Fight Night Halifax: Derrick Lewis Octagon Interview

Fight Night Halifax: Derrick Lewis Octagon Interview

Watch Derrick Lewis in the Octagon after his KO victory over Travis Browne in the main event of Fight Night Halifax.

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20 Responses

  1. Hugh G. Rection says:

    ronda and travis are true soulmates for one another, they both did the stanky leg after getting hit with a big right hand

  2. TurbanatorGamer says:

    “Where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?!”

  3. Bryan The Lion says:

    U sure took ur time to upload this shit UFC

  4. I Feel Like A.J says:

    Sorry Mr. Rousey, you just got knocked the fuck out.

  5. TurbanatorGamer says:

    Mario “To The Death” Yamasaki

    Saw this on another comment. Fucking hilarious.

  6. Jon Jones says:

    “ALL THE DICKS” – Demi Lovato

  7. Bishx43 says:

    “I am not impressed by your performance” – Yamasaki

  8. habalabada11072 says:

    im not suprised motherfuckers – Rondas mom

  9. TurbanatorGamer says:

    UFC scumbags editing out the part where Lewis talks about Browne being a wife beater. Fuck these fascist fucks holding information from us!

  10. Xeph says:

    Fuck you WME cucks censoring and editing the interview, set Eddie Bravo on these motherfuckers!

  11. GalaxyZ says:

    0:41 You fucks edited out the most savage moment in Combat sports history.
    “Where Ronda Rousey Fine ass at?” – Derrick”H-town” Lewis

  12. Sena says:


  13. MrRichard2418 says:

    Cut out the Ronda rousey fine ass quote out. Dislike

  14. Burrito4real says:

    Why they cut out all the good shit

  15. Martin Rodriguez says:

    “If he dies, he dies.”
    -Mario ‘Drago’ Yamasaki

  16. DanBones says:

    Did they edit out the Ronda Rousey part?

  17. Biggy Bwana says:

    Black beast and Rhonda rousey sextape coming soon.

  18. The Pimptopia says:

    Ufc missed out on getting millions of views with this protecting Ronda shit smh

  19. George Costanza says:

    *”I will sacrifice you to the Black Beast” – Mario Yamasaki*

  20. Conrad McGoobs says:

    “Where Ronda Rousey fine ass at?” – Cris Cyborg

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