Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad’s Joker ACTUALLY Batman’s Boy Wonder?

Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad’s Joker ACTUALLY Batman’s Boy Wonder?

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With Wonder Woman coming out in theaters this week, I felt it was time to take a look back at some of DC’s other movies from the past few years. Specifically, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Back before Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman hit theaters, there was a theory kicking around that Jared Leto’s Joker was secretly Batman’s sidekick, Robin. But the Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, seemed to dismiss this saying that Jason Todd, former Robin #2 was NOT the Joker. However, the proof we cover today shows that Suicide Squad’s Joker can still be Robin…just not the Robin that everyone thought.

If you think you’ve heard this Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad theory before, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

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20 Responses

  1. Shrek says:

    This is so FAKE!! Jared Leto Joker is NOT Robin!!

  2. Gregory Cato says:

    Jared Leto Joker is NOT Robin!!! This video is a LIE!!

  3. Usa -Chan says:

    if a white van pulls up with theorist mobile written on it y’all know imma get in

  4. TechNomad says:

    Why does MatPat keep referring to Batman Beyond as Tim Drake? It’s Terry McGinnis (Batman’s clone son).

  5. Sm0lbean says:

    The title made me think that you were saying the Joker was gay.

  6. WESTSIDEHOMES13 says:

    The writers at DC have no clue what they’re doing, how do they have a nightwing movie lined up if he’s dead??

  7. Marvstin says:

    Woho Free tv!! oh no wait, not available outside murica


    the intro music sounded somewhat like “It’s raining tacos”

  9. Delta Senpai says:

    This theory makes me wanna blow up a hospital

  10. Heidi Griffin says:

    DUDE! This video is currently #1 on Trending! Congrats, MatPat! 😀

  11. AlphabetBoyAnthony says:

    the way MatPat said Naruto and Boruto killed me

  12. Danny Wilson says:

    ye it can’t be robbin because hes nightwing

  13. Cody Swingle says:

    Yo Film Theory great video and wonderful theory

  14. NuclearPilot101 says:

    So the question remains, what happened to Jason Todd?

  15. квадрат семенюга says:

    Don’t know about the theory, but the music is dope

  16. FunnyRie24 says:

    good job on the 1st trending video. congrats!!!

  17. Christie Rachel says:

    Yay! #1 on trending 👍🏼 Well done Matpat 🙌🏼

  18. Jacob Racette says:

    #1 on trending! Congratulations Matpat!

  19. NJRX XCR7 says:


  20. Salvador Ibáñez says:

    VRV is not available in my country 😭 I love the theory by the way.

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