Film Theory: Is Miss Peregrine’s BETTER than Hogwarts?

Film Theory: Is Miss Peregrine’s BETTER than Hogwarts?

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With Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children coming out, and being in the start of a new school year, it got me thinking about these private schools for our gifted youngsters. Are they as great as they seem? Or, are you doing a disservice to yourself by forgoing a proper education? And if you had the choice, which one should you choose?

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20 Responses

  1. Excited Cat says:

    Why was Harry Potter sent to the office?

    Because he was cursing in class!


    You don’t get my Harry Potter jokes do you?

    There must be something
    RON with you!

  2. Vjorp says:

    Well it’s better that he ignores all the anime ones… or we’d have another
    100 on this list.

  3. Yan Alkovic says:

    Also, MatPat, there’s a slight hole in your argument against Hogwarts’
    illegality of squib discrimination. Hogwarts is a school for magicians, and
    it teaches Magical subjects, as you yourself stated. It would make
    absolutely *zero* sense for non-magicians of any kind to attend the school,
    since they wouldn’t be able to make use of most of the knowledge they’d

  4. Addy 0302 says:

    your argument about discrimination was based on muggle law

  5. darkservantofheaven says:

    and this is why I want to see a series about a school for ninjas….and
    dont fucking Say Naruto. Those are not real ninjas…..they are more like
    battle sages

  6. Uzumakis says:

    Why would they need to calculate a tip. They live in a civilised country
    that pays their waiters and where people tip what they feel is appropriate.

  7. Isagail Carshuen says:

    But the final score was
    Hogwarts: 3
    So it’s basically a tie…

  8. Austin Beale says:

    But wait, didn’t Hogwarts and Xavier’s school tie?

  9. EpicPinkCreeper says:

    but wizards have different laws so….

  10. Emery Milazzo says:

    Miss Peregrine’s is not a school it is a shelter, if the “children” were to
    leave they would die in about 3 days.

  11. OMAZING GRACE says:

    Camp Jupiter anyone? no? mmmkay;-;

  12. Randumbness TV says:

    Well Squibs don’t really NEED to learn magic

  13. ThatDudeWithBoobs says:

    Xavier’s school is better than Hogwarts because they both scored a 3!…WAT

  14. Couws Moo says:

    The anti discrimination issue, while important, is not illegal. The
    wizarding world is not subject to the rules of the human governments,
    solely the wizarding governments.

  15. DragonWolf says:

    Do you understand that American muggle laws do not apply to British wizard

  16. Madison TB says:

    Hey Matt. Your Tumblr is leaking.

  17. Ernest Izdebski says:

    No math? I’m sorry, in Hogwarts, you keep going to school until 5th grade.
    That’s about as much as you need in the wizarding world

  18. Carter Pike says:

    But why would someone with out magic abilities go to a school. That’s like
    a person in a wheelchair going to a school that teaches ONLY running.

  19. Plebeian+ says:

    What the fuck does British laws have to do with the wizarding world?

    Is this just another thing you just “happened” to overlook?

  20. Restryouis says:

    Hogwarts has an account for students that can’t buy stuff, it is mentioned
    in the 6th book, when Dumbledore is talking to kid Voldemort, because Voldy
    was an orphan without money.