Film Theory: Batman’s Three JOKER Theory pt. 1 (Suicide Squad)

Film Theory: Batman’s Three JOKER Theory pt. 1 (Suicide Squad)

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Recently, DC Comics revealed that the Joker is actually THREE different people. It was a HUGE deal for the comics, but the question I have is whether that can also apply to the movies… And now, with the release of Suicide Squad, how does Jared Leto’s Joker fit in to the mix? As the fourth live action Joker, is Suicide Squad’s Joker a brand new entity or is he simply the continuation of one of the past Jokers we’ve seen before? Today on Film Theory, I’m tackling one of comic’s age old questions ‘who is THE JOKER?

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20 Responses

  1. Dustin Walsh (MrThorsStone) says:

    I thought the Martha scene in Batman V Superman was good. Also I think this
    is a brilliant idea. It makes perfect sense.

  2. Enalys Dicen says:

    Geoff Johns is behind those two shitass movies ?

  3. SushiSiren says:

    Nananannananananannanananananana BATMAT

  4. taysirtm says:

    I love the ending where he agnologes that he never has gotten to part 3 yet
    for dr who

  5. Reality says:

    Dude, 2 parts… awesome! love it. cant wait to see the next episode!! :)

  6. Simone Buonvicino says:

    I honestly never thought less of a video because it was a two-parter. It
    never bothered me in the slightest. Why is people upset about this? I truly
    don’t get it, so if anybody cares enogh to explain me this in a civilized
    manner, I’ll be happy to listen and learn.

  7. Kai Akuma says:

    But seriously…where is Doctor Who part 3?

  8. EliteGaming 139 says:

    DC please after suicide squad go back to the old psychopath or master
    criminal joker please

  9. islimyfellow38 says:

    I love two parter episodes! the intro was great!

  10. mario cruz says:

    Leto Suicide squad joker can be all four jokers in one just little more

  11. Satsuki Large says:

    Finish DR WHO !!!!!!…pls

  12. Rooster Playz says:

    Mat pat should make a YouTube channel called Comic Theorist.

  13. Wilbert Beltman says:

    whats the background music?

  14. Ambition Achiever says:

    Waw, so that is why the comic books became a thing only for children, while
    they still have cartoons and whatnot in Japan that is for 18+ (not just
    porn, but also horror etc.). Fucking censorship.

  15. Ideally Jekyl says:

    Intro music is cancer

  16. Radioactive Racoon says:

    I was gonna say the heath ledger one but he’s kind of a psychopathic
    mobster like the jack Nicholson

  17. the gaming freak says:

    I think the suicide squad joker is Jason Todd because in the batman video
    game the joker burnt a j onto Jason Todds face and hated letters joker has
    a j tattoo on his face in the same spot

  18. Will Ericsson says:


  19. FreviriousQuigby says:

    … so tune in next week, same MatPat time, same MatPat Channel

  20. Travie Trav says:

    MattPatt?… Mathew Patterson?