Fifth Harmony – All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap

Fifth Harmony – All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap

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20 Responses

  1. Jairo Haro says:

    Hermosas mujeres, la creacion perfecta de Dios en un solo video,

  2. Kaique Bernardo says:


  3. Dusan Pejanovic says:

    Best SONG!!!

  4. Rashawn Uchiha says:


  5. jasmineq amandajam says:

    Normani ! ..

  6. Jb Maxwell says:


  7. Edward Severinsen says:

    I don’t care if they wear swimsuits in the video. Is it provocative, yeah.
    Does it change my opinion of them? No. I’ve never really thought much of
    them but this doesn’t make it more or less.

  8. Nicole Guigui says:

    I can’t with this video it’s absolutely gorgeous ????

  9. stylinsonlouisUK says:


  10. Cynthia Mcqueen says:

    frist of all they are old enough to do whatever they want to just remember
    its there choice not your and if they want to show some skin then they can
    cuss they’re beautiful and ill i want to say to 5h you killed it love u

  11. gbanda97 says:

    watch out ladies, apparently wearing bathing suits at a beach and dancing
    makes you a hoe

  12. Mathieu G says:

    plz siri tell me why these girls never wear clothes

  13. Pamela Binhote says:

    algum Brasileiro por aqui? ✌

  14. Aaleyah Forbes says:

    i here this song form some one else

  15. iRunTheNorth says:

    Fetty: I can’t make it out there for the shoot but i got this cave behind
    my crib that looks pretty dope

  16. Katerin Yulisa Vasquez Corado says:

    es algo raro ?

  17. Rose Casimir says:

    normani snatched my edges? now im edgeless

  18. flaviaplayt says:

    gooood l love Camila speaks me please

  19. Ramon rios says:

    another hit, keep em coming 5H

  20. Valery Gonzalez says:

    Fetty Wap doing the <3 sign is me after watching this video! I loved it!
    Lauren's suit looks like my summer Vans. Tropicalsh paradise!
    I'm really proud that the girls are embracing their heritage through the
    music. lots of love!