We filled our entire house with packing peanuts and it was the best day ever!! Subscribe and we’ll fly you out for a video!! Let’s try to get this video to 300k likes!!

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32 Responses

  1. Stokes Twins says:

    Subscribe and we’ll fly you out to make a video with us! ❤️ We really put a lot of effort in this video, it would mean a lot if you Subscribed!! 😊

  2. Jeremy Hutchins says:

    i wanna come over and take a swim 🏊‍♂️

  3. sxmmer panda says:

    Alex: “I actually think I lost my phone. And I don’t have the ringer on”
    This is so relatable 😅

  4. Sumana Bhowmick says:

    4:20 Oh my god! Alex is win. Everyone always ignore him but now ben give him better score. I am so happy and love you both ( Alex and Alan ) from your little subscriber.

  5. Lara Kelleci says:

    I hope it wasn’t hard to clean all of the mess!

  6. Gacha jelly Donut says:

    I love how instead of just throwing it all out they are going out of there way to recycle it! ♻️ That’s why I love them so much! Done! And I hope I win a trip to hangout with you guys!!

  7. Alysa W says:

    Definition of this video: sibling rivalry, pranking crush, turning their house into a mess, angry parents.

  8. Nice Sant says:

    I wanna know, how the heck they cleaned it? Man, I can even clean my room🥴

  9. Rajasubalakshmi M says:

    I wonder how they managed to clean them .

  10. United duck Army!! says:

    when tanner did his “stupid” joke Alan was about to laugh! 😂

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