Film Theory: LEGO Batman vs DC Batman – Who’s The Strongest Batman?

Film Theory: LEGO Batman vs DC Batman – Who’s The Strongest Batman?

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The have been a LOT of Batman movies and with those come many different versions of the character. From Tim Burton’s cringy armor to the Justice League’s Batfleck, we’ve run the gamut on the caped crusader. Today though, we are going to find out which of these “Batmen” are the strongest Batman of all. To do that we are going to need to compare our top contenders – Lego Batman and the good old Dark Knight himself, Batman from the Christopher Nolan movies. Why these two? Who will be crowned the best Batman in town? Let’s find out!

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Twitter: @MatPatGT

Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen, BanditRants, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

The Dark Knight Trilogy
Lego Batman
The Lego Movie

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63 Responses

  1. marshal greymane says:

    He didn’t say HEY THAT’s just a theory a Film theory in the end
    Who are you your not matpat where is he im calling the cops ?

  2. Romner_set says:

    Of course Batman can beat Batman. *_He’s Batman._*

  3. Tali R says:

    Can you do a theory on how many balloons would be needed for the house from Up to fly, and if, by the end of the movie, when most of the balloons have popped, the house would still be able to float at the height it is?

    I love your theories. Been watching since the sonic is slow episode back on game theory

  4. Anthony Herranenn says:

    So am I the only one to notice that he forgot the time lego batman pulled together 2 tectonic plates with just an ab crunch? I mean he did it with the help of the joker but still.

  5. Llora DeHart says:

    “The brick separation on two 2×2 bricks measures out to 5.2 lbs”

    Me, glaring at two 2×2 bricks: you’ve been stuck together for years, WHY CANT I GET YOU APART?!

  6. coolx300 says:

    I feel like these editors don’t get enough credit

  7. Tuisku Roininen says:

    The Christian Bale Batman is definately the best movie Batman(with Michael Keaton as a close second), but he isn’t the strongest one. That spot unfortunately belongs to the Ben Affleck Batman, no matter how bad his movies were. (I haven’t seen Justice League though so I’m just going off on my opinion about Batman V Superman)

  8. Galaxius Gamer says:

    Batman vs batman who’s gonna win? Batman will

  9. SS Ryder says:

    Isn’t LEGO Alfred the strongest, cause he took that kick like it was nothing

  10. HORRIOR says:

    A thing to note is that that brick separation feat, ONLY goes for 2 2×2 bricks being separated. As a master builder, I am pretty certain he should be able to separate 2 8×8 1/3 lego plates. Anyone who has tried to do that in real life, can testify that it is MUCH more difficult.

  11. Bryce Commins says:

    I think Goose Man (from DR Phil) is the most powerful.

  12. HUMAN s says:

    Why would lego batman win.

    Batman is a master builder. So he can lay legos around batman

  13. Deadpool Rocks says:

    Lego Batman because when you step on Lego Batman you know the Lego challenge

  14. Ollygwm says:

    Spoiler Alert:

    It’s batman.

  15. Alexi Xeno says:

    So… anyone going to comment on how long lego batman’s leg gets when he kicks Alfred?

  16. Serious Table says:

    I’ve never stepped on a lego because I’m a ninja

    Or I’m a ninja because I’ve never stepped on a lego. It’s up to you

  17. Kadz says:

    Goose Wayne Batman

  18. Arttu Kettunen says:

    But, like, stepping on legos doesn’t even hurt, scoobs.

  19. Madwizard145 says:

    Batman was using a bionic leg when he broke the bricks. His body had become too damaged over the years, and to be able to get back out there after years of seclusion he needed an edge. Its how they explained a 50 year old being able to do all this shit

  20. Chuck Freaking Norris says:

    *Batman is just my shadow which came to life*

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