Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That’s right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.

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77 Responses

  1. Owen Hoffman says:

    Why is it #PrattPat? Why not #MatPratt? It seems so much better…

  2. Deadwolf says:

    Thats not a Steven Spielberg problem thats a Michael Creighton problem, he wrote the book.

    • Reika says:

      My science teacher a few years later told me at the time raptors irl hadn’t been discovered yet at the time the book was written and it was an author original that was discovered after it was published. I don’t know how much of that is true, but if it is it’s also a plausible reason for the difference in habitat and would have possibly been a thing to look into if any book research was done.

    • Regina Ashe says:

      SUBSCRIBE TO Supercrusher22gaming!

    • Rachal Hix says:

      Reika that is true. And to add on to that they also didn’t know that most dinosaurs have feather and are more closely related to birds than reptiles, they simi correct it in the film when Dr. Grant talks about Raptors, but not to the full extent of changing the look of he dinosaurs in the movie. Because I mean, who would be scared of a 4ft turnkey looking raptor?

    • Seweryn Filipiec says:


    • Dead Smoking says:

      Reika nah it was 1924 first find, naming and presentation

  3. Hannibal IboneK says:

    The Cretaceous period was 65 Million years ago Mat Pat. 65 Billion years ago the known Universe didn’t even exist yet.

  4. Justafan IV says:

    Two words, concrete moats.

    As mentioned near the end, if done right you can keep predator and prey safely separated almost seamlessly if you know how optical illusions work.

    But then again, this is a movie and uh, plot, uh, finds a way.

  5. Mahchael Thomas says:

    1:07 Matpat! What have you done?!?! I can already sense the fan fiction…. you don’t want this man….

  6. the fedoraman strikes again says:

    cretaceous park? it should be called mesozoic park ya dummy!

  7. Forthwalled says:

    Technically the raptors aren’t Velociraptors. The author of the books thought velociraptor would be a more exciting name but he based all the details of the animal on Deinonychus, which lived in wet swampy forests in Utah.

    • BeakieHelmet says:

      Half true. At the time of JP’s writing, there was a small movement to rename Deinonychus Antirrhopus to Velociraptor Antirrhopus, and Crichton went with that.

      The JP raptors are CLEARLY Deinonychus, who are found in Montana alongside T-Rex, so MattPat’s deal about raptors needing a desert is totally wrong.

      The folks who made the first JP movie have all stated they based their raptors on Deinonychus fossils, as well. The skull shape is all wrong for Velociraptor Mongoliensis anyway.

    • Sean Closson says:

      Also, there is no way in hell that Velociraptor would be confused with Deinonychus by a professional paleontologist. Aside from them being different animals in terms of the places they lived and the environments they were adapted for, they have distinctive differences in their skeletons, not the least of which is size. If the world of the JP/JW franchise has the same history of paleonological research that ours does then Velociraptor was known to science since 1923 and Deinonychus would have had it’s remains first recovered in 1931 and then would have been fully classified in 1969. And given the significance of John Ostrom’s work on Deinonychus, it’s pretty ridiculous to think that a paleontologist in 1993 would mistake one for the other considering the distance and difference in size. Considering that the complete and fully articulated skeleton (which almost never happens) of a much larger animal was found at the beginning of JP it would have been most likely classified as a larger relative to both animals, like the more recently discovered Dakotaraptor, which honestly would have been a much bigger deal in the scientific community, making Grant’s money problems non-existant, because he not only discovered a new species but also had discovered a complete skeleton of it. Just ask Jim Kirkland, who was one of the scientists who classified Utahraptor after JP was in production, he will let you know that it was that work on discovering a new species (without even having a complete specimen) that got him the positions he how holds.

      And the research on Triceratops (ceratopsians is the larger suborder that animals like triceratops and styracosaurus belong to) speciments were actually just younger versions of the larger Torosaurus is still being debated in the scientific community, not to mention that if consensus is found the new classification would keep the Triceratops name because it was discovered first.

    • Sean Closson says:

      Less of a movement and more a tendency to classify later species of Dromaeosaurids as species of Velociraptors because Velociraptor was classified before them. Specific reclassifications were with Deinonycus and Saurornitholestes. That doesn’t appear to have lasted very long though. But yes, JP’s raptors are clearly based on now dated interpretations of Deinonychus that were increased to roughly the size of Dakotaraptor for the movie.

    • PeeP GAMER says:

      Forthwalled, they were created by “Genious Scientist”, Wich ment they weren’t built right.

    • Raptros Pt says:

      Yes, i didn’t mean it as if the conspiracy theories were the “point” of the Jurassic Franchise, the point has always been genetic manipulation and as you stated man vs. nature, but there had to be another driving force behind it to keep Wu at it, crazy ideas do not fund themselves…

      And i have no doubts the traits could’ve been accidents and bi-products of the gene splicing at first even the Spinosaurus could’ve been a freak accident but at the same time, how much did Wu mess with gene splicing during those 2 decades? And we only have the movies to go by since he died in the novels

      To me, as i see it, genetic manipulation could’ve put the whole question about scientific accurate dinos in JP to rest since even if the Jurassic franchise scientists wanted to create 100% pure dinos with a complete genome they probably couldn’t, the DNA in fossils and insects if you can even find it is just too old and too broken to be of any use, so it may have been a clever way to retcon the inaccuracies but, if you look at it from a scientific stand point you probably couldn’t do it in any other way.

  8. Fox Goodman says:

    Every Mat Pat video is a dose of truth!

  9. Kite Man says:

    Internet “shippers” are disgusting, filthy creatures…

    But in this case I do support the #PrattPat movement

  10. Jessi Rayne says:

    Pratt is so pretty.😍

  11. KittenKatja Neko says:

    5:38 People say, it’s anime logic, it’s cartoon logic.

  12. mega sean says:

    One thing I should add is: have Dino research facilities on a different island. The whole Jurassic World plot happened because they mixed research and development with tourist attractions. Isla Nublar is surrounded by four other islands like the panned Isla Sorna. Why couldn’t they use one of those islands to research new species and use the extra space to see if it’ll be a danger. If it responds well and isn’t a threat, they can be tranquillised and sent to the main island, but if it’s violent, then they can exterminate it without it getting in the way of the tourists, breaking out every dinosaur which was previously okay’d but are now just as big a threat as the rampaging dinosaur and create unnecessary lawsuits.

    And if they absolutely can’t get that right, then they gotta know when the right time is to evacuate the island. You don’t sit around and twiddle your thumbs when your house is on fire, do you?

    • Math says:

      mega sean -It’s for plot convenience- I think it would cost more to transfer the I-rex via sea or air if it was located on a different island rather when it was on the same island. I’m not sure, it’s just my guess.

    • Matyas [Matt] Hedgern says:

      It might have some financial disadvantages, but researching the Indominus rex on Las Cinco Muertes instead of Nublar definetly would have saved some lives.

    • Ashton Howard says:

      Have you seen the things that modern day technology can transport? Sure, an Indominous Rex can’t be compared to anything normally transported like tanks, but still, transporting them from a different island would be way more cost effective because there’d be less lawsuits.

    • Tavishburn says:

      they did that before. both the ceratosaurus & spinosaurus were hybridised dinos that were let loose on the island, causing allot of species of dinos to die out due to overhunting as these hybridised creatures were unnaturally agressive, similarly to the indominus.
      explains why the spinosaur was willing to take a giant fence to the head to get to tiny wee people.

    • Eucep says:

      Kind of would fit in with the older theory that the whole Jurassic World was a setup to test out viability of dino’s as weapons.

  13. Lazer Watcher says:

    I’d like to join the Chris Pratt Appreciation Club. 10/10 the best chris

  14. GravitySloth says:

    matpat what are you doing my dude? you’re using square foot measures for the lion and trex when you need to be taking cubic measures to get an accurate comparison

    • E Miner Man says:

      GravitySloth I feel like cubic feet wouldn’t show land area(a “2D”measurement) although I don’t know if the creators hight would affect its roaming area

  15. Matt Spicer says:

    MatPat knows all!!!

  16. OriginalSparkstar says:

    Do a theory on the believably of tremors graboids and their life cycle please

  17. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    12:12 you did not just say crocodile and show me a picture of an alligator….
    Seriously though I liked the real life comparison’s with how they raised the Dino’s in the movies, compared to how nature centers and zoos do it.

  18. H U M A N huntz says:

    2:11 *GoT A pRoBLem wITh jP 3 BrUh?*

  19. Melissa Blake says:

    They protec
    They attac
    They always like a snac

  20. rocketkids4 says:

    at 8:20 you say “But we are talking about billions of years ago:…MatPat you made a mistake. Dinos did not live a billion years ago.

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