Film Theory: Is Dory a LIAR? (Finding Dory) – pt. 2

Film Theory: Is Dory a LIAR? (Finding Dory) – pt. 2

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Last time we started uncovering the deep secrets of Dory, the lovable Nemo companion who claims she has retrograde amnesia throughout the original Finding Nemo. But is this really the whole story? Does Dory REALLYhave retrograde amnesia or has she been FAKING IT all along? Well, I have some thoughts that might surprise you about Dory’s symptoms an what she’s actually hiding….

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20 Responses

  1. LemonRock says:

    I wanna se ellens reaction :O

  2. GiantBatGaming says:

    Oh my god I remember true facts. If only ZeFrank didn’t switch to buzzfeed.

  3. awkward sock says:

    Please do a film theory on Coraline!

  4. oliver defusco says:

    when you put it like that it really dark

  5. Jaguar says:

    *watches until **3:59*…. *unsubscribes*

  6. joel nilsson says:

    why ze frank why… please come back

  7. Hugo Walker says:

    ringo has an o at the end

  8. TrueVenturianGirl says:

    Well, you’ve taught me how to fake being an Amnesiac.
    Thanks, Matt!

  9. Execration says:

    That’s how I feed my eel

  10. Madeleine Young says:

    *applauds MatPat* PLEASE ZEFRANK!!!! Your True Facts series was hilarious,
    and it taught people at the same time, like MatPat!

  11. Stellastar Wolf says:

    I loved the first one. U argued with ur self a lot but it was all okay at
    the end

  12. joseph lunetta says:

    thank you st jude

  13. Shubham Machhi says:

    This video ruined my childhood

  14. Ray ツ says:

    My childhood is ruined ;-;

  15. Devin Nekram says:

    Matthew, give us that darn SAO-Theory already or I’ll feel forced to have
    to research everything myself!

  16. Random Entertainment says:

    wow on the trending page

  17. X-death says:

    u didnt do zefrank properly since u didnt talk about the genitals

  18. Prince Vegeta says:

    1 more proof in the commercial trailing thing for finding dory she
    forgets her name but this is an old memory so she should remember it

  19. Jeetman63 says:

    Are you gonna do anymore game theory or just game lab?

  20. Luna Crabb says:

    i thought this video said “(finding dory)” :I o well