Film Theory: How to Make A REAL Sharknado!

Film Theory: How to Make A REAL Sharknado!

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Ok, let’s be honest. When I started this episode, I planned it as an April Fool’s joke for the channel. But after researching it, it turned out that the theory of a sharknado is BIZARRELY plausible. With Sharknado 4 coming out this summer, we should all be prepared in case of a REAL shark storm!

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20 Responses

  1. Zoulirito vs gaming says:

    But wouldnt they be shreded or die when they it the ground?

  2. FarmPro Fan says:

    please do a episode about who negan kills in the walking dead

  3. Alec Vetter says:

    I think we can have sharknadoes. Anything is possible.

  4. Ethan Morgan says:


  5. SirCookieAlots McSirAndAHalf says:

    YAY canada there is no spider or worm rain no tornadoes don’t worry

  6. SomeDude says:

    9:12 I see a couple sevens… Is that for real?

  7. chris melia says:

    I love your intro

  8. CTKacky says:

    I’d like to point out, after this many film theories, there is still no
    Spiderman theory! Fake intro ftw.

  9. Christian Quinonez says:


  10. Alexis Hester says:

    Actually the tornado measurement scale was updated to the enhanced fajita
    scale, so instead of saying an F3 tornado, we say an EF3. It’s more

  11. Alec Perdeau says:

    I pray to God those spiders are all dead in the rain. Live spiders
    descending from the skies on to people? That’s a horror movie on its own.

  12. Sohail Akhbary says:

    Could u do a theory about the walking dead – Who Negan killed

  13. Phil Gebler says:

    452 have no balls

  14. UnIdiot1 says:

    Wouldnt the sharks just be shredded to bits by the tornado ?

  15. Halaros says:

    Mph, lbs? Show some love to the metric system, MatPat!

  16. ptK says:

    I thought that spider rains from brazil had nothing to do with tornados o.O
    anyone from brazil that care to explain?

  17. Ebrafter says:

    Spider rain. Just no.

  18. pelipoika says:

    spider rain in Brazil? thanks for the warning Mathew. Where do you live? I
    need your autograph.

  19. Frooty Loops HD says:

    Atack on titan video (you can do it in game theory aswell because there is
    a videogame now9

  20. Cyranek says:

    This is complete and total clickbait bs. Everyone knows that real
    sharknados happen all the time.