to play all of them or only the attacking highlights.

  3. Sebastian Nielsen says:

    Would love if there’s buy back clauses, to make the tranfers a bit more like real life

  4. Subtrix PL says:

    wow, EA. wow. My expectations were really low, considering how much career mode improved over the last years. But you guys still managed to make this even more underwhelming. this requires some talent too…

    • hhhghggg says:

      @Subtrix PL aaand the game tells you how good at transfers you are 💪💪💪💪🤯🤯🤯🤯

    • Subtrix PL says:

      @hhhghggg but but you can use real managers now!!! amazing brand new feature, that probably took like 5 minutes to add, because they were scanned and added for FUT years ago.

    • Ulisses Mendoza says:

      @hhhghggg it’s so dumb it’s way to easy to level up it needs to be like fifa 17 it was way harder to level up but made it even funner to play

    • idk says:

      @hhhghggg you can go beyond that I’m 94 rated striker

    • hhhghggg says:

      Ik player Carrer is still a disgrace the player growth system allows you to become 92 rated in 3 seasons but you can’t go beyond that because your at max level and manager career they just added a quicker way to play

  5. Moldy Bread Crusts says:

    The dynamic moments looks like we are back seeing the journey from fifa 19

  6. MGH says:

    Let’s hope FIFA 23 is an AMAZING year for Career Mode. 🤞

  7. khutso serakoana says:

    These feel like patches rather then additions
    It would’ve been nice if they added:

    U23 and youth leagues, it would be great to promote or sign a 60 OVR rated U23 player and use them in pre season and cup matches then send them to the U23s to gain sharpness rather then keeping them on the bench for most of the season

    The same way you introduced financial takeover it would be great to have financial crises where you start the season with 100 mil debt that has to be paid within 3 seasons, so let’s say you sell a player for 10 mil the board only gives you 1 million to spend on transfers

    Financial fair play, it would be nice to have Salary caps

    Home supporters leaving the stadium in the 85th minute when you’re 3-0 down

    Recurring injuries throughout a players career if you mismanage the player like bring them back too soon or if you train/play them too much

    Players not wanting to sign contract extensions no matter how much money you offer them

    Commentators need a drastic improvement e.g
    reminding you that you haven’t beaten a team in the last 4 meetings
    Reminding you of the score line the last time you met “the last match ended in 1-0 win for the visitors”
    Constantly remind you that you are the defending champions, e.g “the reigning champions are trailing 1-0 to the newly promoted side” “the premier league champions are trailing 2-0 at home to third tier Portsmouth” just to add some emotion

  8. Tobias Mortensen says:

    Career mode have so much potential, but EA dissapoint every year

  9. James Mccarthy1995 says:

    Career mode just seems so dead compared to real life, one thing that should be added is something in football manager, history of players so their past clubs, apps goals assists would make scouting players feel more real. Having this continue in game would make every career mode completely unique. I wanna know how many goals my best players have scored across multiple seasons. This isn’t a hard thing to add and there’s so much more that can be done but sometimes a simple change can make a big difference.

  10. Jude Chauhan says:

    Ok so shooting or passing makes you more of a star player or team player but what about sprinting back to defend?
    How many times have we been marked down for defending as an attacking player because our position is wrong when managers want all their players to defend these days?

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