Film Theory: Ghostbusters – HOW MANY Calories is Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

Film Theory: Ghostbusters – HOW MANY Calories is Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

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How many bites does it take to get to the center of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? The world may never know – because you would DIE before even getting close! In today’s episode I’m figuring out just how many calories are in Stay Puft and whether or not it is possible to completely devour the tasty yet terrifying morsel of mayhem.

All through July, I’m hosting an awesome series on Go90 where we’re tracking a super soldier trying to sneak across the country! It’s going to be crazy…AND it could make you rich! The show is giving away tons of prizes and CASH for viewers who help in the hunt, so follow these socials for all the details on how to win:


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20 Responses

  1. Joel Hernandez says:

    im a fan of the ghostbusters

  2. JustJO says:

    (the guy who said he has a surprise for us all)

  3. Hunter 21 says:

    you should do a theory in person of interest

  4. abi robertson says:

    please do a theory on Death note?

  5. Jacob Luberto says:

    what about kids

  6. Valentina Kerman says:

    Sugar rushes are nonexistent. Adults merely perceive someone as on a sugar
    rush, but sugar, while a source of energy, cannot cause sugar rushes
    because the brain shuts off your hunger when it’s had enough calories.

  7. A Dinosaur On A Spaceship says:

    God damnit I was unsubbed from here too

  8. William Schechter says:

    That trailer still has less dislikes than infinite warfare

  9. AK40sneddon _ says:

    You can’t watch go 90 in any other country apart from the US so goodbye
    dreams of winning

  10. Cakeman08 says:

    Matpat i just want to say…… you’re uber smart and i love all of your
    videos. I try hard to make my own theories but none of them are as good as
    yours. but I just found a very hidden part in the movie X-men days of
    future past its really cool if you respond to my comment with a yes, ill
    give you all of the details of the theory and you can make a video about
    it. (and if you do respond to this i would love it) my screen name is
    TakeDaCake, respond for more details!

    – TakeDaCake
    ps: Matpat your my youtube hero!

  11. Bill Cipher says:

    FUCK! I LIVE IN THE UK. Report me IDC!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tricia Allen says:

    wait i clicked on candy but math hurts my brain no hate

  13. Demon Emperor Void Swag says:

    Let’s be honest, if a giant marshmallow man attacked New York, he’d never
    make it out of Manhattan, and whoever had the business sense to be selling
    graham crackers and chocolate bars would be filthy rich.

    Also the obesity rate in New York would rise a little. But let’s be real,
    not by all that much. Sure one person eating the staypuff man would be
    daunting, but an entire city of people who, let’s face it, see stuff about
    that weird every day? Please. XD

  14. Desiree Mortenson says:

    OMG This is the best one ever especially since the new movie is coming.

  15. Gametic Letz Playz says:

    The Runner is only available in the U.S
    Like cmon i need some new PC parts (not that mines bad but i want an
    Crap ANNOYING :¬L

  16. Huzaifa Idrees says:

    Do one on Suicide Squad!

  17. Roee Harari says:

    what about cod iw

  18. TMT CRW says:

    Amazing calculations, new mic needed.

  19. Shad Wood says:

    matpat wants two giant mythical black and white ghosts take on two equally
    giant but thinner twins… why cant I help but think I’m missing a joke

  20. Rajvir Singh says:

    I’m a bit sad that MatPat’s new show The Runner is only available in the
    US, speaking as a Canadian Fan that is.