Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

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In this season of RICK AND MORTY, Rick offered to clone Beth so that she could live her fullest life while having a Beth Clone remain behind for her children. But the episode ended ambiguously, leaving us to ask if she took Rick up on this offer. So did she clone herself and ditch her family to explore the cosmos? Well, Loyal Theorists, there is actually a definitive answer to this question hidden within the episode, and I have found it!

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20 Responses

  1. The Film Theorists says:

    I cut this out of the episode, but I’m seeing this question show up in the comments, so let me clarify:

    – The clock in the garage is ALWAYS stuck at that time in every scene you see it, at least in this episode. So the time it reads can’t be used as a part of putting together an accurate timeline of events. Good job looking out for it, though!

  2. Pika-Win!! says:

    What if the beths a robot like in episode 2 when rick morty and summer were replaced with robots that would explian her weird behavior

  3. Sam Earl says:

    Well done for getting 1# on trending

  4. GMD TheFlyinSheep says:

    wow Rick and Morty is on #1

  5. NoLasTi C says:

    Holy shit enough with the rick and Morty videos

  6. Dadarotas303 says:

    I feel like it’s definitely a clone, I also think that the entire family might be clones at the very end. This is my prediction.

  7. Isaac Dodd says:

    What if rick had created a beth clone before he asked her if she wanted one, meaning that he wouldn’t have to create one so it could still be light out when they have dinner

  8. KaLIGO 12 says:

    Excuse me but did you see the clock behind the cloning chamber at 4:54 IT CLEARLY SAYS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 12:10-12:15 PM. THAT MUST MEAN THAT WHEN THEY SEE AGAIN IN THE NEXT DAY! not the same day.

  9. Terri-Louise Dudey says:

    1 on trending looks like a lot of people want to know if the Beth is actually the clone

  10. Tiln TheModerator says:

    The execution chamber in Salem, Oregon is 200 miles closer than the execution chamber in Walla Walla Washington which is 400 miles from Seattle.

  11. Matthew Riley says:

    What If she drops the L word during the final scene is because there’s a clone currently being grown and this might be the last time she sees her father Rick? Just because there’s not enough time for THAT Beth to be a clone doesn’t mean that there isn’t a clone brewing…

  12. Polygraph says:

    I like how any rick and morty theory gets trending.

  13. Black Jeebus says:

    I thought Beth was real because why would rick make this so called clone more affectionate to me thats why I thought she was the real deal

  14. Andres D. says:

    yes matt 3 are better than 2 XD

  15. Logan and Harlie vlogs says:

    Beth is real not a clone

  16. artificial unintelligents says:

    Hey congratulations on the number one trend

  17. NXTAndrew 316 says:

    I think they are both clones and the real rick and beth are off on adventure and will show up in season 4

  18. Joseph Anvil says:

    what if rick made a clone earlier because he was planning to ask to clone her

  19. SSAW says:

    Do a theory on SML and if junior is adopted

  20. Jared Vanlaethem says:

    What if their is a universe where she did and didn’t.

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