Film Theory: Mario is IMMORTAL! (Super Mario Movie)

Film Theory: Mario is IMMORTAL! (Super Mario Movie)

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The Super Mario Movie was a fun escape to the land of Nintendo with TONS of easter eggs! But what interested us were the THEORIES in the lore. Can Mario Die? Is Peach actually human? And could we see MORE of these characters like Link, Zelda, and Fox in the future. Let’s discuss…
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33 Responses

  1. ImDatRobloxBoi says:

    The fact “Peaches” might actually be able to get an OSCAR is absolutely lengendary.

  2. Shaked mar9 says:

    When only yesterday you decided to rewatch the Rosalina theories, and a day after, you are blessed by Matpat covering them once again.

  3. Super Animation says:

    We all just gonna ignore that Luigi single-handedly held off a Dry Bones army with a door, and blocked Bowser’s fire breath with a manhole cover? He might be a timid green guy, but he’s definitely not weak.

  4. The Legendary Bill Cipher says:

    I think it’s weird that King Boo appears during the wedding, but we never see another Boo in the entire movie. I think that’s to hint at Luigi’s Mansion in the future, and it would certainly balance out the brothers’ screentimes.

    • scargamer002 says:

      @bananaboi2005  I always thought the second game was good, too, but it had so much hate on the game, which was dumb

    • Izzy Smith says:

      Yes! Luigi spinoff movie!

    • Mr. Bot says:

      ​@Yoshifan4456 it is the correct king boo its merely the early iterations as in the King Boo in Mario 64. Which matches k8ng bobomb another Mario 64 character.

    • The Game Master says:

      @scargamer002 i loved dark moon, yk here’s a killer concept just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it bad

    • bananaboi2005 says:

      @scargamer002 Huh i’ve never heard that before. I remember the release date hype that I had. me and like 3 friends got it day 1 but maybe that was just us idk. also I think that dark moon is better then 3 imho.

  5. BrandonSpeed says:

    I hope to God they make more movies like this
    I thought it was gonna be bad but ended up loving all of it

  6. Jessy-Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I love how this theory discusses Mario’s immortality for like 3 minutes then the rest is other things

  7. Odd TheK1d says:

    I like how this video really makes you realize how much mario/nintendo really helped out the video game industry. Wow.

  8. Cartoon Box says:

    Luigi just held off an entire horde of dry bones at the end with just his back against a door. That just shows how powerful he really is.

  9. Dr. Metroid says:

    I think it’s safe to say that all of the star children are immortal. Look at wario and bowser for example.

  10. Anthony Guidas says:

    That Mario movie was excellent, it deserves all the success it gets

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