Fifth Harmony – He Like That

Fifth Harmony – He Like That

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20 Responses

  1. Ricky Dillon says:

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

  2. Carissa Perez says:

    I SEE TO MANY HATE COMMENTS AND NOT ENOUGH SUPOORT! They are GROWN WOMAN! They are all 20 and older, they have every right to do more mature music and music videos. A majority of the fandom has grown up with the girls so if this upsets then you are either one out of two reasons: you are immature and can’t grow up or you’re 13 and younger! DINAH, ALLY, NORMANI, AND LAUREN, YOU ARE ALL GORGEOUS AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO ACT MATURE! DONT LISTEN TO THESE WHACK ASS 13 YEAR OLDS THAT STILL WATCH DISNEY CHANNEL AND JAKE PAUL!

  3. Honeymoon_pancake says:

    This isn’t even about “girls who are comfortable with their sexuality”, this is straight up inappropriate. The girls know that the majority of their fans are underaged and they come up with this? I’m so disappointed with this new era and it only just begun. Smh

  4. Alli Extra says:


  5. LT says:

    They are young adults and you all wanna act pressed when they make songs about sex? That’s stupid. This song + vid is lit 🔥🔥

  6. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    No hate to the girls, I love the song but for all these people saying the video is about women empowerment and feminism its the opposite they r literally showing themselves as sex objects to the guys, i have nothing against women dressing sexily , showing skin, feeling themselves, but grinding on dudes/dry humping, literally the dude smashing his crotch against Lauren’s butt like they were fucking, at this point this is just soft core porn 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Garren Lake says:

    fourth harmony

  8. Imenjakinja prezimenjakinja says:

    In these orgy only Camila miss…
    but thanks God she left on time.

  9. Glam Freaks says:

    Everybody hating on this video are practically little ass kids. If you don’t like it then stop watching it. They are adults now and can express themselves however they want. They don’t pay attention to all the negative feedback. Keep on going girls! 😍❤️
    Hopefully they notice our channel 😝

  10. Some random 14 year old says:

    Can y’all stop bringing up Camila? She took her hot cheetos and dipped.

  11. navyblue says:

    Dinah is the BANG💥
    Lauren is the DRUG🚬
    Normani is the BOMB💣
    Ally is the LOVE❤
    and they are FIFTH HARMONY

  12. madzia madi says:

    Okay for all the haters that saying that they are sluts and hating on this video hello they are adults remember that and they aren’t “sluts” they can show them body if they feel good about it.

  13. Kelly R. says:

    I’m sick of all these hate comments and everyone bringing Camila into this like she is plenty sexual herself have ya seen her perform live? She grinds on shirtless guys every time. Now this song and music video was great and for ya saying it’s porn clearly haven’t watched porn. Women can be sexy without being whores. Grow up, because they certainly did if ya looking for something else go watch Miss Movin On. I personally think 5h and Camila are doing great separate. Love Them Both.

    Update- But for all the haters here, Thanks for the views 🤗

  14. FifthHormonyVEVO v says:

  15. Conner Cox says:

    All I see is sluts in this video. Care to explain??

  16. Purity Nyabochwa says:

    I’m not even a 5H fan but this song is legit lit and catchy! Their dance moves are better than most and actually almost as good as in Kpop. I don’t understand why there are so many negative comments, I’m 16 and I can actually appreciate a song with or without a video. This song is really fun and makes me want to dance and I’m actually so proud of these girls for pulling off this sexy video so perfectly. P.S If you are gonna insult or slut shame these women then you better do the same to the the damn men who do the exact same shit.

  17. Divo Galindra says:

    Waking up in the morning and watching this MV is a bad idea!

  18. angela farra says:

    stop complaining yall. stop slut shaming. they are WOMEN not some little kids. they are free to express themselves sexually. and stop bringing up camila cause shes been gone.

  19. aisha Curtis says:

    These comments are actually not that surprising, which is sad because that isn’t a good thing. Many of these people are either camilizers antagonizing harmonizers or people complaining about 4 women who contrary to what you may believe showcased a lot of amazing choreography. The way they chose to show that is their business because equality is important. Don’t come at their beliefs, stances on issues, or the fact that Camila left because they have nothing to do with this video. Camila left for a range of reasons don’t use that to justify your anti-feminist views. There are LOTS of videos similar to this one and worse so hop off. Btw I love their whole album their inspiring young women who’ve been through a lot to be where they are now.

  20. Zeynep Erbas says:

    This is why Camila left.

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