Film Theory: Shrek’s Donkey was SECRETLY a Human! (Shrek Movie)

Film Theory: Shrek’s Donkey was SECRETLY a Human! (Shrek Movie)

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Have you thought about Shrek lately? Well, I have. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the mystery that is Donkey. What do we know about him and where he came from? He is an animal of mystery… until you start to look a little closer. You see, I think Donkey has been hiding a big secret about where he came from and for good reason. Donkey may not be the good guy he pretends to be. Saddle up Theorists, this may be a bumpy ride.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barat
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Schaffrillas Productions ►,_from_%2522L%2527avventure_di_Pinocchio%2522.jpg&sa=D&ust=1568313380451000&usg=AFQjCNH0gMgPhowqfTYi0FRBcRTgY18h7g

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45 Responses

  1. Not the Real Tfue says:

    Pff… ? amateurs

    I already knew Donkey was Eddie Murphy.

  2. TaureanTrent says:

    I feel like you missed a piece of evidence when donkey says, “I can’t feel my toes, i don’t have any toes!!”

  3. Kolin Martz says:

    “But I wish there was something more.”

    *When you have to make your video long enough for 2 mid rolls.*

  4. Athessa D.M. says:

    Oh man the whole video I was waiting for MatPat to say DONKEEHHHHHH but oh well just another lost cause

  5. Don donny says:

    I always assumed Donkey was a child from pleasure island.

  6. Nathan Mathews Music says:

    Schaffrillas Productions is my favorite! I’m glad MatPat gave him a shout out!

  7. Tye Noonan says:

    I love how you left in the part where Shrek says “does anyone ELSE know where to find him”

  8. Drahjan MasterOfBoundaries says:

    Yep… MatPat has lost it. Rehashing old theories years after they’ve been… hashed.

    The Grimm fairytale is a nice surprise.

  9. ARagersThoughts 1 says:

    How about the potion that made shrek HUMAN but donkey a horse? Why is that?

    • GPReeds says:

      @Draconic Duelist That is perfect. I’d like to think so.

    • Halbarró y Zanty' says:

      It seems to make you more atractive by Far far away standards. Shrek becomes a human and donkey becomes a horse

    • Akito Reactions says:

      @Shadow Lord54 wrong very very wrong, according to the film i have watched a dozen times it a poton designed to turn people or creatures into someone normal, since being a donkey isnt normal wouldn’t going back to his human form be his ‘Normal’? Duh of course it would he was human before he was donkey not a horse. Just as Shrek’s normal was a human man not a much sexier ogre sheesh.

    • Akito Reactions says:

      @Filipe Silva because he was never human, the potion cant turn you human if you never wrre tjats the trick to fairy magic in that universe it can only do what’s already possible. Duh.

    • Tigran hovo says:

      The potion upgrades

  10. Keltar Devir says:

    Does this also mean that Videogamedunkey is also a human?
    I would have never know

  11. Cristinita says:

    So happy you gave Schaffrillas a shoutout. His videos are sooo great! ?

  12. Jasper Moss says:

    One thing that I think confirms this even more is that, in Pinocchio, the boys-turned-donkeys who can still talk are sent back, so Donkey must have been able to conceal the fact that he could still talk, which is what we see in Shrek 1, where his owner tries to turn him in for money, and Donkey refuses to talk, pretending he is unable to do so.

  13. Liz Cox says:

    He was a “bad” kid because he had an awful childhood. He talks about getting beaten and berated, so all of that trauma changed him; as well as getting transformed into a donkey. Him talking so much and needing to cling to even Shrek (who’s also super mean), are two signs of mental issues.
    So him escaping the donkey people, and still being a child/irresponsible into his adulthood are very clearly connected. He (like most of the other characters) would very much benefit from therapy.

    • Raven Godwin says:

      Putting the responsibility of a perpetrator’s crimes into victims, is victim-blaming. It’s not fair to put all that extra pressure onto an incredibly traumatized person.

      I was deeply upset that Matpat victim-blamed donkey. Both because it TRIGGERED THE FUCK OUT OF ME, and because it suggests the prevalence of this kind of view point.

      The only person responsible for the actions of evil people, are those evil people themselves. Being heroic, and being a good person aren’t always synonymous; And telling victims that they are villains unless they are heroic, is nightmare fuel for survivors, ???????

    • King Andrew says:

      Raven Godwin Satire?

  14. DEADMAU5 35675 says:

    How to ruin your childhood
    *Step 1:Watch This Video*

  15. scooby poopy poo says:

    Prince: I shall now kiss my crush.

    Police: *Hold my doughnut!*

    • Mochi Bunni says:

      Think of all the sexual assault charges there would be in the fairytale world if there was modern day police patrolling around.

  16. Nima Ahmadi says:

    When matpat finishes with Disney
    Matpat: well it’s time to move onto dreamworks

  17. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon- says:

    Donkey takes off his skin to reveal he is

  18. Amberly Thomas says:

    Y’know, as a person who makes videos about his literal interpretations of games and films, it’s your responsibility on your platform to consider the real-world implications that your literalist commentary holds. Working off of the assumption that Donkey is a Pleasure Island child, saying that he has blood on his hands for “letting it happen” is like blaming a rape victim for not telling anybody he was raped and “letting it happen” if their rapist is a serial rapist. It is not the responsibility of the victim to stop the evil actions of their abuser; it’s the responsibility of the abuser to not be an absolute horrific human. This is what a victim-blaming attitude looks like and I expect much better of you.

  19. Cameron Tedrow says:

    1. When abused women are taken illegally they’re not required to speak about whatever atrocious things they saw, even in the benefit of the police. This is because of their high trauma. I think it’s unfair to complain about donkey not stepping up because he’s gone through something no one else has with a lot of trauma: with no one to talk to.
    2. I think donkey got smart and probably just pretended he wasn’t able to speak, much like in the beginning of Shrek, so he would be able to escape.
    3. Would donkey change full donkey sometime soon? I’m uneducated on quite how long the Shrek movie timeline *is* but I’d imagine donkey would’ve become full donkey by now?

    • Raven Godwin says:

      I’m just going through the comments, and appreciating all the decent people who understand victim-blqming when they hear it, ???

      This video actually hurt me, by triggering ALOT of painful memories, and how guilty I’ve felt…not doing EVERYTHING possible, impossible, or even going complete mayor to protect the other victims…

      My abusers actually used this victim-blaming to make me self-destructively “heroic”. All the while, framing me for burglary, turning my friends and family against me, sending their friends to deceive and trick me, and making a direct attempt on my life…

      I.HATE.THIS.VIDEO!!!! ?????

    • Sasha Nova says:

      A good view. I was coming to comment that no one really seems to take Donkey seriously in what he says or does. If he up and told the authorities anything, would it be -that- far out of reason in the Shrek universe to believe he’d be dismissed or even worse, ridiculed for something that could be seen as a ‘wild story’? That could easily explain hesitance to talk about his experiences as well; escaping that hell and only being shoved back down for it before the movies. I mean, look how he was treated in the first movie before he was known at all, belonging to some woman that likely treated him poorly… Just sayin’.

  20. Sharki says:

    I’m Alexander pls help me

    No joke that’s actually my name lol ?

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