Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

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There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we’ve been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer… except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else – this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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67 Responses

  1. Panda's Void says:

    If there are bets on then Sansa’s friends are gonna be freaking loaded by the end of the season…

  2. Zehra Yassiri says:

    5:30 Lannisters did not poison Jon Arryn , he was poisoned by his own wife with the order of LittleFinger

    • ItsMe _ says:

      And littlefinger did it with order from the lannisters

    • Nibara says:

      +ItsMe _ no he didn’t

    • Jul Pura says:

      +ItsMe _ he actually started the feud between the starks and the lannisters

    • Victor le says:

      Jul Pura and so it begins

    • RPG Is Life says:

      The actual thing behind this is very overcomplicated, but I’ll try to sum it up as best I can:
      Jon Arryn knew about the incest between Cersei and Jaime, this is true, but he was also planning on sending his and Lysa’s son away (I kinda forgot what the reasoning was, sorry) so she had him poisoned, and was instructed by Littlefinger to tell the Starks that it was the Lannisters that did it, yet since he also knew about the incest between Cersei and Jaime, Maester Pycelle let him die, so in a way, his death was both by the Lannisters and by his wife.
      My God, George RR is a genius!

  3. The Film Theorists says:

    A few clarifications and corrections:
    – To clarify, the Lannister’s UNOFFICIAL motto is “A Lannister always pays their debts.” The real one is “Hear me roar”…which is lame. I figured I didn’t need to specify the difference in the script, but some comments felt it was an important distinction.
    – The Lannisters don’t actually kill Jon Arryn; it’s actually his wife Lysa and Littlefinger. I TOTALLY forgot that bit. Let’s face it, though…it’s totally a move they WOULD do 🙂
    – Joffrey’s death is a joint effort by both Littlefinger and Olenna. Olenna gets the awesome reveal monologue in season 7, but Littlefinger helps makes it happen because of Catelyn’s death…and because he’s a manipulative son-of-a-gun.
    – Yes, Arya reclaims her name before leaving the Faceless Men, but there’s a big point in that quest about becoming someone else. The overall point is that ALL the remaining Stark children are no longer acting like Starks…and that’s when they start regaining control over their lives.

    • sam miller says:

      Wow that sure is a lot of corrections for a supposed fan ?

    • Daniel Mitchell says:

      Matpat want to let you know that all of the spin offs are gonna be prequels… soooo

    • Kelix Plays says:

      I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I wanted to mention your audio balancing on this episode is all over the place. There are times where the music is way too loud and I can’t hear what you’re saying.

    • jordan licup says:


    • MrAlman8 says:

      If that theory does come true, then all that can be said is, GAME OVER!

  4. A Commenter says:

    It should end with PewDiePie still being #1 and T Series being deleted…

    Oh wrong video

  5. Bakary Dembélé says:

    The ending of Game of thrones is the end of feudalism.
    One dude ruling an entire continent kinda sucks

    • Schmoorf der Schmied says:

      Are you aware that, historically, absolutism successor?
      The system that had one ruler at the top and all had to obey?
      Just saying: Democracy is an idea that has to be supported and even nowadays it works rather… well its the best we got. Its a process. Look at the Middle East: Didnt work so well bringing democracy.
      Edit: What I meant is: GoT is realistic and so there wouldnt suddenly be this solution “democracy” and a “they lived happy til the end of their days”.

    • Grey The Odd says:

      +Schmoorf der Schmied Well that’s because the USA backed the wrong guys and HEAVILY manipulated their elections. I kind of agree though. Democracy has the problem of demagogues and has much greater potential for the most corrupt and immoral to become leaders since being willing to lie and forsake morality at every turn gives you a such a massive advantage. That’s why most relevant studies conclude that the vast majority of CEO’s are sociopaths or at least display most of the symptoms.

      It’s hard for any truth to get past infinite lies when the bad guys don’t want you paying attention in the first place. Even trickier though is that the more faith you have in people the more you would support democracy, and the more of an immoral a leader you are you’d want a dictatorship to secure your power. The thing is that democracy has a lot more potential if we can learn to treat it right, if everyone participated as much as the zealots and had the patience to actually get informed, listening to everyone objectively and pitting claims against the scientific method of trying to disprove their own beliefs.

      Realistically that’s unlikely to happen but it’s worth dying in the attempt. The alternative may be more sustainable but in a much worse existence, and the worst dictators usually conquer or manipulate the “better” ones. Basically the options are: Have the likelihood of a Hitler eventually coming to power be 100% in exchange for security and powerlessness, or have everyone fight each other to our mutual destruction in hopes we will mature as a species and one day learn to cooperate.

    • Schmoorf der Schmied says:

      +Grey The Odd Exactly what I am thinking. Except for the last part, not sure if I understood that one completely.
      Anyways, what I actually tried to say above: Nowadays there are theories and ideas we can use, different tools known to a lot of society, but back in the day… There was mainly the king.
      It is a bit like the french revolution: The Revolution came, it created more chaos and Napoleon got it back in control. It was bad for the people and did not work out, but in the end it was neccessary for progress.
      Huh. I never thought about it that way. Seems this pattern repeated a few times since then. (Speaking of Hitler.) Thank you!
      Nevertheless I gonna edit my comment above, so it is a bit easier to understand.

  6. FireFoxKing 25 says:

    Who’s looking through the comments because they never watched the show?

    • Dio Brando says:

      Why would you watch a theory on a show you’ve never watched xD

    • Windy says:

      Dio Brando

      Because they don’t feel like watching the show, but love this channel, or they don’t feel like watching the show, but their friends watch the show, and you want to seem like you are cultured.. Yes

    • Dio Brando says:

      Windy I just don’t get it as you’d lack context dus the theory would seem dull and hold no weight

  7. Mlucky yeah says:

    Proverbs 16:18 ”
    Pride precedes destruction; an arrogant spirit appears before a fall.” – Im an atheist, but ive never forgotten those lines

  8. Trap Star says:

    Jokes on you, this all took place in the eye of a blue eye giant ?

  9. Jerek Headrick says:

    “No one’s really for democracy in Westeros.” Except for those Greyjoys you pay no attention to.

  10. WC13 says:

    “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

  11. Paully808 says:

    Here we go guys, season 8. We made it, it was a long wait but we’re about to witness one THE greatest television event of the 21st century.

    • WHU Forever says:

      If you’re expecting no less than a 10/10 then you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment.

  12. Miha Lamot says:

    Westeros: *exists*
    Whitewalkers: Hippity hoppity this is now our property

  13. exoplode car says:

    You should do a episode on the umbrella academy(it pretty goud)

  14. Mr. Joflojo says:

    Mad Pat: Probably won’t end this way
    G.R.R. Martin: hold my beer

    • TP_Gaming says:

      The thing is, the army of the dead is not as powerful as everyone thinks. If Jon snow says it’s 100,000 wights with no horses or siege engines then how powerful can they be?. without undead Viserion they would be stuck behind the wall forever. and they seem so fragile that i’m pretty sure they could be defeated by a much smaller force. if i was daenerys I would have just taken king’s landing ASAP and then defeated the army of the dead fairly easily. it’s not like Cersei’s army is the difference between victory and defeat.

    • BubblyGhost says:

      +TP_Gaming Missing the point, the undead don’t require anything a normal human army does, and there is zero dissension/true management required. Plus the undead army is always expanding with the victims they kill. Along with that, Cersi’s army isn’t required for the routing of the undead, but more of a “don’t fucking try to kill us/sabotage the fighting when we go against this enemy of humanity”. Plus those ice dudes have literal magic.

    • Dio Brando says:

      Bob the lord command asks jon to pour him and himself a horn of ale….

    • BNuts says:

      +TP_Gaming The White Walkers can be defeated… using fire, dragonglass, or Valyrian steel. Fire would be the easiest thing to arm an army with, however a stiff enough wind could blow it out.

    • Anisa Svejon says:

      Game of Thrones SE08 Ep01 Available

  15. Bcikablam says:

    I just got a game of thrones AD while watching this! huh.

  16. Ted Pow says:

    S7 E3 Bran Stark = I must be ready for the LONG NIGHT

  17. Venandi Sicarius says:

    Me, casually watching this as if I know anything of what this show is: Ah… that’s nice. That’s real nice.

  18. Shane says:

    The White Walkers should win because it is the most logical ending.

  19. Hakeemollah Karimi (407hakkari) says:

    Winner: some random guy from Essos with a bajillion dragons invades and makes himself King.

  20. Terminator says:

    The music is way too loud at points, it was kind of distracting.

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