FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji

November 13, 2022 — Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji fight highlights.

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29 Responses

  1. The CNSR says:

    Out of all Floyd’s opponents, none have given him such a stage to put on a performance of this calibre 👏🏾Weji’s in the chat 😂

  2. Blacky-Chan says:

    Love how Deji really was being kind to Floyd, could all see that knockout kiss in his fist and deji chose not. ‘Fortunate Floyd’ is his new name now 👏🏼👏🏼

  3. zain ali says:

    This was actually somewhat wholesome, Floyd knew he was fighting an amateur boxer, but he held back at times and then unleashed a little during certain stages. Just to keep the youngster humble. I’m sure if Floyd wanted to, he could easily knock deji out in the first round. But he entertained the crowd

    • ChilledP says:

      @Lucas Rota Well duh 😂 that’s what I mean. It was sarcasm

    • ChilledP says:

      @Son Goku That’s what I was saying smh it’s comical that he THINKS Floyd could knock him out and not KNOW

    • jamiejosh says:

      @Jack The Ripper oh dear what imaginary gym would that be then?

      Let me put it this way on the off chance that’s true. You are the new by that Deji would easily beat up

    • Amos Vasquez says:

      @Jack The Ripper To each his own Ig

    • RaniaIsAwesome says:

      The only correct and sportsmanlike behaviour in any competitive sport is to try your absolute best at all times to defeat the opponent. If someone is on the ropes and the attacker wants to avoid major injury, sure I can understand holding back a little then. This was farce, at least Logan had something.

  4. Logan Wheat says:

    Bro Floyd was completely in control of this whole entire fight but respect for not completely destroying him or just knocking him out in the first 30 seconds

  5. Tax - says:

    If Deji didn’t hold back his power, the match would have been over too quickly. we thank deji for his humbleness

  6. GATV Reality Gossip News! says:

    I was laughing the entire time. Deji was absolutely toying with Floyd.

  7. refined tomato says:

    I know deji was embarrassed after his mom was yelling stop like he was on the brink of death 😂😂😂 that was the first real combo all night 😂💀

  8. ZedAK says:

    Just goes to show how humble Deji really is letting that flod guy beat him like that

  9. Stanley Hughes says:

    I actually can’t believe deji here he understands how his power could hurt such an old man so he held back the entire fight and let the old man hit a few weak shots here and there to keep him happy and entertained he’s such a nice and humble guy❤❤ much love and respect to you deji I’ve watched you for years

  10. Ethan Gravity says:

    The way Floyd kept pushing the ref aside had me weak. It was like Floyd wanted to take on deji and the ref since he was so bored💀💀

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