Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)

Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)

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They are coming for your internet. Who? The EU. They’ve come up with a copyright law that will change the way people use the internet FOREVER. Theorists, it’s up to us to understand what Article 13 is and how it is dangerous. For the love of memes and YouTube videos, let’s make our voices heard.

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53 Responses

  1. Maestro 07 says:

    Guys, as usually with these legislations you may all be overreacting. I know people like drama but look at the past cases of Eu legislation. As someone practising law in the EU I can tell you that, there will probably be cases where a company tries to strike someone, and those cases after new legislation usually get to the EU Court which has shown to be quite liberal and look at: “what the law is trying to accomplish”. And thats protecting copyrighted material from unfair upload (torrents and similar) and not affect content creators in such a dramatic way.

    • Maestro 07 says:

      +Aengus Cunningham thank you for saying that, I’m currently doing my masters thesis in, you guessed it, EU copyright law and I can tell you things are not so dark at all. All authors know that without other people talking about their work and showing parts of it it would never get any exposure and the EU Supeme court showed us multiple times that it looks at what they wanted to achieve with the law which is stopping a site from even uploading a full movie. They wont destroy content creators 😉 everyone just likes excitement and drama and fear sometimes. Thank you for also having a level head :3

    • Kevin Johnston says:

      I do agree things should be addressed calmly, and appreciate your logical and level headed comment, and will approach it the same.
      I personally think changing the wording ahead of time is probably better. It’s fine to let it go to the EU court to look at the intent of the law, but that could take a lot of time. Possibly enough time to put a channel like the Theorists out of business if they are uploading from within the EU. Making sure the actual phrasing of the law meets the intent would be cutting off many problems before they happen.
      No law ever gets put into place with every possible challenge considered. That’s why we are able to make amendments, and why come law is so important. But I think this one has some pretty clear points of where problems will arise and need to be ruled on later. It should be fixed ahead of time to save the time and money that will go into court procedures later.

    • Graphite Tail Grace says:

      With how messy this issue is, I’m glad you’re clearing it up.

    • Fraser Souris says:

      Firstly, even Youtube itself is worried. This isn’t a small thing though. The potential ramifications are not something small.

      Secondly, As Matpat has shown, the EU’s list of permitted use is already significantly lacking compared to the US version, and drafting legislature is long work. It is completly possible that, by the time EU lawmakers decided to fix the problem after the directive passes, most sites will be down or not as active due to the problems presented.

      Thirdly, there is the potenial for other countries to start imitating this. Canada for example, has recently had both its ISPs and Music industry push for both weakened Net Neutraility and a Content Filter. It is possible that the EU directive may push them and others to adopt it.

    • E of D says:

      Yes! Finally someone who proves my point! I think the only reason why people are overreacting is because the CEO of Youtube said it was a big problem

  2. ThatOrangeDerp says:

    Don’t you just love it when old people try to ruin the internet just because they don’t understand it?

  3. MagnusScot { ' . ' } says:

    It’s fun to stay at the D C M A, it’s fun to stay at the D C M A

  4. Gunner Gaddis says:

    Maybe losing tik-tok won’t be that bad…

  5. A Commenter says:

    Remember if Article 13 is passed PewDiePie can’t review memes.

  6. Mads._.Maddie1 says:


  7. MrTactical says:

    Let’s make the EU a meme so they would have to ban themselves.

  8. Krptic Unknown says:

    Yk when the whole net neutrality thing was happening I said to someone who lived in Europe and didn’t care

    “its all fun and games until something like this happens to yall”

    He laughed it off saying that they aren’t as dumb.


  9. Amethyst Panda says:

    This will not stay longer than a year as the big companies will lose money as you will technically give them free advertising and without it they will lose money and they hate that

    • John Garrison says:

      Oh like how Net Neutrality was reinstated or how China reversed it’s decisions on their cyber sovereignty? Sorry to break it to you, but if this passes it stays.

  10. Josh V says:

    DMCA… we were so close for a YMCA meme. Why!!!?

  11. Chris Fullmer says:

    *Hits Blunt* if we made a meme about article 13, then the EU would have to ban article 13.

  12. Jonathan Kitch says:

    *Insert Sobbing Pikachu here*

  13. MasterMuffles says:

    So this is how the world ends. Not with nukes, but with Article 13.

  14. L Turner says:

    True genius is taking the complicated and making it simple

    Matpat is a genius ?

  15. The Monkey Family Adventures says:

    The problem here is, must people in the EU are old. And in most cases old people don’t fully understand how new things like the Internet work. I think you can see the problem here.

    • Opus Whittaker says:

      “Most people in the EU are old” – wait, what? Do you mean the European parliament? 😛

    • PT Fixolas says:

      +Opus Whittaker he’s right in both ways. There are a lot of old ppl in Europe, when you compare them to the quantity of young ppl.

    • Daniëlle Bosma says:

      +PT Fixolas what do you base this off? Do you have statistics? I’m interested in if that is true or not and what the difference is.

  16. Saint_Darkgold says:

    Without a doubt, the consequences of this article will be dire. If people start to lose the internet and their right of free speech, this will only agitate people.

    I have taken European revolutionary history, and it’s really interesting to see how the circumstances for such an event can arise. Admittedly, it takes a lot of misfortune to irritate people to such an extent. I feel that such consequences could be avoided if the people are listened to. If that will happen, is up to debate. Once people start noticing their words aren’t being heard, they will resort to their fists. This has been historically proven in a multitude of cases.

    But let’s analyze to what extent the conditions have already fallen into place thus far in Europe:

    What does are some things attributed to revolution?
    -A swift change in outlook.
    -Government struggling against those who are governed.
    -Initiated by the masses.
    -Opression (Important)
    -Swift change in outlook on a situation.

    With that in place, what are the three things we should look for?

    1. Targets
    The EU is obvious here, as is the rest of Europe’s governmental body.

    2. Carriers of the revolution?
    Much like the French Revolution, this would be a fight between the elite members of government and the common citizen.

    3. Goals and Ideologies
    The main conflict would be between the corporate greed and profit mentality of businesses and the free and creative will of the people to express themselves.

    Now come the conditions:
    The Three Causes of the Revolution:
    1. Preconditions, which are long term issues and history a dissatisfied with.
    2. Precipitants, which are short term issues that further irritate the public.
    3. Trigger/spark, which is what pushes people over the edge.

    So let’s start with the five preconditions:

    1. A economically advancing society with haves and have nots.
    -This is true since people are going to start losing the ability to express their opinions on the internet. Losing the ability to access the entertainment and unity of the online community will hit people strongly here. I.e. “You cannot have memes and watch your favorite Youtubers videos.”

    2. Growing conflict between emergent classes in society.
    -This one is surprisingly true as well. We have recently seen the creation and expansion of a small entrepreneurial class who lives on a free access site. On top of this, we have a expanding business class or 1% who grows progressively richer every year. The illusion of “I own you and can take your money because I’m richer than you” will play a big part in fueling hatred.

    3. Academics become more out of touch with popular opinion, (or in our modern world, the public would be a better choice).
    -Again, we see that more people are becoming aware of the bullshit the media is feeding them. Their opinions are shifting and the brainwashing is losing its effect on some. The academics who have replaced the scholars of old in this case are surely those along the likes of YouTubers and other social media stars who help educate the public. This creates a unified ideology and leadership and helps create a sense of awareness that there is more to life than what those in charge say about it.

    4. Ruling class becomes insecure incompetent.
    -Ahough the insecurity of the EU is debatable, it’s clear that the EU has become politically incompetent through their idiotic decisions. The EU is following the path of kings and making stupid decisions that seem nonsensical in nature. Article 13 is one of the greatest examples of this thus far.

    5. Government experiences financial crisis
    -This condition has already been satisfied by the economic collapse of 2009 and the ongoing debt of various countries worldwide. With the economy constantly declining, it may only get worse in the near future.

    Thus far, we have confirmed that the a revolution is possible but not probable. Let us continue and analyze the pecipitants now.
    Note that all precipitants should occur within 10 or 5 years range of each other.

    1. An inspired leader will set goals for the revolution.
    -This has not yet been done yet, but it is likely that small groups of people have formed together to stop the current actions of the government and businesses. To add, many YouTubers and other social media stars are taking it upon themselves to become leaders of this new Enlightenment, though no cohesive group structure had been formed to oppose the government at this point of time.

    2. Formation of a secret military revolution organization
    -This has yet to happen. No cohesive military group has been formed to oppose the EU, and thus this condition has failed to be met.

    3. There must be a crushing defeat of military in a foreign war. (In our modern society however, it could be considered a massive, international humiliation of a group or country)
    -In my knowledge, the EU has not suffered any massive international, political, or militaristic humiliation. This too remains unfulfilled and will require a future event.

    From this, we have determined that a revolution is not probable. However, if these conditions will be fully met in the future is unknown. If such events occur, we have a serious issue on our hands.

    The trigger or spark
    -These are unknown. Article 13 will not be the spark, I can assure that much. However, it is a massive push towards it and may start Europe on a collision course with a repeat of revolutionary history by suppressing basic rights and lowering people’s quality of life.

    But there is another theory that must be satisfied, and that is the J-Curve theory.

    J-curve theory is the idea of expectation vs. Relaity. Wealth, status and power all play an important part in this. The bigger the gap is between reality and expectations, the more irritated people become.

    The world we grew up in today is a world where we are blessed with freedom and individual creative thought. People will grow up expecting this. With the EU’s article 13 for example, we are denying them that right. This increases people’s expectations while simultaneously promoting a reality that cannot be achieved due to pointless bureaucratic processes.

    This would be an example of decremental depreiviation, where expectations remain stable while capabilities decline. We encourage people to be these things, yet companies eat them up and punish them when they pursue their dreams.

    For example, YouTube promotes users to generate original, creative content and make a living. However, we have already seen people get hit by demonitization and have their lives turned upside down for pursuing the career of YouTuber. This creates the illusion of profitable artistic expression, which is proven to be untrue by the various policies concerning demonitization, which essentially denotes the idea they encourage, forcing people not to express themselves, but something that follows the guidelines instead.

    And it isn’t just YouTube. This hypocrisy is everywhere, especially when concerning big companies. They sell you their image, their expectations; not their relaity. As time goes on, this will only get worse until things finally snap, or they undo the mistakes they have made.

    Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Thank you if you read this. I hope this brings light to fire circumstances of our world today.

  17. Xander Chatman says:

    *The great meme war that was once prophesied shall finally come to pass.*

  18. The Galactic Phoenix says:


  19. Otisboy67 says:

    5:10 god bless America

    Except for those dudes who want to take it away

  20. Steven king jr says:

    Everyone coment in every video
    You can stop artical 13
    To save every meme and other like

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