FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jaime Munguía vs. Gabriel Rosado

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jaime Munguía vs. Gabriel Rosado

Don’t miss all of the action from a stunning fight between Jaime Munguía and Gabriel Rosado at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California 🔥

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29 Responses

  1. Jon Mack says:

    Mungia has some killer combinations. When gave got tired, he was a sitting duck. Massive heart was on display tonight from these warriors

    • Angel Ramirez says:

      Esas si son peleas no como el pinche inflado del canelo Munguía vs canelo

    • Loso Way 450 says:

      Can’t be a killer if he ain’t dropped em or wobbled em..

    • Roberto Real says:

      @Angel Ramirez no mames por que hablan chingaderas? El canelo en 4 rounds lo mata y luego ustedes mismos diran que canelo pelea con bultos. Dejen que mungia creesca como boxeador es un mocoso y creeme tiene futuro cuando tenga unos 28 va estar en su prime y tal vez pueda ser la cara del boxeo pero tranquilo canelo esta donde esta por que emepezo igual que este chavos. Deja el odia amigo.

    • Mean Gravy says:

      @Roberto Real eso esta pensando yo,mungia le faltar mejorar esa defensa por que rosado le esta a pegando mucho,Tampoco erick morales no le dijo nada nomas que cubra su izquierda.el canelo en un round lo acaba.

    • Gumpy 49 says:

      I actually think he would have done better this fight by throwing less punches in combinations and picking his punches better. Rosado was catching a lot of them on the gloves and munguia looked tired off throwing so many. If munguia would have thrown less but more accurate punches he’d have had an easier time winning, that’s just my view.

  2. 4 CDS says:

    No other words “ what a fight” congratulations to both fighters!

  3. David Day says:

    I don’t care that he’s Puerto Rican, I don’t care what his record is, Rosado is the kind of fighter that makes Boxing great. I’ll watching him, past fights, future fights.

  4. Attoe Attoe says:

    The take home from this fight is Mungia’s much improved defense. Both warriors delivered great entertainment as usual

  5. Deluxe Recordings says:

    Rosado has nothing to hold his head down about‼️ The vet def came in there and competed ‼️💯

  6. Fernando says:

    Never been that impressed with Mungia, but I see he’s gotten better.

  7. S. Torres says:

    Immense respect to both warriors! Keep giving Rosado paychecks, the man never disappoints.

  8. Pedro Medina says:

    Buena pelea. Los dos son muy buenos, pero Munguía salió a ganar, se preparó para ganar. Éste muchacho tiene futuro. Puro macho mexicano, es bravo y tiene fuerza. Felicidades para él y su familia y todo su equipo, desde Rep. Dom.

  9. Aaron Muniz says:

    Man even though rosado didn’t win I can’t help but support this dude , heart for days

  10. Fiddy says:

    Rosado can dive the deep waters unless you knock him out. The dude is a warrior.

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