Film Theory: DON’T Attack The Titans! (Attack on Titan)

Film Theory: DON’T Attack The Titans! (Attack on Titan)

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So you’d have us believe it’s better to stay living in fear behind some stupid wall for your whole pointless life? And to that I say, yes. Yes it is. And today, I’m going to prove it to Eren and all of you theorists as well. Because the biggest threat humanity face in Attack on Titan is not the Titans themselves, rather humanity’s own selfish desire to spread.

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20 Responses

  1. Ethan Miller says:

    10 seconds in and im already thinking “well that could be true if the damn
    colossal would stop fucking up the walls every five years

  2. Sans “81753” says:

    The Thing is, Nördlingen;Germany(The Inspiration of the AOT-Town) is the
    closest town to my place. I feel great

  3. VerifyTheGamer says:


    So the reason titans can’t get through the wall is because it’s made from
    the kind of titan that Annie is, the ones that can protect themselves by
    hardening the steam or skin or whatever, these titans where either trapped
    and put into hibernation by building a wall around them, or they were shape
    shifters who sacrificed themselves to better humanity

  4. DARKSIDE X says:

    So in other words Attack on Titan is being over dramatic for the sake of

  5. Mike Greenberger says:

    Matpat. Gundam film theory. Could mobile suits be practical. Spread the
    idea around, fellow theorists, so Matpat will see it.

  6. TheHummingVixen says:

    Is no one going to mention that the middle wall isn’t called Wall Rosa but
    instead Wall Rose?

  7. Cazi Cazi says:

    Here is an idea…
    They strengthen all the walls and remove the doors then make a tunnel
    system for people to go from 1 area to the other.

  8. William Knight says:

    MatPat please make a theory for Tokyo Ghoul :)

  9. Lt. Furno says:


  10. Nicole Baldwin says:

    you know there is more to north america than the united states right?

    sincerely, a disappointed but understanding canadian

  11. HolyBird007 says:

    You should do something for hellsing ultimate. OH PLEASE MATT there’s nazis
    and zombies and all kinds of wonderful stuff for you to analyze

  12. Kent Casandra says:

    god… dubs are awful

  13. Lane B. says:

    can we get a RWBY theory? huh? can we? please? since season 4 is coming up
    soon? pleeeeease?!?

  14. Burning Emerald says:

    I actually like subtitles

  15. Marquis Forneus says:

    Medieval farming needed far more land the modern farming does.

  16. Shaea M. says:

    And his name is

    WALL SINA!!!1111
    i’ll let myself out

  17. Nicholas Trumbo says:

    WALL CENA!!!

  18. Agent 46.5 says:

    Wonder if Salad Fingers is gonna become the next Watch_Dogs.

  19. Dylan Mondrus says:

    Doesn’t matpat sit behind a wall recording these videos his whole life?

  20. Fatal says:

    lol MatPat advertising Crunchyroll when Kissanime is king.