Film Theory: Someone PLEASE Help Elmo! (Sesame Street)

Film Theory: Someone PLEASE Help Elmo! (Sesame Street)

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Do you remember when the battle of the century stormed every social media post? That’s right, today I’m diving into the mental battle between Elmo and Rocco… and Zoe. I think Elmo is being manipulated and he is about to BREAK! Theorists, we need to help Elmo. Let’s head on down to Sesame Street!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Mark Hofmeyer and Forrest Lee
Editors:Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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32 Responses

  1. Originality says:

    Elmo deserves better. He isn’t even allowed to be angry without people making fun of him.

  2. Call Me Cryptid says:

    It always felt like the adults were going along with it because they knew Zoey would throw a fit. Elmo was so patient and kind that it was easier on the adults to make him compromise than to confront the much louder and more temperamental Zoey.

    As one of four kids, this happened constantly in my family. If one kid is gonna throw a fit, they’d bend over backwards to appease them, even at the expense of the other kids.

    • ZestZonerTheOblivious says:

      @our hero why are there so many bots?

    • LamanKnight says:

      The part about this that makes me sad is, some families never grow out of that phase. My siblings and I are in our 30s, and whenever my family is together, my parents STILL, to this day, do everything they can to appease my brother. They go along with him as he relentlessly mocks others, makes jokes about violence and racism, threatens others, and bullies in any way that he can. Whenever I can’t take it anymore and I stand up to him — or just tell him to shut up — our parents get angry at me and act like I’m being a troublemaker.

      So, yeah. Zoe makes me indignant too. But I’m angriest at the authority figures who enable that behaviour.

    • Griffincrafter says:

      The probably most Chilled one in our Class was the only one to not get to be in a room with their favourite people, he didn’t even got ONE he asked for, and one he said he didn’t want to get in a room with him on our class trip, so maybe that is also the thing you mentioned

    • human trafficker says:

      My my

    • Andy says:

      Lol, that won’t go over well with my mother.

      She’s problematic herself that she’d try to trigger a tantrum from the kid, so that she’d have an excuse to displace her leftover anger from who knows where.

      Then she’d consider it successful when she had guilted/manipulated the kid into good behavior.

      To be honest, I think both appeasing the kid so they won’t go into a tantrum and guilting the kid are both somehow wrong.

      Like there should be a compromise of addressing the issue of the kid, while at the same time being fair to their siblings, all while NOT being mean to any children.

  3. GlitraHasConsumedMe says:

    Zoe’s shown to act similarly even without Rocco present, too. (Speaking over Elmo, refusing to acknowledge his wants/needs, etc) I remember watching the Elmo in Grouchland movie as a kid and hating Zoe for how poorly she treated Elmo

  4. Lilyva says:

    There’s also a huge parentification of Elmo, which is often seen in older siblings. They’re left in charge without being asked/agreeing to it, they have to “be the grown up” and be a role model for their younger siblings. Their feelings on a situation aren’t validated because they’re supposed to be more mature. Elmo is being parentified towards Rocco, and sadly it’s a really common thing amongst children.

  5. Bailee Harding says:

    At 19 and 20 me and a friend were talking about how toxic Zoe really was and how the adults were condoning it. I knew about the Rocco bullshit that Zoe was pulling because my niece had a “friend” that was just like this: My niece, We call her LB, had a friend named I think Amanda, and I was watching them for a little bit before Amanda had to go home. Every once in a while I would notice Amanda bringing up her imaginary friend “Simon” who would either tell LB that she wasn’t good at something, or she dressed weird, or something rude and callous, and I would end up stepping in. One day she took it too far and used Simon to tell her she was weird for having two dads (they are like 6 years old) so I stepped in and told Amanda if Simon or her say something rude to LB one more time I would be telling her parents. When Amanda got picked up I told her parents about the Simon issue and they dismissed it. I told LB that was she was doing was just like the “Zoe and Rocco” Situation and she understood and I hadn’t seen Amanda since then. Apparently, LB told Amanda that Simon was like Rocco and she didn’t want a “Zoe and Rocco” friendship. And I agree with Mat; These adults are condoning this and it’s making Elmo who is the victim seem like the monster, and he’s not. Zoe is a bratty little character that I didn’t like as a child and my niece and nephew don’t like her because to them she’s a bully which I agree with.

  6. Jaycen Lionheart says:

    Zoe’s actions with Rocco could easily be a stand-in for gaslighting behavior.

    • Shidiq Rajaguguk says:

      @C-E.D Back updates
      “I was just playing geez lol”
      uh huh. absolutely believable. totally not just an excuse.

      “your sense of humor whack”
      seeing that not a single person plays off your “joke”, maybe you should consider the possibility that your sense of humor whack or at least having complete inability to read the audience.

    • apopuffkin1717 says:

      @C-E.D Back updates Maybe you are not funny?

    • C-E.D Back updates says:

      @Toast oh no my toast is speaking cool let me get the anti-speaking Jelly brb

    • C-E.D Back updates says:

      @Ann Buena yo man don’t tell anyone if someone Luly said something racist to me I would not care

    • C-E.D Back updates says:

      @Rondo Navarro I am feeling kind of recess now (jk there are too many people who take me serious :/ )

  7. CmacDaMan09 says:

    This could actually serve as a good lesson to be aimed more directly at parents regarding directly engaging with children. Make sure EVERY a child is heard as opposed to just doing what makes the boat from rocking, as it were. Like how a parent should listen to a child when they want something, but not indirectly teach the kid that “screaming = I get things”, especially at other kid’s expense.

  8. Strelitzia Mystery21 says:

    As a kid I never liked Zoe… I now know why.

    I really hate bratty characters who do the wrong thing and then everyone bends over backwards for them. Zoe was just the start of that hatred for me.

    • Bluebird19 says:

      Yeah bratty characters are a real hit and miss.

      Reminds me of Angelica from Rugrats, but at least she had understandable reasons for being bratty, and every other episode she would get called out.

  9. Nova_Plus says:

    Something about this episode struck a cord with me. Seeing Elmo consistently get invalidated over and over again by a rock hit HARD

  10. Slipperz Slip says:

    The adults letting Zoe go too far is totally like Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Greg Heffley’s mom and little brother.

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