Film Theory: Black Panther’s Economic CRISIS!

Film Theory: Black Panther’s Economic CRISIS!

2:35 – 2:44: Special shout out to OnlyLeigh ( for the use of her avatar!
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Wakanda’s choke hold on Vibranium will be it’s downfall! The country refuses to communicate and trade with the the rest of the world and history shows that is a BAD IDEA. How can T’Challa save his people from economic destruction? Well, loyal Theorists, that’s what I’m here to solve.

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71 Responses

  1. Vanessa Marcos says:

    Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist.
    2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. 🙁

    Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98… The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet.

    And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas.

    The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued.

    The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.

  2. destive says:

    And all this capitalist propaganda where does it comes

  3. Sir Rivle says:

    Did anyone mention how America is selling weapons to LITERALLY EVERYONE.
    And guess who the biggest buyer is.
    Saudi Arabia.

    • Jan says:

      well the IS needs to gets its weapons from somewhere

    • Ren Amamiya says:

      +Zach Mercer, I think his point is that with all the weapons’ sales in this world, America always wins. Out of all the wars and conflicts, if the United States of America intervenes well, just know that whether the country whom they sold to won or lost, the USA still won in the end.

    • 666Kaca says:

      Zach Mercer dont forget how you armed and trained talibans, al qaeda and isis. But ye you did that to “in an effort to fight against the soviet union and spreading communism” top kek get out of here

    • Nick A says:

      You should say corrupt politicians and companies, like the other guy mentioned, but for fuck sakes, don’t say it like every American is going out of their way in between jobs to fuck over others.
      America’s the most diverse, ‘accepting of all other cultures’ Nation in this world, and that doesn’t extend the other way by any means.

  4. Persian Mapper says:

    2:55 that’s not an accurate Venezuelan map

  5. Shantanu Nair says:

    Matpat is absolutely correct, however he forgets one thing, he himself lives in a country like Wakanda. While drawing parallels to countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia seems nice he forgets that the US too is an oligarchy. Russia’s economy is not doing well due to American sanctions and not corruption and ineptness. Similarly the only reason why a brutal dictatorship like Saudi Arabia survives is because the US funds their very existence.
    He cites the Soviet Union as an example of a country that collapsed due to spending excess money on weapons, the US spends $600 billion on an annual basis on their military. The US has a debt of 18 trillion dollars, an amount that is equal to their entire GDP. It is clear that the US will collapse sooner or later. Why do they spend such money when their public infrastructure is in a derelict state, because the US is an autocracy. The US state policy has been to create insurgencies and cause violence overseas to justify their military intervention so as to serve as an impetus to fund their arms industry ie to line the pockets of the greedy capitalists who run the country while leaving the rest of the country in shambles.

    • P1Tz0N says:

      shut up commie

    • Zandy Zain says:

      Shantanu Nair yup. I agree on that. That is why they looking for alternative right now (which one of factor of Why Saudi reform)

      They looking for other form of tourism (as i stated before), other form of Taxation, other form energy, or other form of income.

    • Shantanu Nair says:

      True Zandy Zain, however the current government is still very authoritarian and the reforms that you mentioned are only a trickle as compared to what reforms are truly required, as long as the US is there the family of Saud will still have a tight grip on the country.

    • Ren Amamiya says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, except “Matpat is absolutely correct”…

    • Shantanu Nair says:

      True Ren Amamiya, I said what I said to commend his analysis of fictional nations however it is clear that his analysis of the real world is not as astute.

  6. Blue Epic Cake says:

    The New Batman!

    • Po-ké Watch says:

      Black Panther being overrated is more tolerable than Batman being overrated, since nobody is going to compare Black Panther to Superman, and argue that Black Panther could defeat Superman in a battle, so I approve! :3

  7. RealWatch1 says:

    Wakanda has vibranium, technology, and overly modern heathcare. I think that is 3

  8. SweetSugar Candi says:

    Ummm… Did you forget all of the technological advancements they have to offer? And I seen a Wakanda that had 5 different tribes, each with their own specialty (agriculture and animal husbandry, textiles and other hand made goods for home and personal comfort, etc.?) so doesent that mean the Wakandan economy has more than 1 resource in its possédions, and a balanced and cyclical (although insular) economy which has sustained them well for millenia? Sorry, but this theory has a lot of holes. I usually don’t find this much fault in one theory in your vids – was this a rush job?

    • Barry Hood says:

      Seems like it was rushed to capitalise on the movie release. Clearly Wakanda has many resources if it does no trade with the outside world and yet it can source all the food, clothes, technology, medicine, etc it requires. It doesn’t even seem like they watched the movie before making this, just made guesses based on what they knew beforehand, because missing the multiple parts where the movie tells us Wakanda does NO trade with the outside world is a pretty huge omission that leaves a massive hole in this theory…

    • France Glorieuse says:

      >each with their own specialty (agriculture and animal husbandry, textiles and other hand made goods for home and personal comfort, etc.?)
      That’s fucking primitive dude, that means they’re still a agrarian society. They don’t even have a industry, how the fuck are they a technologically superior nation?
      > doesent that mean the Wakandan economy has more than 1 resource in its possédions, and a balanced and cyclical
      Yeah; but they’re making manufactured goods that are produced en masse. You’re suggesting a primitive tribal state rather then a industrialized service economy.
      Your contention is shit.

    • Ren Amamiya says:

      +France Glorieuse, pardonne mon impolitesse, but maybe you should’ve taken the whole quote: “Did you forget all of the technological advancements they have to offer? And I seen a Wakanda that had 5 different tribes, each with their own specialty…”.
      I am probably misunderstanding but this person is just stating the basics… They didn’t yet develop on their argument.

    • Kevin D. Najera says:

      Did you forget all of it is vibranium based, once vibranium is depleted they are done, or they would try to get an alternative from the world, but by then the world will probably be too expensive and they won’t much good to offer, perhaps the vibranium they have left? Idk…

  9. Brady W says:

    1 thing that seems wrong, they dont seem to rely on external economy. They farm their own stuff and mine it and have their own science division. They rely on an internal economy not the money of other countries.

  10. gonsoxxiii says:

    Butttttt…. *they’re self-sufficient*

    • tletl a.b. says:

      gonsoxxiii yeah but in a world of where glbalization is happening you run the risk of getting left in the dusk

    • Kevin D. Najera says:

      And besides what gonsox said, you have a limited source from which your whole economy is based, once it’s gone (which could come rapidly if an evil ruler would come into power like in the movie) then Wakanda is doom…

  11. hazza3 says:

    yet again, another ill-informed theory with not enough research, but more like the wrong research. As the film points out, the country is very small and self-sufficient with its own technological and economical achievements. Little to no influence by our own worlds technology and economy.

  12. AshsteadKey says:

    I have a theory concerning the monarchy of Wakanda. During the french revolution, many smaller german countries and, the biggest example, Prussia, an old german state, called themselves ‘enlightened monarchies’, which were built around the monarch having less power than absolute monarchs in other countries, however still being an influential head of state, similar to an american president, just without the vote of the people.
    Of course it was still a system doomed to fail, mostly due to revolutions and democracies, and that whole world war 1 thing, however it worked for quite a while, with prussia and later the german empire becoming a world power, able to rival britain and france in battle and standard of living. Something similar might be true for Wakanda, possibly.

    • Surplush Shopper says:

      Wakanda kings have the spiritual realm (life after death) which give fear to Wakandan citizens if they disrupt the flow of government… Its like having gratitude to the first founder… And being able to communicate with them…

    • 666Kaca says:

      Alexane Rose which “one successful democracy” would that be? I count japan and south korea as successful democracies.

    • Johnny says:

      u got it all wrong…”enlightened monarchs” did not hold less power than absolute ones. They were absolute monarchs too and liked it, the difference is that they calimed to be enlightened, meaning better and thus justified to rule as absolute monarchs in virtue of their cultural, social, religious enlightenment. Basically after the 30s and 40s revolutions they needed to come to a compromise to avoid another 1789, so tehy started doing some reforms thus gaining popular support (not always).

      Still the point is that they did not “have less power” than an absolute monarch. Look at Mary Theresa of Austria. YOu think the Augsburg monarchs had “less power” than Luis the XVI? Or the Kaisers of Prussia? Nah.

      “similar to an american president,” Nope…not at all..where did you read this bullshit? ahahah

      “however it worked for quite a while” Nope it was shit and never worked, it only survived thanks to the continuous censorship, violence, monopoly of strenght trough a police state and the military.

      Where did you learn all this bullcrap dude?

      Prussia didn’t grow economically because it was an absolutist state..thats proposterous…Austria was an “enlightened monarchy” too..still it declined in the second half of the century…the evolution of those countries has NOTHING to do with their political system.

    • 666Kaca says:

      AshteadKey They were called enlightened ABSOLUTISTS not monarchs, because they wielded ABSOLUTE POWER IN THE STATE. “Absolute monarchy, or despotic monarchy, is a form of monarchy in which one ruler has supreme authority and where that authority is not restricted by any written laws, legislature, or customs.” Fucking hell please do 1 minute of research before you pull stuff out of your ass, american presidents are NOWHERE near an absolute fucking monarch.

  13. sergiarts says:

    sounds to me like a capitalist propaganda video more than a film theory but k

    • Ajir Hussain says:

      sergiarts maybe in America that may be the case with its massive corporate control over governments. I’m in UK so we have a more balanced society. But I promise you communism is never the answer. Social institutions are fine, free health care, welfare etc. But not complete control of all private entitys to one government.

    • Nick Guyster says:

      The Astro Gamer But socialism is the main component of communism.

    • Elijahn Sapuay says:

      sergiarts US isn’t a true capitalist nation but rather a capitalist oligarchy…
      Also, socialism cannot happen because it requires every single people to agree. One disagreement and the entire system falls down and turns into authoritarianism.
      Also, seems you have fallen to socialist propaganda. Just look at Venezuela and come back.

    • sergiarts says:

      Maybe what you haven’t thought about is that one of the few reasons why communist countries haven’t completely succeed throughout history is because capitalism has tried to stop it (succesfully). Think about it, why would capitalism let other society systems prevail and succeed? It would end up with capitalism falling apart as many people around the world would see that other systems work better, it just makes sense.

    • Ajir Hussain says:

      sergiarts no they fail because in order to maintain socialism you need constant massive wealth to distribute so if that wealth is affected the system will crash. Look at Europe, they have social institutions but a free capitalist market. Same with us in the UK. Even we understand government control over everything is dangerous.

  14. Ugandan King says:

    Is it just me but do these film theories keep getting worse

    • Oh no there's a Hair on your screen says:

      Ugandan King it does feel like these videos are getting rushed and unpolished. And I’m starting to wonder if matpats research team is the one to blame. This didn’t feel like A theory more then someone comparing countries and some history. There are even some wrong facts here as well. I have heard that he has a research team that he has to pay so I’m guessing these are the one to blame. Either that or matpat needs to seriously slow the fuck down. You’re a youtuber not a business. You don’t need to have researchers if they do sloppy research. If matpat has done the research then matpat should stop focusing on the script and do more research. Your wife Steph could even help you (which I’m pretty sure she does)

    • lloydonix says:

      yeah its getting worse by the upload

    • Anthony Takata says:

      Ugandan King feel free to make your own?

    • Naveil says:

      Anthony Takata The classic “you have to be a movie director to critic a movie” argument.
      Flawed logic

    • jefftheped says:

      Ugandan King yeah they were much better in the past

  15. Zane Truesdale says:

    This was a great film theory.

    • Fanfiction Review says:

      Cyber End Dragon!

    • RightMIND h says:

      lloydonix Nah it is…

    • megatronusorionpax 137 says:

      RightMIND h Not really, his theories involving comics are often times lacking key information and are usually wrong. Wakanda is not a regular country with a regular economy, unlike most countries who use macroeconomics, Wakanda keeps it self sufficient and uses microeconomics while selling considerable amounts to people who will use it for good, something Mattypatty doesn’t cover, there some other comments who address his mistakes so I won’t makenan original comment about it. But this shows that ,lreading the comics is important when making theoris on superheroes

  16. Deoxys _light says:

    At 5:56 that wasn’t even Saudi Arabia XD, that was Qatar. Lol

  17. The Astro Gamer says:

    7:11 Why is Maduro sitting next to the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovinia?

  18. Isagail says:

    (Spoiler alert)
    Nah nah. Killmonger didn’t do it legit as the challenge was not complete. The only 2 ways out was if T’challa died or gave up. He didn’t do either so the challenge was still valid up until Killmonger died in the end. T’challa is still king.

    • Ibrahim Sharrocks says:

      there wasnt even a big civil war though its like 20 vs 20 vs rhinos and black panthers

    • 666Kaca says:

      Ibrahim Sharrocks in africa 20 vs 20 is pretty big, they probably never had armies of 100k+ people facing another 100k+ army.

    • irregulargamer13 says:

      Evil villain list #56: i will make sure my slain enemy is cremated or at least have several rounds of ammunition pumped into them, not left for dead at the bottom of a cliff or cavern. My celebration will also be held once their death is fully confirmed.

    • Shade McPeake says:

      666Kaca the second deadliest war ever fought was fought in Africa. Africa is huge and there are plenty of countries with more than 20 people in their armies.

  19. Bryan Miller says:

    They don’t sell vibranium! Therefore their economy is not dependent on it’s worth to outsiders. You have too little facts about anything for this theory.

  20. Tricky says:

    #1 on trending 👀

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