Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING Streaming

Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING Streaming

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With the addition of Disney+ to the already crowded market of Netflix, Hulu, Apple Tv, and SO MANY other, we’ve come to one big question. Who will WIN the Streaming Wars? You see Theorists, with such a saturated market the bubble is going to burst – and it won’t be that long from now! In the aftermath, who will be crowned the king of streaming? Did one come to mind? WRONG! You see, no one is going to win – not even the viewers. Why? It’s a familiar story…

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Luke Barat
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi,Rachel Lewis, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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63 Responses

  1. Potatoes Can Fly says:

    Matpat:Who will win the steaming wars!?!?
    Me:ooo me me me I will

  2. cereal with bleach says:

    ”Netflix penetration rate”
    Literally everyone: N I C E

  3. kabirthegreat says:

    “who will win?”
    me: *piracy*

  4. Carlos Gutierrez says:

    this all boils down to misuse of intellectual property rights! services having monopolies over certain programs disincentivizes competition while building the walls of TV programming

  5. anqi says:

    Well this highly overlooked at the rest of the world, seeing Disney+ is only available in a few countries**, and that’s true for a large amount of streaming services except for Netflix and maybe Amazon prime.
    We still have all the good stuff on Netflix. In fact the good place was marketed as a Netflix series here, coming out with new episodes every week until the finale only one day later than its tv release (keep in mind they had to sub it for different languages)
    Netflix is just releasing all ghibli movies.
    And while is true I think we can no longer see friends or the office, they still hold a majority of shows from other companies, Disney included.

    • Osione Oseni-Elamah says:

      Netflix has a much larger global outreach. It’s buying rights to a lot of movies and series in Nigeria which is obviously making it a huge contender for people here

    • anqi says:

      I changed it, sorry. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Netflix has a much bigger audience worldwide.

    • anqi says:

      Not to mention this is not only about d+, most countries can count on one hand how many services available there are. I didn’t even know half this stream services in the video existed. Truth be told America just can’t have good things, because once people realize it’s good everyone wants in and that ruins what’s good about it in the first place.

    • marmar 6_6 says:

      Well it is not available here in Egypt tho

    • Spooky Filmz Ent. says:

      Everybody Dislike This Video & Leave A Rude Cobfdbmment 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽–rRfdoWEI

  6. Trainsly777 says:

    Meanwhile Hondo drops in through the back door: HELLO AGAIN MY FRIENDS, I hear that there is profit to be made

  7. Soybean 194 says:

    Console wars: “We’re the biggest technological war”
    Streaming wars: “Hold our beer”

  8. mad titan says:

    Streaming services: we’re gonna make a whole lot of money and win the streaming wars.

    Piracy: I’m about to end these guys whole career.

  9. Gene Svifson says:

    Me: Sees this video
    Also me: Pirating

    (Literally, I don’t pay and have 99% of the shows, all it takes is adblock and a good vpn, sure, I would use netflix but they don’t have half the shows I want to see, I would watch HBO but it’s not available in europe, and Disney + hasn’t been released here until the Mandalorian ended so there was no point in that either since I had already seen it by then.)

  10. SheepBow says:

    So basically
    Netflix: The huge target
    Disney +: The hitman
    Hulu and Apple TV: The broke hitmen
    YouTube TV: The Sniper hitman

  11. Rodney del Rosario says:

    You never mentioned piracy, isn’t it reasonable to think that when everything gets to expensive again the surge in piracy wil come back?

  12. AshnSilvercorp says:

    “Who will win the streaming wars?”
    Uhh, me, because I don’t need to purchase a streaming service all year long in order to watch one series on another service. You rent that service for a month then cancel it.
    What? Did you think they were the phone company and asked for a contract? (Screw you Adobe Creative Cloud…)

  13. Velamuri Sai Sri Ram says:

    Everyone’s a gangsta until torrents arrive.

  14. Andrzej Zochowski says:

    People: Piracy – rise!
    Me: finally my big DVD collection is important again!

    But seriously: why should you pay for all this stations AND internet access if you can just have it all on disc? Call me oldtimer, but this is my style :”)

  15. Juuso Savolainen says:

    When Netflix was the only big streaming service most people thought that pirating movies & tv shows will slowly die. Now I think pirating will be a much bigger thing. There are just way too many streaming services.

    • MakiPcr says:

      Pirating WAS slowing down when Netflix was big, I stopped pirating because most stuff was on Netflix. Now I had to put my captain hat back on because so many shows are exclusive to certain platforms, some platforms that are not even available in my country

    • Loathomar says:

      Probably, but the only thing that is really relevant for media producers is the amount of revenue/profit they get from their content. Ei, Disney takes all it content from Netflix it was reported to lose $150M per year from the deal, but in less then 5 months Disney 28.6 million subscribers paying $7 per month, which is $2.5B per year. So, ya, I am sure The Mandalorian was likely pirated 10 times as much because it was on D+ rather then Netflix, but who cares? Disney is already making a killing and will likely do better and better as subscribers increase over this year.

    • ChiakiNanami is the best says:

      @MakiPcr that has to be the best pirate I’ve ever seem

  16. Nazael Rahl says:

    Companies: *creating streaming service for every other show*
    My external HDD: Yar har fiddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is alright with me!
    Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

  17. Chaos Clareon says:

    Film Theory: *Unintentionally shills nearly every streaming service*

    Everyone in the comments: *Pirates of the Caribbean music intensifies*

  18. haru chan says:

    Hey I’m just gonna share we have heard that “friends” were gonna be out of netflix but it wasn’t i think it is only in america im in the Philippines so i can watch the offic and friends on Netflix

  19. Ducky says:

    “yarr harr fiddle dee dee, being a pirate is alright with me!”

  20. Anthony Fleming says:

    We need one overall service with a single app for mobile and tv’s that everyone has their content on, and depending on what is watched a part of the monthly cost is paid to them.

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