Film Theory: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared DECODED!

Film Theory: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared DECODED!

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DHMIS is cute, it’s creepy, and the internet has spent the last month pulling apart all its squishy innards. Mmm tasty. In this first episode I’m doing n Film Theory, I wanted to cover the overall meaning of the show, why it’s important, and WHAT THE HECK IT MEANS! Now Let’s all get Creative!

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20 Responses

  1. Dallas Trexler says:

    Do I Hate Mars Bars

  2. Beanie Boy73 says:

    Someone else has already made this theory, Mat Pat is copying other

  3. Muumuu says:

    My favorite character is the red guy

  4. Puppy Bomb says:

    wait matpat, do the videos on DHMIS’s channel titled “help” have any
    correlation to your main point

  5. Flamingice man says:

    My theory as to the what the ending would mean, speaking in terms of what
    has been said here, would be how the warps individual works until they
    become something that is no longer recognizable as what it once was

  6. Ahmed Nagy says:

    the importance of 20 June 1955 was the day a solar eclipse happened and
    that a symbol through out the series they are trying not to face things
    that are hard or make you think too much by songs and refusing the dark
    things in the world by looking away and not thinking about it solar eclipse
    meant in alot of mythology by fear or a demon or a dragon eating the sun
    that was the way they got free accepting the darkness and fear and hatred
    and science you see when red guy got his head exploded he understand what
    was been covered and unseeable by other characters and songs so he got out
    the duck already seems he knows about fear death and all that even in the
    video at 8:06 there was swastika drawn on the chart and when he melted down
    he got sick of every body in this world singing and when the day changes
    from 19 to 20 it is a symbol of them accepting fear and death or growing up
    a lot of times in the shows you saw them getting older as if they are
    children who are refusing to grow up because the world that they expected
    was different from reality the world they expected that was like a children
    show every time you look there is a rainbow that what they expected but
    they found the answer really different and Roy symbolizes grown ups that is
    why on every episode you see he gets closer and closer and even getting out
    of the boundaries of becoming an Easter egg to becoming a real character at
    some point that is my theory

  7. AWSOMNESS Bro says:

    Roy at top right corner at 4:01

  8. Kteldridge says:

    can you make a theory about twd final who did began kill?

  9. Theodore “TedKillYourself” Pellegrin says:

    DHMIS is communist propaganda

  10. goggle_eyes says:

    D.H.M.I.S is a really scary show. how do kids watch that stuff???

  11. huskyz2000 Gaming says:

    That’s scary :-/

  12. Hoiii! Im Temmie!!! says:


  13. Brian Kenney says:

    DHMIS is Matpat’s nrw FNAF

  14. Erick Valentin says:

    hello matpa make a theory about godzilla really how does the atomic breath

  15. Stealth Ninja says:

    Do a Doctor Who theory (Sontaran Stratagem (gas)?)

  16. Chains Chains says:

    Why does roy appear in every episode except the 1st one?

  17. misteria247 says:

    Two of my favorite things are now tog, this is going to be good!

  18. Tigerfire75 says:

    Couldn’t Steve take Blue with him to college?

  19. EpicNinjaPants says:

    Do a gravity falls theory.

  20. Fredrick The Third says:

    I wonder how a child would grow up if this was the only tv show they
    watched for the first 9 years of their life…