Film Theory: Is Daenerys Going MAD? – Game of Thrones

Film Theory: Is Daenerys Going MAD? – Game of Thrones

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Just like a Lannister always pays his debts, a MatPat always delivers his theories – and this one is a must see. With the finale of season 6 now behind us, it looks like Daenerys is in prime position to take back the throne. But I ask you loyal theorists, is that really what we want? I mean the apple usually doesn’t fall to far from the try, and we all know what happened to the MAD KING! Is the same fate destined for Daenerys?

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20 Responses

  1. Kaz manne says:

    Not suprised at all by that theory many factors and indications in latest
    episodes and season have shown changes in her but overall scientific
    explaination was intresting.

  2. Banoffeepie piggles says:

    wat bout jon?

  3. Blazacola says:

    8:47 HAHAHA

  4. Emi VG says:

    Ron is voldemort???

  5. Drat Roasts says:

    What about don’t hug me I’m scared

  6. JaycobSings says:

    do a theory on who negan killed in the walking dead season 6 final

  7. adam forte says:

    0:32 noooo not this song. I hear it in every other video

  8. Nicholas Carmona-Morales says:

    nononononononononono, you’re going to finish “don’t hug me i’m scared” as
    soon as possible

  9. Frank the Tank says:

    Daenerys would be a terrible queen. Aegon V tried to be the peasants’
    champion too, and he suffered his entire reign with civil wars and
    disobedient subjects.

  10. maya ØR says:

    I guess Incest isn’t Wincest

  11. Kadoryan says:

    what happened to this week going to be dhmis part 2

  12. Herobrine Gaming says:

    How are you the biggest threat

  13. RagingCookie says:

    i thought that this would be another DHMIS video, WHY IS IT NOT?

  14. Thomas Brogan says:

    Um excuse me John snow is half so he’s reset so he will be King

  15. Pamela Dickens says:

    I’m STILL waiting for Dhmis…..

  16. SirLinkOfKokiri says:

    Considering that she burned down all the Khals, crucified people on the way
    to Mereen, and was thinking of just burning down all the slavers instead of
    getting them to surrender, I’m pretty sure she’s already down the path to
    madness. She also seems mad for power. If this continues, and if she finds
    out that her eldest brother Rhaegar had another heir with Lyanna Stark,
    things aren’t looking good for the King in the North, as he would be a
    threat to her claim on the Iron throne.

    We were all hoping for Cleganebowl, looks like we might get Dragonbowl

  17. Gareth Horvath says:

    if she is infertile why was her brother not who had mr.snow

  18. Volkblin says:

    but it’s not just inbreeding, it’s magical inbreeding. To preserve the
    magical targ blood.

  19. Break Monster says:

    Who knew it all started with charizard and pantene.

  20. Nathan Rowe says:

    “new DHMIS theory NEXT week”?!?!?!?! U SAID THAT LAST WEEK. WTF.