Fifth Harmony sings “America the Beautiful”: WrestleMania 32, April 3, 2016

Fifth Harmony sings “America the Beautiful”: WrestleMania 32, April 3, 2016

Fifth Harmony lends their singing talents by performing “American the Beautiful” at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, TX.

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20 Responses

  1. Chooey Choi says:

    dat intro got me crying

  2. Little Myxx says:

    I’m raping the replay button and I’m a mixer.

  3. gavin green says:

    Not the best song to sing at WWE lol

  4. france54156 says:

    Italia pizza mandolino mafia spaghetti

  5. Maron Nahwera says:

    So cute

  6. Shania Murrell says:

    I can’t believe like my 2 favourite things come together FIFTH HARMONY AND

  7. Gail Felton says:

    ma gals

  8. LWF Official says:

    I guess I was the only one who was underwhelmed by this performance

  9. Pc Lalhmangaihzuali says:

    im dead

  10. levin berlin says:

    i feel like they were all off, not in unison, and they were all trying to
    sing over eachother.

  11. TheGospelofJudas says:

    Im a big fan of them but I didn’t hear any harmony on this.

  12. Jason Peter says:

    fifth Harmony Sucks

  13. jessynharebelde says:


  14. Felipe Theodoro says:

    Haters, come here!! Watch, and go out ?

  15. itsdimey xo says:

    so so so so so so in love with them im prying

  16. Monique Stewart says:

    1:47 to 1:52 was just perfect, their harmonies sounded so soft and mellow
    and it was just so good, my fav part ?❤️

  17. Geórgia BR says:

    There is nothing Fifth Harmony can’t sing! I love their voices

  18. heartbreak kid101 says:

    that moment when you can’t tell the difference, which ones are wwe fans or
    5H fans

  19. Ellie agleh says:

    My mouth fell open when i saw Normani she’s so beautiful omg and that

  20. Dacruz Norberto says:

    I’ve heard better from them #noshade