Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi quickly became one of the most polarizing movies of 2017. Critics loved it, but audiences HATED it. It’s only natural to ask why this might be – who is to blame for this disparity? Well, Loyal Theorists, The Hollywood Reporter has an answer: They think it’s ALL MY FAULT! And while this does sound ridiculous, it turns out they’re right.


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53 Responses

  1. MisfortunateJustice says:

    Hell. Yes. Matpat.
    Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D

  2. Andrei Garcia says:


  3. Alexandru Goga says:

    Star wars 8 was litirallt trying to show they are feminist

  4. werewolf914 says:

    I didn’t hate Last Jedi I thought it was pretty good 6/10 but I did have a ton of beef with it, like you mentioned there was no pay off at all, I mean Reys parents are just nobodies? (Well Kylo could be lying about that) I mean really? Why keep it a secret in Force Awakens if they don’t matter? Then there’s Snokes death we just got to see how crazy powerful he is and then oh look now he’s cut in half (just like with Maul they introduce a cool character and cut him in half) some say that this makes sense for Kylos story, but to me it doesn’t I mean Snoke himself admits that he manipulated Kylo and after he kills Snoke he decides hey I should still be evil, I mean really? Feel like he secretly has 4th wall breaking powers and knows they still need a villain, and the last of my biggest issues is Lukes death, I mean he basically says fml and rage quits life and disappears,it was such a retarded way to kill off such an awesome character.

    • Marius Dufour says:

      Didn’t Luke die because he used everything he had to project himself on the planet where the rebels were holed up. Then he had no energy left and just went up into the force, sort of like Obi Wan did in the original trilogy. I thought it was a noble gesture, giving his physical life so the resistance could live. Am I the only one who saw it that way?

  5. ImImran says:

    Am I the only one who liked the casino scean.

    • ImImran says:

      Mhd. Yousef Attar I think it’s just that I’m more into the worlds and setting then most people focused on the plot

    • Jasper Gehr-Edwards says:

      ImImran that was good

    • pringelsthegamefreak says:

      ImImran I liked it, it was funny

    • Jack Reynolds says:

      ImImran yes

    • Ian Bailey says:

      There were some things that the casino did well, such as the very creative and unique slot machines and aliens they made, as well as expanding upon why the First Order is so disliked and broadening Finn’s appreciation for things outside of his immmediate friends and giving more of a shit about the galaxy and not just himself. But yeah the social commentary was pointless and it did interrupt way too much.

  6. zombie bunny says:

    I loved the movie I thought it was good

  7. uncle trash says:

    Any movie that pushes progressive social justice degeneracy will recieve high score reviews from the so called experts. ‘They’ control everything

  8. Ender Heroes says:

    There were other reasons the last jedi sucked.
    1. The massive amount of plot holes. A prime example is the MAIN PLOT. Fuel is a concern and they are just going to just drive away until they run out and succumb to death, the problem being there is no friction in space so they wouldn’t need to keep burning fuel once they hit their top speed. Also once the smaller ships run out of fuel, they fall down and slow until they are destroyed. Likewise no friction in space nor anything around to produce a gravitational field strong enough to do this. If you try to explain this away saying there is a gravity well generator on Snoke’s Star Destroyer, it wouldn’t have been able to be strong enough without crushing and killing the crew. The cruiser is also seen to be above the resistance fleet with the given perspective but the small cruisers go downward from that same perspective as opposed to up, where the cruser is.
    2. The sub-plots were all useless and did nothing to advance the plot. The Canto Bight sub-plot was something out of a Disney channel tv show and has no end result of any importance, all the good guys survive, Phasma is wasted again, and the plot returns to the exact way it was. The Luke and Rey sub-plot destroyed all the character development we had for Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi, and Rey does almost no training but then can use the force completely competent.
    3. It was way too “politically correct”. The only white males were the bad guys, Luke who they ruined and killed of in the dumbest way, and extras who would be on screen for a second before being blown up. There’s nothing wrong with female or characters of different races but if it is this intentional and a deliberate attack on white males, then it isn’t ok. The whole Canto Bight “the only way to get rich is to sell weapons of war” is yet again a leftist attack to the 1%. Disney has clearly never heard of Apple Inc. or Coca-Cola, or any other large company. Everytime the fox horses on Canto Bight were on screen, the animal rights activists were writing the scripts and even though animal cruelty is bad and not acceptable, this was just way to forced into the plot.
    4. The Last Jedi took all the questions and story from TFA like who is snoke and who are Rey’s parents and takes care of them in the worst way, by shitting all over it by killing snoke without any backstory for him. There is now nowhere for episode 9 to go and there isn’t much for JJ to build of.

    • IdontHaveAnyGoodNameIdeasButIHaveATaco says:

      Point 1 is kind of wrong. All the ships were accelerating, and when one ran out, it stopped accelerating, while everything else continued accelerating, so from their frame of reference, the fuel-less ship began to decelerate and “fall” backwards.

    • GhostCat says:

      Well I mean, Disney is a big company so that kinda knocks out number 3. And I believe they were trying to essentially create a new Mos Eisley. So making it a literal hive of scum and villainy would make sense. I don’t get why you’re getting so pissy about it.

      Also technically ninety percent of all Star Wars Space battles would be ruined because you wouldn’t be able to see lasers unless it’s really dusty in space, which it’s not.

    • Eric Johnson says:

      It was sloppy writtings. Everything that is taught in writtings classes was ignored.
      Whole Rose and Finn subplot was completely worthless and did nothing for the story. Your college professor would have giving this story a fat F.

    • William Khan says:

      Palpatine was killed off before any backstory before prequal trilogy. Just a friendly reminder

    • captain zero says:

      Ender Heroes so true

  9. Jacob Racette says:


  10. HalfBlood Jr says:

    i haven’t seen it so here are my ways, and sorry i cant watch this theory ??

    i haven’t been on YouTube for a while and also punch people like you do to Yuri on gtlive when they *TRY* (not succeed) to spoil my favorite franchise

  11. Alan idk says:

    Ok you wana know how i did not get spoiler…,..Idk i did nothing and didnt even realize it came out

  12. Rainbowpuppies33 says:

    Hay it’s not all you, it’s also maybe supercarlinbrothers

  13. Aslan Roe says:

    Oh no, get ready for the wrath of Disney

  14. Gracie says:

    Mat congratulations for #1 on trending

  15. BeasterX says:

    #1 on trending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rainbowpuppies33 says:

    When he mentioned theodd1sout I’m like yas my boi also that is a pretty old vid that he showed it was like over a month ago tho just saying

  17. Just Gold Studio says:

    #1 on trending…. WOW :O

  18. The Bacon says:

    It really frustrates how they defend the movie by saying people who don’t like it are alt right or misogynistic etc.
    Don’t get me wrong some people are alt-right and hate the movie but calling the people who say the movie had sjw stuff in it or they didn’t like rose or ray is a mary sue etc. alt-right seems pathick.

  19. Kolton F. says:

    How I avoided spoilers:

    1. *don’t go out side*
    2. *don’t use the internet*
    3. *stay in your bedroom*

  20. Alexander Durocher says:

    Tbh, I love theories and such but I dont feel like they influenced me that much for tLJ. It wasnt that I didnt like certain points in the movie, I just found it boring in general. Its not like I disliked that Reys parents may be nobody, I just dont like how they said it ya know.

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