FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin

October 16th, 2021 — Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin from Fresno, California.

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38 Responses

  1. El Rusito says:

    Mikey be eating too much tacos con cerveza. Looked bloated in his last fights including this one. Mikey living too comfortably, aint got the fire no more.

    • a ferng says:

      @Angel Rodriguez facts!👍🤣

    • YOUXH 47 says:

      @Kodi M then why didnt he win the fight or dominate the dude. I hate to see it but i feel its partly true, you cant feel his fire anymore, he needs to change his style up a bit more and be more versatile

    • Kodi M says:

      @YOUXH 47 because he fought a skillful fighter who was bigger than him that’s why

    • Oscar Santamaria says:

      @Umair Ejaz I like Mikey but he is chunky . He basically fights at his “walking” weight now . Trains but can tell he takes his eating and drinking more serious now . If he was in shape he would be fighting atleast 15lbs under what he is or replace fat with muscle to fight at higher weigh classes . Money changes people he has become comfortable. Would not be surprised if he decide to retire

    • david X. says:

      @Amelio Zappa There is no excuse in my original comment, I don’t know where did u get that. I was just pointing out the obvious. The better man won for sure. But most top fighters do not fight on average once a year since 2014. Perhaps this year due to the pandemic. But not since 2014.

  2. Franco H says:

    “It is the man that has nothing to lose or is willing to lose everything to beat you that I am afraid of…”
    -Bruce Lee
    What a heart from the Spaniard. Congrats Spain.

  3. Valero says:

    Mikey ever since he moved up to jr welterweight he seemed so bloated and slow should’ve stayed at 130-135 where he was very technical and fast. What a shame his career turned out to become.

  4. christopher bowen says:

    I looked at Martin’s highlights before the fight and I was impressed!! Mikey is lucky that Martin wasn’t as bold, like in his previous fights against lesser opponents.

  5. TheHuskyK9 says:

    So I guess this confirms that Mikey will continue his day job as a boxing analyst. Dude lost his fire that made him dangerous

  6. Luis Afan de rivera campos says:

    Ahí con cojones, ya era hora un Español boxeando como se tiene que boxear, enhorabuena pedazo de máquina, y de ahí a por mucho más!!?

    • SolSolet says:

      @The swirl Ibáñez llora

    • tron says:

      @The swirl Ibáñez la emoción es por haber aprovechado la oportunidad que le dieron que podía ser la primera y última porque España el boxeo no tiene ni el 1% del apoyo que tiene alla no entiendes la circunstancias

    • The swirl Ibáñez says:

      @SolSolet, por qué tendría? El drama es para los que se emocionan por cada insignificancia… 😁😃😃😃

    • Victor inBHX says:

      @The swirl Ibáñez tampoco es tan insignificante. A muchos españoles nos encanta el boxeo pero aquí no lo promocionan nada nunca y los medios de comunicación lo tienen prohibido. Es una gran alegría que un púgil español gane a un púgil de la calidad de Mickey García.

    • The swirl Ibáñez says:

      @Victor inBHX, por dejados y por carecer de sangre Azteca. ✨✨💪💪

  7. Mike Hawk says:

    Prograis would’ve stopped this Mikey. No wonder they signed up for a “tune-up” instead of fighting Prograis

  8. M J says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with the judges. Seemed like the kind of fight that they could have got away with giving the decision to Garcia without too much uproar. Nice to see fair and honest judging.

  9. LeTDeMHaVeiT113 says:

    Garcia didn’t trip over Martin’s foot, not even close. It was an forearm/elbow that hit Garcia, that’s why Martin apologized right after. Congratulation to Martin on the win 🥊

  10. Zoyaz 🥑 {T.a.a.p} my PH0T0 y.o - check my vidéóz says:

    Orgullo español y por este señor que nos lleva a lo más alto del boxeo internacional. 🇪🇸 Enhorabuena Sandor te lo mereces.❤️

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