Fighting Minecraft’s Most Difficult Bosses

Fighting Minecraft’s Most Difficult Bosses

Today we attempt to fight Minecraft’s most difficult bosses based on a game called Elden ring
If YOU want to play FUTURE mods

Huge shoutout to the entire team for making this video possible

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If YOU want to play FUTURE mods

If you wanna play and support elden ring

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43 Responses

  1. Socksfor1 says:

    sup gamers! sorry for such a delay since the last video. I really wanted to take the time to make better stuff. Please let me know what kind of things you want to see in the future!
    if you want to test future mods join here

  2. BooZ says:

    There only one thing we know for certain: Malenia is definitely the Blade of Miquela

  3. Bacon says:


  4. Arhaan Koreishi says:

    Socks always entertains us with everyone’s pain

  5. The shark penguin master says:

    I understand why there was such a delay. it’s all really good editing and the mod that you guys are playing on looks really well worked on.

  6. victoriouswinner says:

    are we gonna ignore how cool the bosses look? whoever made them did a wonderful job 😭

  7. RyuXynn says:

    List of all bosses and mini bosses
    05:10 malenia, blade of miguella(boss)
    07:37 2nd tries
    10:11 kraken (mini boss)
    13:37 starscourage radahan(boss)
    17:21 forest spirit(mini boss)
    20:49 mohg, Lord of blood(boss)
    22:47 giant spider(mini boss)
    24:17 2nd tries
    24:36 2nd form
    26:42 mermaid(mini boss)
    28:41 maliketh, the black blade(boss)
    31:01 2nd tries
    33:12 magikarp(mini boss)
    34:45 radagon(boss)
    36:18 2nd tries
    36:57 elden beast(radagon’s 2nd form)
    39:16 blaza getting iced

  8. cyTerms says:

    The editing on this exceeds nearly all of his other videos, I can tell that this is going to be a banger and this was worth the wait

  9. Thegaming Dino says:

    Socks should definitely do an elden ring series that would be great

  10. Devin Shope says:

    before i start, i just want to say there was never anything wrong with the rest of your videos, whether that be the content or the editing, it’s always been great. but i must say this was a long wait that was worth it because there’s a vast change in the content and editing style that made it all the more fun to watch. this video was so entertaining and i hope you can continue to make amazing videos in the future, just be sure to not overwork yourself. all in all, stay safe, keep gaming, love u <3

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