FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

April 9th, 2022 — Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe from San Antonio.

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32 Responses

  1. Astray Productions says:

    Dazn never disappoints with their highlights

  2. AlexDumale says:

    Ryan wasn’t throwing as many jabs as I wanted him too. That’s usually what sets him up for the bigger shots I feel like, but its probably because he wanted that knock out cause man he was throwing them hands with speed and power. I get he wanted to put on a show but them jabs would’ve helped him a lot he still got the dub tho.

    • Erick Saldana says:

      He didn’t have a jab at all I was cmon bro your tall lengthy use your jab and than your speed Garcia focuses to much on speed and power shots needs to calm down and pick his shots

    • Patricio Granados says:

      He couldn’t tagoe was just running all night long 🏃🏿that was boring in my opinion

    • CarlosHinkson says:

      I agree. We all got to remember he’s still young so his emotions take control. Once he tastes blood, there’s a lot less thinking

  3. Jesús Suárez says:

    Ryan was throwing way more wild hooks than usual. Mans pretty much completely forgot about his jab.

    Hope it’s just the ring rust and not Joe Goosen’s fault.

  4. KRTHEONE says:

    I’m so disappointed in Tagoe. He’s lacking the will to win. Ryan has no head movement, he’s just walking forward with his guard up and throwing fast hands that’s all.

  5. Alex Ledezma says:

    Una cosa está clara rayan es buenísimo para hablar , boxisticamente sigue sin convencer y con un rival de 3er nivel

  6. J PM says:

    Whilst he is very fast, Garcia leaves himself super open to the body and doesn’t have inscrutable timing. I’m surprised the opponent didn’t light his body up early, particularly given that he was the shorter man and Garcia tends to stand so upright

  7. KaoMinerva says:

    I see why Ryan dodged all those fights vs top opponents!

    • Lt 3 says:

      I know he’s horrible!

    • viperstrike0 says:

      cause he is 23 and is nowhere near his peak and people want him to go against veterans who have like 8 fights more than him? even Tank didnt fight anyone of note till Yuriorkis Gamboa when he was 25.

  8. AGon005 says:

    Really impressive survival mode skills by Tagoe.

  9. Manongzki says:

    Happy for Tagoe, with this fight at least he’s able to provide food on the table at least for the next 12 months.

  10. Boxing Proff says:

    As the great GSP said, “I’m not impressed by your performance.”

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