FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Devin Haney vs. JoJo Diaz

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Devin Haney vs. JoJo Diaz

Devin Haney vs. JoJo Diaz, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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35 Responses

  1. Veracious says:

    It’s truly amazing how fast DAZN uploads the highlights of the fight RIGHT AFTER the fight is done unlike some other companies…

  2. RaffyTaphyASMR says:

    Great scrap. Devon stood his ground when he needed to, props to him. Executed the game plan and knew what he had to do all night long and when to do it

    • Ryan says:

      Devin, not Devon

    • Samuel Rodriguez says:

      @Brandon Johnson loma, teo, josh Taylor. Real competitors. I can tell you don’t watch boxing. Stick to playing with barbies

    • Chris Mason says:


    • Samuel Rodriguez says:

      @neo truth collector higher don’t matter in the sport of boxing. Go look at canelos opponents

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      @Samuel Rodriguez yea Teo a real competitor who lost to a underdog and make excuses about it. Both Teo and Loma ducked Haney I can tell u don’t watch boxing 🤡. Josh Taylor is the only one who is a real competitor that u mentioned. Josh even clowned Teo for acting like he undisputed and told him he has unfinished business in the lightweight division before he start talking about fight Taylor. Your a casual and it shows

  3. AP says:

    If tank hits devin the way Jojo did its light out for him

  4. Travesty Studios says:

    Respect to JoJo, immediately clapping for his opponent when it was announced

  5. xBastardx says:

    As much as I wanna see George vs devin I wanna see him against loma first I think loma beats him fairly easily

  6. Larry Lopez says:

    Both fighters have my respect, salute to Devin on the win.

  7. ray ray says:

    Wow JO JO is a beast.. Thought Haney was gonna ran Jojo over but it was a great fight.. thought fight was way closer then Cards but Haney did pull it off.. Great job to both 👏

  8. Ñecho 1000 says:

    Respect to both fighters. I believe they both learned something about themselves in this fight.

  9. Happy Car Reviews says:

    HUGE THANKS to DAZN for uploading this and mostly all your perperview highlights right after the fights, you guys are true legends!
    This is how you gain fans like myself that cannot afford a perperview at the moment, to buy future ones. You guys are true SPORTSMANSHIP and not greedy at all. DAZN THE BEST!

  10. Javi Contreras says:

    I believe Jojo had the right strategy’s but should’ve turned up the heat around 7 instead of round 10-12. He also didn’t have to staying power and conditioning to finish haney

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