Film Theory: Batman’s DEADLY Disease – CURED!

Film Theory: Batman’s DEADLY Disease – CURED!

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Gotham is full of things that can kill you––the Joker, Penguin, dirty cops, poor infrastructure––You name it! But there’s also the sort of danger with which we’re all familiar, like Disease. MacGregor’s Syndrome, the illness that plagues Mr. Freeze’s wife, is THE disease when it comes to the City of Gotham. This got me thinking: What is the real-world counterpart to MacGregor’s Syndrome and are there any promising treatments or cures? In this episode, I explore as much Batman Lore as I can to find out, and the answer will make your Blood Run Cold!

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20 Responses

  1. Nobody Important says:

    I love the story of Mr. Freeze and Nora fries ?. You should have seen them on Gotham season 2

  2. jboy11123 says:

    What if mr.freeze knew he killed Nora and he’s not looking for a cure for cancer but in fact a cure for death ?

  3. Axel Marte says:

    i always thought it was pronounced fries likr fast food lol

  4. Blue Raven says:

    This was a pretty COOL video

    See what I did there

  5. Al1en Human says:

    But seriously, how nice would a Gotham film theory be though?

  6. Everybody's fry says:

    hey i’m fry

  7. Owen Kelliher says:

    It’s probably cystic fibrosis.

  8. Vuxzu says:

    “Where we see Victor Fries…” zooms into picture of the riddler lol 4:45

  9. martin jose vinciguerra says:

    matpat, would you please do a theory about how many energy do you need to fuse water molecules to make food like in “Cloudy with a chance of meataballs”

  10. 8bitdiedie says:

    > Lung cancer is a “genetic defect”?
    > Using evidence from different Batman canon?
    WTF Matpat.

  11. Queen Bitch KaNoMiko says:

    How can a disease be more common among drug addicts if it’s genetic?

  12. Gustavo Oliveira says:

    Watch out for what you say on the internet, because somebody’s gonna reply and another and another until it becomes a flame war.

  13. Trycer says:

    Matpat! Good job on getting on the top of trending! ?? ow my hand….

  14. Eccentric Rogue says:

    the intro also applies to Harley Quinn

  15. The Echo Knight says:

    Freeze probably changed his last name because all those bullies were making French Fry puns around him.

    Though, let’s be honest, Freeze isn’t that much better either.

  16. FeedArtiFact3 gaming says:

    is it aids or hiv, I’m guessing and I haven’t seen the full video yet

  17. Neira Hernandez says:

    Heh….you like puns MatPat??? Well *Toucan* play that game!!!! 😉

  18. Nicco DoesGames says:

    the butler from Rick and Morty is a parasite matpat don’t fall for it!

  19. JacianPikachu Roblox says:

    had a hot bath after this

  20. Tyrique Smith says:

    I love the googly eyes Mat uses. They add a lot of character.

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