Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb’s SECRET Hero!

Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb’s SECRET Hero!

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I recently checked out PHINEAS AND FERB, and it’s actually way better than I expected. But one thing stuck out to me above all the show’s idiosyncrasies: Why hasn’t Dr. Doofenshmirtz been arrested? He’s obviously a villain, and his plans are so easy to thwart. Well, Loyal Theorists, I’ve uncovered the answer: Doofenshmirtz is unwittingly helping the OWCA the whole time!

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Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF!

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75 Responses

  1. Jalal Yahaya says:

    1:35 You should’ve said “Yes, Yes I am” like Phineas 😂

  2. Littlecat 5 says:

    In only get 6 weeks of summer vacation 😢

    😭 why can’t I have 12 weeks summer vacation 😭😭😭

  3. Trynda4ever says:

    Fun fact, “owca” means sheep in polish.

  4. Lynn Selter says:

    Just a theory? Dude that is canon. I enjoy watching your videos but seriously, a bit more research would not harm you. The O.W.C.A files are set AFTER Doofenshmirtz’s retirement from evil okay. Nobody who has actually seen the show still thinks he is a villain.

  5. The Brono Man says:

    In Saudi Arabia we get 90 – 120 days of vacation.

  6. irish red says:

    So basically they keep doof free so that they can copy his inventions? That actually is very likely.

  7. Rawr says:

    Can you please do a theory about the jaw strength of titans jaw from Attack on Titan. You can do the jaws Titan if you want, up to you

  8. Anonymu_s NetworkOfficial says:

    I know what I’m gonna *watch* today

  9. Gerald Cetrulo says:

    The OWCA files takes place after the series. Watch the series finale MatPat. It shows the origin of his hiring.

  10. Maria TheChosen1 says:

    Before watching the video let me guess the bad guy is actually the hero

  11. Jonathan David says:

    you should make a theory about… Herbie…
    that would be intresting…

  12. Dragon Ball Black says:

    I was 17 when this show first aired so it sorta missed my generation. I think the only cartoon that I would glance at around this time after all the partying and girls was Ben 10 and Chowder

    • Blaque Link says:

      And Flapjack.

    • Blaque Link says:


    • MasterDJV says:

      You gotta give Avatar: The Last Airbender a chance. The first half of season 1 is a tad slow, but once you get past that there is so much character development and depth throughout the series. There are real consequences and while it was a “child’s show,” the humor is never over exaggerated and cringy. I’d honestly say its the best cartoon of that generation (it treats itself almost as if it were an “adult” cartoon/show).

    • Dragon Ball Black says:

      MasterDJV I watched that too I was kinda just mentioning the cartoons that first came to my mind and were newer to me at the time

  13. Derpi says:

    3:48 The most funny thing for me about name of the organisation is that in polish (my country) it means “sheep” 😂

  14. Midnight says:

    When he started about the opening scene I literally screamed at my phone, since I was watching on mobile: “ WHAT ABOUT HOW TRIANGLE HEAD IS ABLE TO PUT ON THAT T-SHIRT!?!?!?!? “
    But SERIOUSLY how does that kid put on a T-shirt?

  15. Sankalp Deshkar says:

    Phineas: Oh there you are perry
    Perry: Grrrrrrrr

  16. Margrethe Kruse Ellegaard says:

    can you make a theory on what Garfield weighs

  17. KABLAMA says:

    pls do more gravity falls

  18. A S says:

    I’m still wondering why Disney friggin canceled the show..

    • TheCartoonZone says:

      Wasn’t cancelled, the creators decided to end it.

    • zLc says:

      If the show didn’t end it would probably become like the Simpsons are now

    • StarWarsomania says:

      zLc It was already getting a little that way. They were clearly running out of ideas by the last season. I still enjoyed it, but the length of the show was evident.

    • Edwin Perez says:

      A S, it had to end some they, although I still think even if it ends I think its still good to do some Re-runs soon after, but Disney seems to be focusing more on “Walk The Prank.” and honestly it will be a bigger mistake if they Air that show more often then P.a.F, Gravity Falls or ANY SHOW in particular that is Original.

  19. TOCCL says:

    No one ever asks “How is Perry?” : (

  20. exfairy says:

    Okay as a very big fan of PnF, I have some comments:
    1 – it’s 104 because the creators anticipated having 2, 52 episode seasons
    2 – he did get arrested when he got called in to dury duty for the case against Dr Diminutive and he claimed not to know him (and Dr Dim proceeded to produce some pictures of them in a photobooth at a party)
    But most importantly, the OWCA Files happen after the whole summer (after AT2D). It’s been confirmed multiple times (Dan even tweeted about it today). I like your theory and there’s still possibly some validity in it as Monogram’s alluded to this, in perhaps not so sneaky of a way before, but I don’t think it’s as extreme as you’re suggesting (I mean not to be rude, but OWCA and Monogram aren’t exactly the brightest bunch so it was probably intentional).

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