Film Theory: How To SURVIVE The Backrooms!

Film Theory: How To SURVIVE The Backrooms!

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Over on GTLive, I’ve been diving into the unique horror experience that is The Backrooms. This found footage horror story is full of secrets. Today I’m piecing together the lore of this creepypasta maze of horrors and figuring out how to survive being trapped in The Backrooms. Can it be done? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Forrest Lee, and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)  
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman  ‘

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44 Responses

  1. Cheng Teoh says:

    Speedrunners are definitely going to find a way to make use of this clipping out of the world glitch.

  2. Jamyang Pelsang says:

    So this version of the back rooms could be an experimental form of “walkable” hyperspace….

  3. Anais❤️wearing your favourite lingerie says:

    The version with a lore is a lot more fun, but the original is a lot scarier in terms of existential dread

  4. Bobbyboi 174 says:

    It’s actually insane how there are literal BILLIONS of backrooms levels all uniquely designed and all uniquely terrifying. As well as tons of terrifying monsters and actually the creatures we se in kane’s backrooms are the dullers, large amalgamations of hardened carpet fluid which is a acidic when in contact with skin but harmless if using gloves or clothes. This is all lore stuff. And for those who say it’s not infinite you are right and wrong because the levels are billions of miles but there are levels that you simply cannot leave.

    • B8tzSized says:

      @MegaHI32 there is actually 3999 known levels
      level 3999 is called glass doors its basically an arcade themed place with a set of rules and task you need to do before escaping the backrooms so yea there is a way to escape

    • ArtistAnthony says:

      There was also the fact that one area the guy was in was an abyss down, up and at the sides then no sign of any door or way outside anywhere, that Portal in the one film wasnt seen until those experiments meaning there is nothing outside, there is not even anything past the walls so how can that not be infinite? There’s no actual exits or windows, just an interior and endless space.

    • SoappyGoodness says:

      i would live 2 years in the hub then ill go and try to reach the arcade level to get out

    • SoappyGoodness says:

      @MegaHI32 dont clip into -1 doe

    • Bobbies1 says:

      @Ablaze Eclipse tbh the MEG lore is basically trying to be the SCP foundation for the backrooms lol

  5. Melissa A says:

    The version with a lore is a lot more fun, but the original is a lot scarier in terms of existential dread

  6. PRIME says:

    Kane out here is getting the recognition he deserves!!👏

  7. Pixelfiend says:

    I have a feeling this series is a marketing strategy for an upcoming game, things like the dumpster and rope are things you can find and take with you as items

  8. Sonia’s Way says:

    Just the feeling of being alone and trying to escape a monster in some kind of an endless maze is absolutely terrifying

  9. A Filthy Casual says:

    The scary thing is, even though the chance of this is so infinitely small that it’s practically impossible–a person could fall through a solid surface like a wall or floor. Essentially, “no-clipping” is theoretically possible through quantum tunneling.

    • Joseph Mellor says:

      @matthhias brown an onion chopping Ninja It could still theoretically happen, it just won’t because the probability is extremely low, like 10^-10000000000000.

      Teleportation is currently believed to be impossible because everything in the universe obeys continuity equations. Teleportation would also allow faster than light travel, which is currently believed to be impossible.

    • matthhias brown an onion chopping Ninja says:

      Not really, that would require a quantum event at a scale and magnitude that would be impossible to happen. For something to be able to quantum tunnel it has to have at least a very small probability of being on the other side.

      The wavelength of probability for large objects and creatures such as ourselves is just far too small for that to even theoretically happen. That’s why teleportation is impossible without machines.

    • Joseph Mellor says:

      It’s also technically possible that all the air flows away from you and you suffocate at any moment (see Statistical Mechanics). Granted, the odds of it happening are so small that you can’t even come up with meaningful comparisons.

  10. BigLegoLegs says:

    Fun fact: the back rooms has levels, and the yellow room in it is level 0 and when he entered the apartment with a big space with grass in the middle, he went to a level that I don’t know about, plus you can go back to levels if you take the wrong turn

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