Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I’m out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let’s find out!

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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64 Responses

  1. Zachary Kowalczyk says:

    Uhh…how does Hiccup still have control in Gift of the Night Fury? I think you’re missing the point of that short film. ?

  2. Tom McClatchey says:

    You talked a lot about toothless, but what about everybody else’s dragons! Astrid, Snotlout, Gober their dragons were trained and don’t have anything stopping them from running away.

    • Ryle Renoblas says:

      Emphasis on Snotlout. Everyone knows that it looks like Hookfang is trying to kill Snotlout, but at no point does he permanently abandon him

  3. Alex Holland says:

    Problem: you assume that dragons, which are very clearly emotionally complex, are not emotionally complex, just because they have scales

  4. Maestro 07 says:

    If Smaug and Paarthurnax can talk and toothles can paint and engage in playfull activity, I think the: “dragons are like lizards” theory might be flawed.

    • John Manthorpe says:

      +Lia Jane not necessarily. bewilder beast has an army. smaug has a hulk.

    • John Manthorpe says:

      +Lia Jane anyway you can kill paarthunax with a fork so…

    • That Random Nerd says:

      +Zack Grey You must have copied and pasted this comment. I’ve seen this exact comment by you twice. I am first going to let you know that I have read the entirety of the Inheritance Cycle series and watched most of the HTTYD movies (haven’t gotten a chance to see the third one yet), and I love both series. The Inheritance Cycle has nothing to do with the HTTYD universe. Uh, oops. That came out more mean than I had intended. Just, um… The dragons in HTTYD can not be compared skill or ability wise (having telepathy or being empathic) to the Inheritance Cycle dragons. While yes, it would be fun to see Hiccup and Toothless having ridiculous arguments over silly things akin to siblings, it just isn’t possible with words. However, despite what I am saying, Toothless is extremely intelligent. He and Saphira are both clearly sentient and have intent in what they do.
      Overall your theory is fun to think about, but it just doesn’t work. Also, I apologise for the essay of a comment and possibly offending you.

    • Zack Grey says:

      +That Random Nerd yeah I copy pasted it as I thought it increased the chances of matpat reading it also I just thought that it is possible that maybe a connection exists just a passing thought not like sapphira or thorn but maybe basic empathetic abilities I thought it was the best explanation to counter the theory

    • Zack Grey says:

      +That Random Nerd also I thought that those abilities would not be fully fleshed out they would be just enough for them to bond and communicate like eragon and sapphira when she was young

  5. prost tak says:

    You should have seen this coming. Now the fans are gonna tear ya apart

    • Captain Hwawrang says:

      How to Train your Dragon Fanbase after watching this video in one word…
      **Objection!** (cue Turnabout music from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Soundtrack)

    • That Random Nerd says:

      +Captain Hwawrang *Cornered* starts playing

    • Bilal Bitchik says:

      +Captain Hwawrang,,,,,, & estes d3&ddd,&esse&ddjjjjjjjjjjjj(^_-) n. X de dddde. , stades esses de, r 3e

  6. Brady Parsons says:

    “This wasn’t a vicious beast, but an INTELLIGENT, gentle creature; who’s soul reflected my own” – Valka
    So much for catching up on the franchise

    • Fredrik Opoku says:

      Brady Parsons yep that’s true

    • Baleful Strix says:

      He said, though, that reptiles are smart just not emotionally so. I’m on the fence, but I feel 137 likes is undeserved here

    • lolthe1st says:

      +Baleful Strix It’s pretty clear when you watch the animated series that dragons do have emotional complexity (You might have to go deep into the animated series, but it’s there). Dragons have been shown repeatedly to socialise with each other, live in groups and actively take care of their young (compared to modern reptiles which many generally lead isolated lifestyles and are independant immediately after hatching from the egg).
      This behaviour is more reminiscent of mammals (think elephants for instance).

      You could say that all that is just their instinct, but we’ve seen female dragons (like that typhoomerang) burn down part of a forest in rage after discovering one of her children is missing. That plainly shows emotional attachment between dragons at the very least.

    • Natsu Meishoi says:

      +Baleful Strix The problem is, in most forms of lore on dragons they are highly intelligent creatures, not just how to train your dragon but in most lore of the big scaley lizards. So they would have the extra brain power to be trained.

  7. Aporu Defender of rahi says:

    The thing is, the dragons do have the ability to reconize things and people. Also, they are capable of more emotions than you think.

    • Zack Grey says:

      Have you read eragon? (The inheritance Cycle )
      Perhaps that explains the dragons here they are not just mindless beasts but are able to communicate with their riders via a mental connection maybe not not as smart as the dragons in eragon I mean obviously not like humans but like when sapphira was young the dragons here can just communicate through emotions or simple thoughts

    • Failure Bee says:

      Think of it this way: Different lores = different processes of dragon. Every lore acts differently with them. He’s trying to bring up the most realistic possibility, which he would be mostly correct. To fly they’d need other functions of the brain, but he’s not wrong.

  8. Akeem Forbes says:

    Wait a minute how can you say the dragons are ‘domesticated’ if not even a single generation of intensive selective breeding has been applied to these animals by the end of the first moive, dude you are contradicting your own definition. BTW these dragons appear to be much more intelligent and cooperative than some average reptile probably because they have evolved to live in massive colonies that select for socialization.

    • Chaosdirge says:

      Not only that but he goes into stuff about how crocodiles don’t feel emotions…. and that’s not really true. It gets a bit complicated but to make a long story short… Crocodiles in rare circumstances have shown instances of loyalty to humans. For instance there was this old lady that died of a heart attack, she had been dead for a couple of days. Officers had to tranquilize her pet crocodile who wouldn’t let people into the building. they found her unharmed, like completely the animal hadn’t taken a single nibble off of her not to mention it had been roaming around her apartment freely and it was a large creature. This thing obviously saw her as something in its life. It may not have the complex ability to form a variety of emotions but a lifetime of being raised had taught it that she was something to be protected at the very least.

  9. James Quarterman says:

    Sound logic MattPatt, but a couple of major flaws with this theory:
    1. (As the rest of the comments have mentioned) Based on their interactions with humans, the dragons of HTTYD are clearly more like dogs or cats than lizards, possessing the necessary brain parts to develop emotional responses.
    2. The title ‘How To TRAIN Your Dragon’ comes precisely from the books that these films use as their starting point for worldbuilding. The films don’t adapt the books because in the books the dragons are even more advanced creatures, capable of communication by language with humans who speak Dragonese.
    But hey, it’s all a fiction, so let’s not get too worked up over it!

    • That Random Nerd says:

      There is only one thing I have to say to this comment: Funnel cake

      Please ignore my randomness. Anyway I really do agree. It is fiction and we should not get too worked up about it. Let me just get a gun and some bleach first.
      Seriously though, come on guys. It’s not worth it

    • Laith Ramzi says:

      wow where can I find these books could you give their title please

  10. Welsan 03 says:

    Matt is a member of PETA confirmed

  11. Uriel Garcia says:

    Uhhhh he made a independent wing in the Christmas special BEFORE THE SECOND MOVIE and TOOTHLESS REJECTED IT!!!

    And even though he did have systems to make sure he would be in control HE NEVER USED THEM

    This theory was awful

    This is sorta piggybacking on another comment but dragons in the Httyd universe aren’t just lizards and if you want to get fully up to date you should watch the 2 tv series and all the shorts

    Atleast you acknowledged the gift of the night fury short

  12. Manju s k says:

    Wow the entire comment section is roasting matpat about this theory .?

  13. SofaWolf says:

    Maybe MatPat doesnt have enough time to research enough for theories because his family needs him ?

    but thats just a theory…

  14. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Comment section says it all, that was a pretty mediocre job of a theory.

  15. Zoe Lycan says:

    Amazed there was no references to Jurassic park & trained velociraptors

    • GanonGhidorah says:

      Considering how badly he got THIS movie wrong, the less he touches the Jurassic Park franchise, the better.

  16. Axel Elmfeldt says:

    Dragons behave like cats, dragons can get trained like cats.

  17. ReDleGiThacK says:

    MatPat did an oopsie, he may have pissed off the HTTYD fandom lol

    I just want to have a pet dragon ffs

  18. Mark Santos says:

    Toothless: *Shows jelousy when hiccup introduces him to Astrid*

    Mattpatt: *I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that*

  19. Ram Kitten says:

    That theory falls apart after you consider that dragons don’t have to follow rules of basic reptiles.

  20. DERGedric says:

    “Dragons are really just glorified cats”
    But you still used the reptile standard for training? Come on, this is an obvious flaw Mat

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