Film Theory: How to KILL X-Men’s Magneto!

Film Theory: How to KILL X-Men’s Magneto!

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With another mutant war on the horizon in X-Men Apocalypse, I thought it high time to start looking into the powers and weaknesses of these extra-normal humans and prep some strategies on how to handle some of the franchise’s heavy hitters. And who better to begin with than the man himself – Magneto.

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20 Responses

  1. Micheal Cline says:

    i disagree with this theory read the comics it proves this wrong or even
    the old 90s cartoon

  2. Litch3D says:

    Dear Matpat,
    Sorry to be a devil’s advocate, but within the film “Days of future past”,
    I think you will find that the guards and Mystique used the special plastic
    guns that were made up by Marvel so that magneto can’t cheat with his “I
    can stop bullets” trick. Thats why both the guns and bullets look plasticy,
    and why he can’t stop them. And also, according to Marvel lore, most of
    Iron-Man’s current suits are made out of a gold titanum alloy(with carbon
    nanotubes and other junk)(titanium being only weakly magnetic, and (pure)
    gold being non-magnetic), and while Magneto could probably mess around with
    wiring or any nickel inside the suit (as well as the titanium), Tony Stark
    could probably build another suit that doesn’t use magnetic metals for the
    purpose of fighting Magneto, or build some sort of magnetic field
    generators into his suit to stop or at least reduce Magneto’s power over
    his suit. Or better yet, he could use the Meissner effect(which you talked
    about in the Bioshock game theory episode) to expel the magnetic fields
    that Magneto would create (being careful not to get flux pinned in the
    process (by using type 1 superconductors which can’t be penetrated by
    magnetic fields)) So I don’t think it would be that easy for Magneto to
    “have his way” with Iron-Man, and the reason for the X-Men not being in the
    Avengers is mostly due to their movie rights being owned by 20th Century
    Fox, whereas the Avengers were made by Paramount and Disney.

    Still a good episode though, covering lots of interesting topics.

  3. MusicallyLyraciil says:

    Yeah the bullets in days of future past are made of plastic.

  4. John Brennan says:

    10:28 – the nickel plated casings are, just that, the casings. You’re
    confusing the words jacket (which goes on the bullet) and casing (which
    holds the bullet, powder and primer).

  5. Ciroluiro says:

    dude, at 100 million tesla he would be able to control ANYTHING.
    Diamagnetism is a property of all materials. He could just stop a bullet
    like any other thing.

  6. WizardWaffles says:

    Loved the intro cut scene…….

  7. A Brittish Panfish says:

    you could also use a bow with a non-ferrous arrow-head, ALOT simpler

  8. Mikhael Gonato says:

    The Prime Magneto could even control people by thoughts. (Just so you know
    a thought uses electricity and magnetism)

  9. Torbjørn Kolven says:

    The graphics and explenations about “bullets” contain so much wrong…

  10. Jason Van Biezen says:

    See’s intro, immediate thumbs up

  11. Henry X says:

    A one million Tesla magnetic field like neutrons star could control any
    kind of particle even non metal, like in a black hole magnetic and
    gravitational forces could be the same, if a unified theory prove it,
    Magneto could be the most powerful been in the universe, cause he could
    control matter directly, to the extend of repairing his own body and making
    him young forever, he’s powers are underrated in movies

  12. Chien says:

    i literally skipped the first 3 minutes

  13. Jade McLaren says:

    I think you’re reading too far into a not very well thought-out movie. I
    doubt they did any of the bullet stuff on purpose.

  14. Cobra Stroker says:

    This isn’t cannon. Also in the movies he did move a silver coin.

  15. Original Beard says:

    In high school I would always ask the teacher at the beginning, “When will
    we use this in real life?” He would always read the intro explaining how we
    would use it in real life….Still haven’t had to use any of it.

  16. Kevin Miller says:

    the only bullets to harm or be dangerous to magneto in the entire franchise
    were plastic (including the quicksilver scene)

  17. itay wachs says:

    ….AAAATTT??? (oh wait, this isn’t the right comment section….)

  18. huchygr says:

    do aadhis theoryplease

  19. Youa Numbah Oneah Racist says:

    Yeah, that always confused me. Why could he stop bullets in the first X-Men
    movie? How did he bend the bullet that killed Kennedy?

    Movie logic.

  20. carl robin berdan says:

    This is one of those times wherein you lack comic book research. I think.
    Such as “quickest battle ever”, Tony has a lot of suits and laid out plans
    to handle Magneto on his own terms. See Avengers Vs. X-men perhaps. Magneto
    is a master of magnetism not magnetism itself.