Film Theory: Dolores BROKE The Magic! (Disney Encanto)

Film Theory: Dolores BROKE The Magic! (Disney Encanto)

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Theorists, by now we know who the “secret villain” of Encanto is, right? It’s Abuela. Well, what if we are all WRONG? I think someone else in the Madrigal may have been pulling the strings. Someone who always knew what was going on… whether they liked it or not. Someone whose gift may have felt more like a curse. No, I’m not talking about Bruno….

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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39 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun fact: The name “Dolores” literally translates to “sorrows” or “pain” in Spanish.

  2. Shadow_ Princess158 says:

    “The only one worried about the miracle is you. And the rats talking in the walls”
    I 100% believe she meant she stayed up all night listening to Bruno and his novelas

    • Izzy says:

      @Shadow_ Princess158 Hm yeah mostly people are too addicted to stop and realize that its just a movie

    • Victoria Dos Santos-tans says:


    • Shadow_ Princess158 says:

      @Emberguard there is no set villian in encanto. Even if abuela was bad she did it with a good reason. Mirabel and abuela both sought to do the right thing. They were both in the wrong and in the right. Abuela did love her family and her encanto but she didn’t put everyone in regards due to her blindness to trauma. Mirabel was in the right as well but was blinded by her grudge towards abuelas ways. They were both in the wrong and in the right and both came together and saw each other through. Theres no villian in the story. The plot had its problems with a good climax and resolution without there being a mean person. This movie is about unsettled differences lressured and traumas through miscommunication through family trauma.

    • Shadow_ Princess158 says:

      @Izzy don’t let these ppl get to you. Encanto has no set villian. The creators itself said encanto had no villian. It is just a theory but since it is just a theory you can choose to believe it or not. Your choice. And since you’re new to film theory I hope you enjoy Mats channels! He also has game theory and food theory i suggest watching those too.

  3. Cairo P says:

    Hey mat you missed an important detail: Dolores couldn’t hear the cracks the first night cause the cracks weaken your powers Luisa tells mirabel the next day “last night when you saw the cracks I felt weak” so that would apply to Dolores as well

    • Possum says:

      @patricia faria the cracks only happen during the party and Dolores says she heard it *all* night so it was probably after the party

    • Marrow says:

      But the cracks have been happening since Bruno left and Mirabel failed to receive a gift, Abuela says she knew what Mirabel was talking about after words- so Delores, even if she couldn’t hear those cracks, would hear all of them preceding, and after words.

    • Ray j says:

      @patricia faria the carks happened for like a few minuets

    • patricia faria says:

      Then how would she hear luisa eye twitching?

    • Evelyn Rocks Your Life says:

      also i think Antonio’s party was super loud too

  4. Angel Armand says:

    She’s the one telling the truth. She knows something is wrong in the family and she’s the one who is honest about it. In fact, we all need a Dolores in the family. Hm.. 😂

  5. Cristina Fisher says:

    MatPat: She NEVER reveals this information
    Dolores: ‘I can always here him sort of muttering and mumbling’
    ‘I can hear him now’

    I do love this theory, but I’ve always thought it was funny that everyone says Dolores doesn’t say anything. She does. But no one listens. Quite fittingly, the only one with super human hearing is the only one who knows how to listen.

    • daBrat says:

      In a song… to mirabel… the only one willing to “talk about bruno”….. Seems like he was referring to the adults with that part.

    • Hema N says:

      I know right! And he said he’s watched the movie 37 times… How did he not noticed it

  6. Diamant _2dot0 says:

    I am actually feeling sorry for dolores now. Thats a bittersweet ending of the movie when she unwillingly gets her “powers” back.

    • Kinxeno says:

      Everyone’s gifts arent set in stone after mirabel fixes the magic as in they could receive different gifts.

  7. Gold Enigma says:

    one thing missed though, although many places say Delores is the one saying “I’m Fine”. If you watch very closely during the song, Isabel is the one mouthing “I’m fine”

  8. Katana Tamar says:

    When the cracks happened, Luisa felt weak. Their powers dimmed with the candle. I’m sure Dolores’s hearing suffered at that moment as well, so she wasn’t able to hear it happening.

  9. Miguel Mercado says:

    9:43 Actually, Dolores’s lyrics aren’t the only ones that change. In the reprise of the earlier lyrics, Isabella _ALSO_ repeats a similar mantra: “And I’m fine, and I’m fine, and I’m fine, I’ll be fine.”

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