Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

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SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO—so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!

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86 Responses

  1. fastarrowfin YT says:

    Asuna loli?

  2. Tutoi 3 says:

    First part the best!
    Then the second is ok but don’t stop cause the third is…
    The third is the second best!
    And f**k the fourth tho

  3. Ettoyea z says:

    13:13 you wrote 1,7 million instead of billion

  4. jbomb1234 says:

    Good video but it makes one huge mistake. It assumes game sales will pay for the game and the system. Nerve Gear would be sold separately and coat a lot of money on its own. I would guess at least 2k since it would be ground breaking tech.

    • Leo Teillol says:

      jbomb1234 yeah, considering how currently, vr tech costs hundreds, I wouldn’t be surprised that the nerve gear costs a lot more. Although, I’m a sense, that actually *REDUCES* the games sale, as only those rich enough to pay 3k for ONE game (at the time of release) would purchase the game.

  5. Arti the Doge says:

    Math is sexy.
    – MatPat, 2018

  6. the cookie master says:

    We don’t need the nervegear or sao *because we have VR CHAT!!!!!!*

  7. Fujin-Raijin says:

    I really dislike SAO as a show, but I can’t hate it for the simple reason that the abridged version is so fucking good

  8. Philip Woodward says:

    Tentacles and incest hmmmm? Sounds like my kind of anime….?

  9. Mateusz Tomczak says:

    Sadly SAO still sucks

  10. Thexevilxwulfy says:

    There’s only one thing you overlooked MatPat, as you find out in the light novels Kayaba got funding from both medical and military facilities and the possible profits gained from the software he created be it for military training, revolutionising work enviroments, the ability to give coma patients an enviroment to walk around and talk in or so much more would’ve easily accounted for these costs and much, much, more

    • Bokto1 says:

      So, what do we have here? SAO turned a profit even before launch, and we still got preorders, server problems, and devs hit the road instead of providing patches. Way to go, EA.

    • Lorkanthal says:

      that would’ve been funding for the nervegear though not the game itself. i don’t see any government branch providing funds for the development of an MMO

    • demonface96 says:

      the nerve gear is part of the same company so basically hes saying that this is where they got their funding from to begin with the game was a side effect of the nerve gear being developed

    • Not a thief says:

      Thexevilxwulfy so it was planned to be used for the military, medical field, tourism, and general work fields and NO-ONE tested it and “hey, can’t this thing fry our brains?” There would be a lot of engineers analyzing the crap out of it.

      Or in other words SAO has terrible writing argument v:87.3

    • Bogoslav Kadiev says:

      Hey loser where are you here

  11. Gaming Dreamer says:

    SWORD ART ONLINE is the anime all anime fans LOVE and all anime reviewers hate

    • GusTheGamer 123 says:

      I loved it, but I can totally see why people hate it. It completely changed during the, ugh, alfheim arc. It also didn’t spend nearly enough time in the game sao. Plus it turned into a bit of a romance, but I still liked it.

    • saintsbro yo says:

      To be honest, I love anime, but SAO is one of the worst I have ever seen. I don’t see why you speak for me, as a person, I don’t have the same opinions as you and that doesn’t make me any less of somebody who enjoys anime/manga, SAO is not the best anime, just shut up.

    • Bogoslav Kadiev says:

      How did you even get here how did your brand Olivia no internet did she say

    • OverClocked says:

      Gaming Dreamer but i love anime and SAO is shit so
      Maybe its just a bad anime in general

    • The one who speaks for the darkness says:

      all anime fans? i’d love to know how you learned that

  12. Puffin Sin of ploff says:

    Gotta love all the salty people commenting *”AsUnA isN’t a LoLI!!!”*

    • Natos says:

      uhh no. a loli is someone who LOOKS young. a 20 year old could be a loli. look up May from guilty gear. she’s 24 but is a loli.

    • assia assia says:

      Puffin Sin of ploff didididifoeiskd en w

    • Emmie Carr says:

      I love microwaves

    • The Ancient Mariner says:

      Yes. Excuse us for not liking the thought of sticking our dicks into children.

      Also age of consent laws exist in the context of each case. No one would blink with 2 13-year-olds boinking.

    • MarioLuigi0404 says:

      Loli is a character designed to look like a child, usually elementary school aged. Asuna is designed with the anime design of a young adult. She is not a loli by definition. I won’t argue about weather she is a good character or not (even though I like her) but she is not a loli by definition. Also, she isn’t in any official hentai.

  13. ihavenoideawhatsoever says:

    Who made those tracks….. I really want ot hear them on their own. Not that your voice is annoying, i just love those tracks.

  14. Natalia’s Side says:


  15. GO gamer160 says:

    YAAAAAY SAO EPISOOOODE !!! MY FAVORITE ANIMEEEE!!!!! HELLO? hello? no? nobody? ok im gonna shut up…

    • Steven Couch says:

      Its my Favorite Anime to. Some people just getting upset because its not following the “Guide lines” that make a good Anime.

      The author knew what he was doing. He was trying to do something different. Obviously people like it because another Season is on its way. Doing a hell alot better than most Anime. Still wont be on par with the big 3 Anime Series.

      Which is the Dragon Ball Series, One Piece Series, and Naruto Series. Would have included Fairy Tail but… An end is coming for that just like a end came for Bleach.

    • Kohei-Senpai Chan says:

      The first arc and second alright, but the other two were absolute shit.

    • Bogoslav Kadiev says:

      So you like jacksepticeye see what I did text you jacksepticeye I see

    • Multi Gaming says:

      I ship Kirito and Sinon

  16. I Love Glasses says:

    Asuna is technically a loli in the first arc considering she was 14 that time.

    2nd Arc Best Arc

    • Virtual Fresh says:

      Look mom the normies came out… shut the fuck up this anime sucks dick ok just admit it go watch fma or some shit

    • Rune Rocker says:

      Virtual Fresh you gotta be at least 12 years old to own a youtube channel. Sorry kid but I’m gonna have to call your parents and inform them about this.

    • Memerald 『メメラル』 says:

      Virtual Fresh How does the anime suck in your opinion, you cant just swear up a storm, say it sucks and not give any rhyme or reason behind it. Also, your name is very ironic 🙂

    • The one who speaks for the darkness says:

      Steven Couch it’s still kinda bad though

    • Hungry Saiyan574 says:

      Sao sucks because Kirito’s a gary stu, theres useless side characters, terrible villains (2 rape villains and 1 who forgets why he did what he did), and because the story introduces unnecessary drama. Before anyone calls me a mindless hater, I actually used to like sao.

  17. It's Bk says:

    13:11 I’m sorry if I need to be educated more but that looks like 1 million instead of 1 billion
    I see 6 zeroes
    Am I mentally disabled?

  18. Jeffrey Louissaint says:

    How to survive in SAO

    • Wiebel’s Personal Channel says:

      Jeffrey Louissaint By surviving..

    • Lancer of Blue says:

      Jeffrey Louissaint Stay on floor 1…

    • Jack Ferring says:

      a+Lancer of Blue And hope someone else clears the game before your body dies IRL

    • Some Sarcastic Mage says:

      Grind, you become god….. Oh wait no, the writer just made a garbage, overpowered main character….

    • Kyle Kern says:

      I don’t know if these would work, but…
      1. Check the Wiki.
      2. Hack (Hey, you could die, hacking is saving you, that makes it okay, right?
      3. Kill everyone who threatens to report you.
      4. (Idk if SAO involves leveling like WoW) Grind lower level enemies.
      5. Get laid. (Come on, they spent good money on that feature, might as well use it)
      6. Once you escape, sue Kayaba!
      7. Hack to the point that it just becomes The Matrix!
      8. Get cool shades.
      9. Say some cool lines every time you kill something. (I came here to watch anime and kick butt, and I have just finished all my anime!!!)
      10. Get a friend to start a whole controversy that will lead to the developers being forced to release everyone.
      11. DON’T BUY THE GAME!!!!!

  19. Memerald 『メメラル』 says:

    Matt pat, please don’t go spreading the false rumours of incest in SAO, kazuto and suguha never ” got it on ” in the book or anime. Other than that, fantastic video.

  20. Cherry Eclipse says:

    OMGGG ANOTHER ANIME THEORY WHATTTTTT?!!! Next you should do a theory on your lie in april. I think that would be an interesting theory :3

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