Fight Night Brooklyn: Henry Cejudo & TJ Dillashaw Octagon Interviews

Fight Night Brooklyn: Henry Cejudo & TJ Dillashaw Octagon Interviews

Henry Cejudo defends his flyweight title from bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw in a stunning :32 seconds to conclude the UFC’s debut on ESPN in Brooklyn, New York.

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72 Responses

  1. Some Dude says:

    When Anik said “all class” I laughed so hard

  2. Saleh Alotaibi says:

    Cejudo brother kiss was more dangerous to him than TJ

  3. Tyrant9 says:

    Uncle fester is probs busy backstage pumping some ‘white’ into one of his ring girl side chicks?

  4. Squall says:

    Even the UFC belt isn’t safe from Dana’s austerity.

  5. PIONEER says:

    No T.J you lost get over it……..

  6. Richard Adams says:

    What a narcissist TJ is absolutely no class either.

    • Tyson bit off His freakin ear says:

      If tj wom under those exact same circumstances he would have been running around acting happy the same way. Hes a narcissist for sure.

    • Janemba 112 says:

      You’re allowed to be a narcissist when you’re a killer like TJ, cejudo fans have no idea what tj did to barao.

    • elementalitly says:

      +Janemba 112 ima have to check out the stoppage but from this vid it did look like tj was not tko’d and the lights were still on so to speak. maybe the stoppage was early.

  7. spongebobmx says:


    • Martin England says:

      +Choque De Cultura What a confused bunch of people you guys are.

    • Wilson Tejada says:

      He won Olympic gold for the US of A. If he was Mexican he wouldve done it for Mexico so tough titties. And I’m so sick of this (insert heritage here) American crap, stoo trying to give yourself a sense of identity by calling yourself something else. Sorry you are an American citizen, SOORRRRYYYY you are in a country where you can do whatever the fuck you want and is so good your family migrated here, and if you’re black, so fucking good theres no way in hell you’re going to live in Africa. SOOORRRRYYYY

    • Nwo says:

      Wilson Tejada lmao why do Americans always get mad when other people show pride? They’re aren’t saying anything bad about the US. You just assume when someone waves a Flag or mentions a country that they’re disrespecting the US? calm down bob. ?? Imagine being at the Olympics and throwing a tantrum because all the country’s are waving their flags

    • TwentyFourXX says:

      +Chrysmuse89 déjalos así de pesados son los mexicanos

    • Wilson Tejada says:

      +Nwo other country? What? Literally made no sense my guy. What I said was, AMERICANS, looking for a sense of identity, and trying to claim a separate nationality to seem cool, exotic or cultured its lame. You babbled off about some dumb shit, Bob’s and flags, dude its like you read a peice and not the whole thing maybe?

  8. Staff 66 says:

    I had tj mauling Henry.. no doubts at all n my mind .. and to see Henry just man handle tj .. shocked and impressed

  9. deafpool says:

    The snake has nothing but excuses.

  10. Charlie - says:

    Tj was very bratty & unprofessional about the fight. I expected a better response

  11. Domenico Schizzarotto says:

    The look TJ gives at 2:09….come on! Give Henry his respect!

  12. Bara says:

    If your brother doesn’t hype you up like Cejudo’s brother, is he really your brother?

  13. Thunder Killer says:

    “He didnt beat me ” he says…. Yeah sure you tell yourself that….

    • Matt Well says:

      I’m glad Cejudo won, I always root for an underdog but It was an early stoppage imo. What happened to the Barry/Kongo definite finishes? As soon as a guy gets hurt in the UFC its a KO!! But in boxing it would be a standing 8 and they would resume fighting. If TJ wanted to get knocked completely out or take another 10 unasnwered punches to get definitive result Im sure we’d all appreciate that more. He’s a champ, give the mf another 5-10 seconds before you rush in like an idiot and fuck up the whole card whoever the shit ref was.

    • Thunder Killer says:

      +Matt Well that makes no sense! It was a good stop the guy took like 5-6 shots where his eyes rolled as soon as he fell again the ref stoped it… He was getting a beating

    • Niall Walsh says:

      Then Anik tells him “all class”. Haha

    • U_A says:

      Very good stoppage lol, TJ could have gone unconscious

    • hurrdurr720 2 says:

      Matt Well thats literally why people die fighting in boxing. I agree the stoppage could have come a few seconds later, BUT tj still got fucked up and thats his own fault

  14. Gaa Head says:

    You could say the messenger.. delivered.
    I’ll see myself out.

  15. TimeGallon says:

    I didn’t read a single comment uplifting Henry before this fight. All I heard was how he doesn’t deserve this fight, he’s a boring fighter, this isn’t an interesting match up and how TJ was just going “DESTROY” Cejudo.
    I would’ve been happy with either outcome because I’m a fan of both fighters but I’m THRILLED to see Cejudo do what he did knowing he was spit on by so many so called fight fans who don’t know a good match up when they see one. Well done, man. Can’t wait to see the fight at 135.

    • TimeGallon says:

      The snake in the grass was originally meant acerbically but TJ sounds it into a positive. That his logo now and he has snakes tattooed under his bicep and around the top of his hand.
      He was favorite for this fight by a mountain, it’s pretty clear Dana wanted him to win and many, many videos are championing him as the greatest bantam current weight fighter in the UFC. He obviously has plenty of enemies but I’m not convinced that he’s as hated as you say he is.
      And since I’m on this contrarian kick, I’m gonna disagree with you about Henry’s personality outside of the octagon. I’m baffled at the hate he’s getting. Henry seems like a down to earth guy

    • DiamondLifer says:

      H-town281 A winning belts at two weight classes does not automatically make you a legend. Lol. Calm down Joe Rogan. Not everyone is the GOAT. Henry is good but DJ fight was close it’s just that in contrast it’s a good win because DJ has been rolling over the weight calls for so long. He’s very lucky DJ trade was already done or there would have been an auto rematch with a different outcome. TJ fight was his but it was an early stoppage so there will always be that until he confirms a win with no questions.

    • H-town281 A says:

      DiamondLifer I never said GOAT bro, I said “legend”. There’s too many in line for GOAT status.

    • DiamondLifer says:

      TimeGallon down to earth fighters carry themselves like Cowboy. They don’t wear gold jackets, suck up to Dana while simultaneous talking shit, refer to themselves as the savor of a weight class then in the next sentence turn around to challenge for a title in another weight class, refer to themselves in the third person (biggest peeve of mine), remind everyone constantly that he’s an Olympian and gold medalist (which is a great feat but no need to talk about it every time you get a mic), and lastly refer to DJ as was the greatest when you barely squeaked by a decision.

      And people refer to TJ as a snake when and how he turned his back on Alpha Male and the fact that he makes no secret or apologies about making no friends in the fight game.

    • DiamondLifer says:

      TimeGallon I just a big difference between him and other loud mouth fighters. Everyone’s trying to be Conor now. Chael perfected it and Conor cashed in on it and now everyone is following. I get it business wise. I just personally find him a little annoying and less entertaining.

  16. Nobody likes the chanting Zombies says:

    TJ “Bobblehead” Dillashaw. Your head isn’t suppose to move like that.

  17. Richard Long says:

    ‘I caught him with that leg kick right on the chin’

  18. Jonny Pound-4-Pound's #1 G-O-A-T says:

    That new belt looks like hot garbage..

  19. dben13 says:

    Dillashaw is a horribly sore loser claims he’s never been beat apparently

  20. Luke Byrd says:

    TJ’s eyes rolled back like a girl having an orgasm! Ha!

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