Fifth Harmony – Down (Live on Good Morning America)

Fifth Harmony – Down (Live on Good Morning America)

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20 Responses

  1. Aviewer005 says:

    Honestly I’m glad that the one who fell was Normani(2:29) cause she Is the one who can actually recover from it smoothly. My girls killed it

  2. Sokhna Sarr says:


  3. winnie songz says:

    ohmygod when Lauren said you missed us, I was like yess bitch what you think

  4. AnDrEs FeLiPe SaNcHeZ says:

    Lauren’s Voice OMG!!!!

  5. KHAL ALI says:

    Their energy is wiiiild compared to the last 7/27 era performances

  6. KHAL ALI says:

    Lauren feels so comfortable !!

  7. George Braithwaite says:

    girl why they always gotta do this to ally… giving her low parts when she’s a soprano and give her like 2 lines… my girl better have some LEADS in this album

  8. grethansboca 1999 says:

    Laurens vocals 😍

  9. claire margaret says:


  10. 1multikentish says:

    everyone go buy DOWN on itunes
    we can get NUMBER 1!! come on

  11. Adrian Johnson says:

    Lauren and Normani signing higher and Dinah and Ally lower. Experimenting more vocally and it’s nice 😍

  12. Tina Ray says:

    I just died from happiness. Lauren and her Adlibs and her fucking voice slay me

  13. Sammy Girl says:

    I honestly wasn’t feeling the song when I heard it last night, but seeing them perform it live definitely changed my mind. THIS MY JAM NOW 😂😂😂

  14. Namjoon Lover says:

    Mani fell BUT SHE STILL DID THAT OT4 forever 😩👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  15. Omatt J says:

    After camila left lauren more shining

  16. StuyGyrl says:

    to those saying the crowd wasn’t HYPED. I was there and I can guarantee you that we were more than HYPED. We showed those people working there who the Harmonizers were. It’s because the mics/cameras were “blocking” out the excess noises in the background.

  17. Neeshab19 says:

    They did good!!.. I’m so proud of them and Ally’s dancing improved so much.

    – not to be that person but they honestly look like a better group now. everyone got parts, choreo on point, outfits 🔥, song good.. they’re in sync and no one tryna out shine the others.. I love a good girl group!

  18. J Tuli says:

    I have a theory ! this song is Normani and Lauren , the next single are the power houses and Dinah and Ally . Mariah Carey and Leona vibes . this is a bop , catchy , could dance with friends and have fun …the next single will be soft and sweet , more intimate with your partner or whatever …let’s see . SOMEBODY SCEEENSHOT THIS ! lol

  19. Robert J. De la Cruz says:

    I think they’re better w/out Camila.

  20. Fan Girl says:

    Can they sing without a backtrack?

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