Film Theory: Ant Man’s GIANT Problem (Marvel’s Ant-Man)

Film Theory: Ant Man’s GIANT Problem (Marvel’s Ant-Man)

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We all know that the COOLEST moment in the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer is when we see Ant-Man grow into a GIANT man. Now, I’ve explored Ant-Man’s powers before, but never what it means to grow up to 65 feet tall! What does that do to your body? Well, Loyal Theorist, you are about to find out!

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71 Responses

  1. Advait Pai says:

    Ho does the weight increase ….. It is said that the weight doesn’t change when he reduces in size thus making him like a bullet…..

  2. Michael Berthelsen says:

    Just wanna point out that the tesseract should be 1″ x 1″ x 1″ x 1″…

    • Relton says:

      Enzan Nguyễn 4 dimensional objects have no volume. They supposedly have something similar to surface area but its surface volume. The human mind cannot comprehend what this would look like, as we think in 3 dimensions of space.

    • xMckingwill says:

      no, it would be technically 1″ x 1″ x 1″ x 1 (unit of time) x 1 (unit in the 5th dimension) the tesseract is a 5th dimensional object not 4

    • Micah Smith says:

      Thank you. The tesseract is the 4 dimensional version of the 3D square. 4 geometrical dimensions, not all this stuff of 3 and one unit of time.

    • smolsimss says:

      that’s actually *not* correct. a cube’s volume is length times width times height, so the last ” x 1″ is not supposed to be there.

    • MrSamwise25 says:

      Haha I did enjoy Matpat’s note in that section! It is a bit confusing for those aware of obscure mathematical terminology xD

  3. crazyCRLN says:

    My Dad thinking im such a good student listening to a math tutorial and doing some homeworks

    PS this is not a true story its just made up 😁😁

  4. EmperorBubbles says:

    Wait….if he is using Pym Particles, wouldn’t he be the exact same mass and strength? Like when he is small

    • moonfam4 says:

      I know right. That’s all I could think about when watching this. Also this would make him extremely weak to attacks when you consider he is 11X less dense.

    • 1 2 says:

      ThePurbleKing Yes, that is a major continuity error… although a pretty damn cool one to see on screen.
      There is a very basic physics term that explains why AntMan is dense but neither the tank nor the building (in the new movie) become dense.

      It is called the “because… it looks cool on screen” plot contrivance theory.

    • Cup o' Joe says:

    • logan bella says:

      EmperorBubbles same

    • Harry Jin says:

      Well the Thomas train destroyed a police car, so we don’t actually know wtf is the pym particles

  5. Nico Cordier says:

    It is an AT-AT, you say all the letters not @@. Alright, you don’t go around calling an AT-ST an atast, that’s not a thing.

  6. FAIZAN SHAKIL says:

    mass can neither be created nor destroyed.

    rip your theory.

  7. Dan Yfy says:

    Can you be my school math teacher😂😂

  8. Premium Lagg says:

    Only one issue with this theory… HE DOESN’T GAIN/LOOSE MASS!! Instead what happens is the distance between the elections and the nucleus increeses/shrinks!! (Whch also makes it impossible for him to go down to the quantum level like he did but what ever).

    -edit: this also means that his strength wouldn’t change nor would anything else! Only thing that would change is his surface area which would mean he would have a very hard time staying warm. I know the films show him stronger and stuff but thats because they change what they need to for story progression or what looks cool. They even mention how ant man’s shrinking and growing works in the first film! I love you mat pat but this video seems like you didn’t even try.

    • Raven Bloom says:

      Matthew’s first Antman video pointed out that exact flaw. He’s absolutely adhering to the movie this time too – the inconsistency of how the movie chooses to portray the Pym Particles. Since, if Scott Lang’s weight didn’t change, nothing in the movie would be able to happen, he’s taking the movie’s inconsistent use of the particles and using it as the movie does.

    • Carlos Rovera says:

      🔴 *Ant-Man &The Wasp* FuII-FiIm ☛ [ ]

      Disfruta de una noche con estas populares películas disponibles para transmitir con video de alta calidad.

    • smolsimss says:

      I think the he doesn’t gain or lose mass is because his cells are being stretched. I may be wrong, but I may be right. hope this helps!

    • Death Bullet says:

      its not impossible as the nucleus is made of protons and neutrons which are made of quarks which in turn must be made of smaller things as they adsorb and give of virtual and non virtual particles (e.g. gravitons )……… but hey that’s just a theory

  9. Jerome Alday says:

    The real GIANT problem is how wrecked Wasp’s vegana becomes.

  10. Dylnamations says:

    Ok just a small thing.

    Peter probably said “Walking Thingies” and “Ice Planet” because he’s a kid trying to explain a movie to adults, who might’ve seen it, but not know what they’re named. Regardless, Parker thought the old guys (Tony & Rhodes) didn’t know that movie, sooo, just wanted to point that out.

    Also, Peter seems more like a geek sooo~


    ok im going to stop talking


  11. -DERPE10- says:

    Too OP plz nerf

  12. Rhattatatt says:

    Says mouse, shows gerbil

  13. Mr. Mista says:

    Anyone notice the gags in the beginning of each episode getting cringier?

  14. Pawan Warich says:

    Film theory > game theory .

  15. Sheepinator says:


  16. Bibasik7 says:

    Achievement Unlocked!
    Ⓖ *100* – You mathed!

  17. Van Hendrix says:

    Ant Man vs Iron Man

    • Carlitto says:

      🔴 *Ant-Man &The Wasp* FuII-FiIm ☛ [ ]

      Disfruta de una noche con estas populares películas disponibles para transmitir con video de alta calidad.

    • Oscar Rasmussen says:

      I’ve seen you before… you got 85k likes on pewdiepies video lol

  18. Sally Lee says:

    _”Matpat”_ what a quote.

  19. Sally Lee says:

    Dat elk be *thicc*

  20. Eren Rush says:

    That comment from Spider-man in Civil War always bothered me lol.

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