Film Theory: Scrooge McDuck’s Net Worth SOLVED! (Disney’s DuckTales)

Film Theory: Scrooge McDuck’s Net Worth SOLVED! (Disney’s DuckTales)

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Disney boasts a ton of classic franchises, but one of the best will always be DUCKTALES. I mean it created the childhood fantasy of swimming through a literal pool of GOLD! But one thing has always troubled me. Just how rich is Scrooge McDuck? Well buckle up, Theorists, because after days of research, hours of math, and a few good refreshing swims in the old money bin I have finally discovered the answer!

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20 Responses

  1. Rahkari Williams says:

    he has a marioplex of money

  2. Leo Baxendale says:

    1:45 u didn’t do good research because at first, he tries to make his money honestly but then realises the hardly anyone else is honest so goes on to rip people off and take things by force.

    Rich people didn’t get rich by being honest.

  3. Aiden Ocelot says:

    Great video, one problem. The 4th dimension would NOT be time. there is no THE for dimensions. we are living in 4 dimensions. 3 spacial dimensions, and 1 time dimension.

  4. Nathan Marotta says:

    I did some math based on this video and Generation Tech’s video, Scrooge Mc Duck could have bought 2,826,586 Imperial class star destroyers.

  5. AnthonyTheFirst says:

    Not even Scrooge McDuck can help the U.S. pay its national debt.

  6. Paul Campbell says:

    think again, the price of gold would of came down drastically if an individual were to own that much. It wouldnt be super cheap but it would definitly bring that cost down. Therefor all the values for his estimated gold deposits are wrong. Love your videos.

  7. Joseph Press says:

    But Net worth counts his Assets (money that he has/gets) – Liabilities (money spent/ money spent). You only counted the gold he has, and none of his liabilities such as taxes or loans that he might have. So the title should technically be:Scrooge McDuck’s amount of gold, SOLVED.
    But great video either way :)!

  8. luke Malnati says:

    great theory, except……… In one of original comics (second richest duck) scrooge and some other rich duck are arguing about how rich they are and they end up saying that certain sections of the vault aren’t just gold, he has multiple things including “the bottom four feet of my bin is full of star sapphires!” he also has his ball of string, 1002 oil wells, 12 tons of rubies, and more. so you still got a lot more multiplying to do matpat!

  9. Amberley Kindley says:

    Is it sad that one of my ducklings died on the same day this was uploaded?
    It was only a couple of days old.
    We couldn’t find its mother
    I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    *plug incoming*
    One like equals one Duckling spared from the cruel harshness that is reality.

  10. Paul Belanger says:

    It can’t be coincidence that when I look at the last shot, the mounds of gold clearly look like a supine nude woman seen from just above her thighs. The chin, her bosom, the stomach and hip bones, tapering to the cleft and start of the thighs… ? I guess sex still sells..???

  11. Clay says:

    Then a socialist revolution happened.

  12. Jsonodb FunShow says:

    You know…. scrooge has more than one moneybin…

  13. PooperDooper Gaming says:

    scrooge has $423,525,327,299,614.00 in Australian dollars. BTW I’m Australian, M8

  14. PenguinRockstar says:

    What if the giant ruler isn’t touching the bottom?

  15. Mr. Dan The Creative 910 says:


  16. Leopard Claw says:

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Scrooge McDuck is voiced by David Tennant??? THE DOCTOR!?!?!?

  17. pafnutiytheartist says:

    The theories sponsored by a particular game/tv show feel less inspired and interesting to me because it’s not the topic Mat planned on doing and whanted to do, but something he had to came up because he got payed to do it.

  18. WTF- What's This Friday says:

    It was at this moment MatPat knew… why the rest of the world just uses the metric system.

  19. lettel 101 says:

    was I the only one that fan girled when a certain wand appeared in 3:51
    nope just me I’ll go home

  20. Gallema Nyes says:

    the new animation still feels so chuncky and lack of bright colour

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