Film Theory: Rick REBORN? (Rick and Morty Season 6)

Film Theory: Rick REBORN? (Rick and Morty Season 6)

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It’s Rick and Morty season again, Loyal Theorists! As we head into season 6, it’s time to see where the series is headed this time and, well… things are looking kind of grim. We start out with the whole family dealing with past traumas and hopping universes to fill the spots of their dead counterparts. Not exactly light stuff. Except, I think there may still be hope for a happy ending… or as much of one as we can expect from Rick Sanchez. Grab your portal gun and let’s dive in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Pedro Freitas
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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50 Responses

  1. Unknown Variable says:

    I was genuinely blown away by the amount of callbacks to previous episodes, especially with the Jerry Daycare deep cut since it’s been theorized that the Jerry we’ve been following this whole time since Season 2 wasn’t the OG Jerry and was from another timeline. This show is insane

    • Gentleman Charmander says:

      Fun fact: while it jerry was likely swapped in a Jerry daycare. It wasn’t actually the episodes where he got swapped.

      While him possibly being swapped is played at a joke at the end, you can actually see the ticket Rick got at the beginning, which matches with the jerry he took, meaning there was no mixup in that episode. The swap happened offscreen

    • Jakel Rhodes says:

      People said the same thing about morty and they were wrong 😂that “theory” sucks

    • -Lorando the Piglet ° 14 years ago ° says:

      Ikr? Its detailed, has lore, dramatic depression, aliens, dpace, silliness, dimensions and dark humor. And random stuff that super funny. I love it.

    • Bryant Hernandez says:

      I know right that was a theory for a long time and it been confirmed to be not our Jerry or at least this universe

  2. AnotherUser says:

    My favorite line in the episode was from Cronenberg world Jerry. “Am I finally cool enough for you?”
    I took it as a dig at the disrespect which Jerry received for being sincere and caring in a family that rewards disconnect and cynicism.

  3. Daniel Rivera says:

    Also, i havent seen any video address this: the symbolism of Rick’s spaceship. He had a rickety, saucer shaped ship which looked hastily put together and only fitted two, but his original ship was built with care and looked similar to an 80’s family car, along with seat style and colors, and from a distance looks like a proper starwars/startrek ship, the kind a young child would be excited to see.

    • Alfred Forbes Sealy says:

      As someone who crafts stuff for kids, I can confirm that seeing a five year old being impressed with the thing you built does indeed feel better than drugs

    • liam nehren says:

      it boils down into that line about our Rick being different from the rest, he truly cares and that is why he resembles the ones who don’t now and even surpasses them in “not caring”. It’s a defense mechanism. The death of his family made him spiral out of control as we see with his world, when he says that he used to really drink.

      I have gone through grief as many others have and I can completely understand his multidimensional rampage and other tendencies. Every quiet moment of happiness feels like a betrayal to the deceased, causing more anger and sadness over their demise, feeding the beast.

      and we just found out that our Rick didn’t actually join another family, he was pulled in because he genuinely cares by our Morty and then Beth and Summer to the point where he didn’t abandon all of them this time just like he didn’t abandon Morty that time.

      Also of note is that he didn’t seek out his wife… the real one is dead and beth is kind of a special case, his never even became her own person so he didn’t replace her, it’s more like a second daughter.

    • Sidney Saldevia says:

      @Andrew23 who knows :/

    • Andrew23 says:

      What’s with all the bots lmao

    • LakehuntZPoggies says:


  4. SnazzyPurpleMan says:

    The second episode really solidified this theory by having Rick saving almost every piece of Morty, except for the piece that didn’t want to leave. Rick actively tried to convince every piece of Morty to come back with him, but despite it all, he couldn’t get them all.

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @SAU yep yep. He does care about Morty, but being that controlling isn’t just gonna go away over night. Episode 2 kinda proves that.

    • SAU says:

      @lilFishNet Dude i’m just agreeing with Ribotto Rick wants to control morty he has shown it many times.

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @lilFishNet That’s fair, and he did immediately shield Morty from the Murder Bots when they showed up. It was like he acted out of instinct there; he just leaped over to Morty first thing. So that’s nice they’re showing he does care. But the controlling nature could be as I mentioned out of fear of loss. That’s hard to shake after god knows how many years of being that way. Evil Morty won by running away from the finite curve. From Rick. He just said “nah I’m out” and dipped. So he’s gonna try and prevent his Morty from doing the same. BUT you know just kinda IMPRISONING that part of him that defies Rick NOT A GOOD WAY TO GO ABOUT THAT RICK lol. Ahhh Rick you idiot just talk about your feelings DAMMIT lol.

    • lilFishNet says:

      @Ribotto Studios I personally believe Rick actually cares about Morty… I mean in season 1 when evil Morty was introduced… Rick was crying from memories of seeing Morty.. and I don’t see what he does as controlling but teaching him lessons

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @lilFishNet nah they are onto something here. This is still Rick after all.

  5. leverythingbluel says:

    It’s so weirdly funny and in-character that Jerry of all people would try to act all cool and hero-esque while trying to run from his problems when he’s so clearly the most miserable person on the planet and has no idea what he’s doing

    • says:

      @Boxing no

    • #1Slayer says:

      @Steward of Autumn not so.
      Jerry was putright offered a Rick style solution. In a replacement family. Yet he found the concept laughable.

    • Steward of Autumn says:

      @#1Slayer not morally. The difference between Jerry and Rick is power.

      Jerry doesn’t have the ability to have a stasis or change his environment to suit himself so he must confront it in his own way. Rick is someone who has power to influence his environment but lacks culpability of his grievances.

    • Ninten donuts says:

      I mean he’s kinda most miserable by default

    • Sidney Meyers says:

      Everyone is the most miserable person on the planet and has no idea what they’re doing

  6. Ribotto Studios says:

    I know people don’t like that Morty was practically reset, but they need to remember….This is RICK. He 100% planned this. No matter how much progress he’s made, all that character development, there’s one thing he fears above all else: being. Alone. And fear can cause you to regress. We’re talking about the guy that convinced Morty into kissing a vat of acid & robbed him of his dreams to make a Netflix special. We’re talking about a guy who’s just erased hundreds of memories from Morty, no qualms about it. Rick has and will do anything and everything he can to control Morty.

    Evil Morty won by essentially running away. “That’s what makes me evil. Being sick of him. If you’ve ever been sick of him, you’ve been evil too.” I think that line maybe got to Rick more than he’d be ready to admit. Especially after he couldn’t answer Morty’s question, instead looking away. Sure, he reached out to Morty, effectively telling him and us, that yes, he does see Morty as a partner. But that doesn’t erase what Rick has done in the past. Anyways, since Evil Morty won by running away, Rick devised a plan to ensure “his” Morty wouldn’t run away. It ultimately won’t work, but Rick will always try. I think this is gonna come back to bite Rick. He’s going to realize that he needs Morty’s 8% of defiance to keep him in check. Especially since their main antagonist is Rick Prime.

    If Rick Prime finds out that Morty just innately trusts Rick…He’s going to take full advantage of that to get to Rick. Morty said it himself “I’m really not just bait or something for the guy?” Rick replies with “For that to work he’d have to care about something. And he TRULY just does not give a sht. He’s….the real deal.” Rick himself, outright admitted, that Rick Prime is the Rickest Rick. And sure he might not care about his family, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be above using them, torturing them just to torment Rick. He does. Not. Care. And a Rick who doesn’t care, is dangerous.

    I remember back in the day people theorized that the big showdown would end with Rick vs Morty. And I think they’re right; but it’s going to be our Morty the Morty-est Morty, vs the Rickest Rick. The premiere and second episode told us one thing: it’s gonna hit the fan in the finale. And I think a big battle of wits between a Morty and Rick…THAT would be a “oh it’s gonna hit the fan” moment. But we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @lilFishNet yeah I’m not sure how long this is gonna go season wise, but I just hope to GOD it doesn’t become one of those shows that runs itself into the ground. I’d rather have a show like Gravity Falls where it’s only two seasons but two seasons of AWESOME vs like a 15 season show and they jumped the shark in season 9 but you’re in too deep so you can’t stop watching cause you wanna see if they payoff this super slow burn between two main characters, only to be SEVERLY disappointed by the finale.

    • lilFishNet says:

      Writing wise

    • lilFishNet says:

      @frank unodostres bro they’re already working on season 8

    • frank unodostres says:

      I hope this won’t be the final season though!

    • Dapper Dabber says:

      wait also didn’t Rick give Morty true level knowing what would happen, knowing he’d have to mess with his memory, knowing Morty would end up seeing reality as a poison?
      Grandfather of the year lol. Wow he’s kinda come a long way from those days lol

  7. Derpinator01 says:

    I don’t think the portal reset would take Evil Morty back to his original dimension since he took both a wormhole and a new type of portal that’s disconnected from the old system. If he was affected, he’d go back to his “relative” home dimension outside the CFC, where the only dimensional coordinate that’s different is the one that separates the CFC from the other dimensions. [An analogy would be rooms on different floors of a building that are vertically aligned.]

  8. Mister Darr says:

    I came here, expecting a fun theory and got a dark, thought-provoking theory instead. Well done, MatPat!

  9. Josh Davis says:

    Just the fact that last scene mirrors the first time we see Rick move to a new reality, where Rick just took Morty with him, only _this_ time he has _everyone_ with him, including _Jerry_ , shows that he’s growing as a character.

  10. Drew Trox says:

    Hats off to the writers for having lore and character developement in a format of stand alone episodes. How the characters and this universe have evolved is my favorite part of the analyssis of the show.

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