Film Theory: How Batman BEATS Superman! – Batman v Superman

Film Theory: How Batman BEATS Superman! – Batman v Superman

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Batman VERSUS Superman? Sounds like the most one-sided fight in history! How can a normal human overcome a super-powered alien? Well, when you look at the science, the odds may be more in favor of Batman than you might think. Superman better watch out because with our help (and some simple science), Batman is going to have this fight IN THE BAG!

Batman v Superman HYPE!

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20 Responses

  1. Austin Smith (XxAgentevilxX) says:

    Couldnt Kryptonight be just a radioactive materia

  2. Viku-Sama says:

    What about Superman moving at the speed of light?

    Pretty sure if you took that into consideration, one could not easily just
    buy stuff to beat superman. Him simply punching you once would be enough to
    tear your molecules apart and cause a mini nuclear blast.

    And if he can move at the speed of light on Earth, pretty sure that he
    would move much, much slower on Krypton, the force required to beat him
    would be waaaay more than just 406 times whatever.

  3. Alli Song (Gallifrey) says:

    Don’t forget magic. Superman is vulnerable to magic.

  4. mical coulson says:

    nice episode man

  5. Colonel2005 says:

    but then again superman wont die even when doomsday killed him. the
    sunbrought him back

  6. Tadici says:

    You’re getting a little sloppy.

  7. BlueUncia says:

    Nice one, but I have a slight nitpick with your theory. 6:30 You base
    Superman’s maximum strength (406 times that of a human) on the fact that he
    lifted a rocket in the movie. But does that necessarily mean that was his
    *maximum* strength? What if that was just a fraction of his strength? Do
    you have evidence to support that this was him giving 100%?

  8. William John says:

    Do a Pixels Theory

  9. max titan says:

    lets request screwattack to make another deathbattle…..goku will now win
    for sure…thnxs matpat

  10. Grimm chronicler says:

    red solar radiation is also a weakness of superman also is magic it seems
    that superman has many powers and many weakness

  11. PFF Gaming says:

    does that mean that Batman’s suit is made of lead?

  12. the supersaiyan gamer says:

    wait so superman beats goku and batman beats superman that means batman
    beats goku

  13. Luxai says:

    Let’s see.
    Superman have taken down Batman when he’s had kryptonite AND prep time

    Man of Steel ain’t canon.

    You’re seriously comparing an alien to plants? Supermans biology is a
    mystery even in the comic world.

    Your little robot thing assumes Superman will even fight on the ground.
    Forgotten Superman has flight and heat vision?

    And I can hear you go “Batman will build jets on his robotic suit” – uh huh
    – which will run out of fuel WAAAAAY before Supes
    runs out of solar energy. Especially if he fills up first.

    Btw, can’t Superman just exit this radiation thingy and fly to the sun? And
    you assume his biology even works the same as ours does. He’s an ALIEN, you
    have literally NO WAY of knowing that.

    Superman could easily construct a lead suit to negate radiation if he
    wanted to, like he did in the comics.

    Oh, Dark Knight Returns was written by Frank Miller who is infamous for
    being a Batman fanboy. It’s pretty much fan fiction within DC.

    BTW, Batman have demonstrated nowhere NEAR the same intelligence and
    competence in his movies as in the comics.
    Yet, you base your entire argument on feats from the same comics but for
    Superman it’s only the movies? Absurd.

    You’re really a tool sometimes, Mat.

  14. Its Dangerous 2 Game Alone says:

    About the Whole Gravity thing… When Did Superman get the time to get used
    to Krypton’s Gravity? He left it when he was an infant, and spent most of
    his time on Earth any who, so he would have been more Adjusted to Earth’s
    Gravity then Krypton’s right? Also a lot of time was spent in space meaning
    he probably spent more time with very little gravity exerting on him then
    the time he spent on his home planet too right?

  15. John Fleming says:

    I’m pretty sure ERB went over this, with RWJ as Goku giving the line “You
    got your a$$ beat by a bat with no powers.”

    Still super stoked to go see this, though.

  16. slaptas zaidimas says:

    But if supermen whil get that radiation, the and batmen will get that
    radiation then . AND they both die. THE END

  17. MrPizzaCake says:

    Sooooo, all Batman needs is a small loan of a few billion dollars.

  18. outlandishlake5 says:

    spoiler, im calling it XD

  19. Sinex 2002 says:

    I knew body-builders are aliens

  20. GunnarWahl says:

    superman is so inconsistent though, because he happily flouts in space
    absorbing tons and tons for ionizing radiation from the sun and gets even
    stronger and not weaker, and the source of his power, the sun, is FAR
    weaker then superman, since you know, the sun cannot move matter faster
    then that speed of light just to name the first thing that comes to mind.